SEC Championship Day


This is my 13th SEC Championship Game and I can’t wait just because the atmosphere is so amazing.

This is also the 20th SEC title game and in 12 of them a team came to Atlanta with a chance to win a national title.

Actually, there were three other times there was an outside chance for an SEC team:

1994: Alabama was unbeaten and ranked third before Florida nipped the Tide 24-23.

1997: Tennessee was ranked third and went to the the Orange Bowl but was hammered by No. 2 Nebraska. Michigan won the title.

2004: Auburn was unbeaten and ranked third but didn’t get a shot.

The games with a shot on the line:

1992: Alabama beat Florida and won the NC.

1995: Florida won and played for he NC.

1996: Florida won the NC.

1998: Tennessee won the NC.

2001: Tennessee would have gone to the Rose Bowl with a win but lost to LSU.

2003: LSU won the NC.

2006: Florida won the NC.

2007: LSU won the NC.

2008: Florida won the NC.

2009: Alabama won the NC.

2010: Auburn won the NC.

2011: LSU can win the NC.

Here are the number of appearances in the big game:

Florida — 10.

Alabama — 7.

Tennessee — 5.

LSU — 5.

Auburn — 4.

Georgia — 4.

Arkansas — 3.

Mississippi State — 1.

South Carolina — 1.

Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt have yet to make it.


  1. Gators, I hope you win the SEC title game next year. It will be nice to have FSU crowned the SEC champs again. The old days are coming back. Fisher is a recruiting savant and you’ll see it all come together next year.

  2. I hope UF will be back there as well next year Jack, but…. Last time I checked FSU was not and likely will never be in the SEC. Try winning the ACC more consistently. Seems as if your old days as you put it may be a while. This is the same stuff we all were hearing last year as well. Jimbo has next season to turn it up a notch or Semi’s will be calling for his head.

    In response to the blog. The SEC Championship is a great atmosphere and currently has the luster that no other conference can match now. Its has such an impact on CFB and determining a National Champion.

  3. Virginia Tech versus Michigan in the BCS Sugar Bowl??? I’ve lost all faith and confidence in college football. How the most pathetic conference, the ACC, can get two teams in the BCS is beyond words. I thought the BCS was designed to put the best teams in the best bowls, what a joke for all serious/knowledgeable college football fans. Michigan doesn’t even play for their conference championship and gets in over MSU, whom they lost too in the regular season??? If I were the president of Boise St. and Kansas St., I would boycott my selected bowl in protest of this joke system. Something has got to be done!!!