Two amazing runs


The SEC won its sixth straight national football title Monday night and I couldn’t help but think of the two amazing runs by the two most dominant teams of that six-year run.

Because with all due respect to LSU and Auburn, this run was fueled by Florida and Alabama.

Both of them had four-year runs where they went 48-6. Florida’s went from 2006 through 2009 while Alabama’s started in 2008 and has run through Monday night’s game.

During that time. each team has won two national titles. Florida has won two SECs to Alabama’s one and both teams went 3-1 in their bowl games.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the two teams lost but 12 games in eight seasons (with two of those losses coming against each other) in a conference that has established itself as far and away the best in the land. Actually, during those two stretches, the two teams lost only eight conference games that weren’t against each other.

We can argue about whose run was better but there is no question that the 2009 Florida seniors and the 2011 Alabama seniors experienced something pretty amazing.


  1. That’s a nice spin in the Gators’ direction. But we know why the Gators’ run ended – recruiting wasn’t as good as the ratings said it was and Meyer couldn’t maintain the pace. The jury is still out on Alabama. Do you think Saban will keep it going?

  2. The real reason UF’s run ended was because Saban came in and like UK basketball under Calipari the boosters at Bama finally had a coach who openly condoned cheating and an anything to get players and keep them happy mentality. When Meyer lost the likes of Julio Jones and Trent Richardson to Bama it became apparent to him he could never win a UF the right way with a cheater like Saban in the conference.