The Sunday Blog, Week 13 (and that’s all folks)


OK, so this is the last Sunday Blog now that Florida’s regular season has ended, but don’t worry — the blogosphere will still be filled up by my rantings.

It has been great sharing this Sunday mornings with those of you who have taken the time to read this and especially those of you who leave pithy comments.

Another season flew by and I’m sure a lot of you felt like it couldn’t end soon enough.


1. LSU (12-0): Tigers flexed their muscles after some anxious moments.

2. Alabama (11-1): Is it odd that the Tide has basically clinched the national title game, but the team that is unbeaten and beat them in Tuscaloosa has not?

3. Stanford (11-1): Pretty amazing year to have no championship to show for it.

4. Virginia Tech (11-1): The Hokies were so unimpressive early in the year but came on strong.

5. Oklahoma State (10-1): So who do you have next week?

6. Houston (12-0): Really looking forward to seeing Coogs in a bowl game.

7. Boise State (10-1): Struggled with Wyoming but got another win.

8. Oklahoma (9-2): As I asked before, who do you have next week?

9. Oregon (10-2): Pac-10 blowout win still awaits Ducks.

10. Arkansas (10-2): The separation between 1 and 2 and 3 in SEC is pretty amazing.

11. South Carolina (10-2): Steve Spurrier deserves a lot of credit.

12. Kansas State (9-2): Is Bill Snyder the coach of the year?

13. Georgia (10-2): It will be interesting to see the crowd breakdown in Atlanta.

14. Michigan State (10-2): Big 10ish championship game may be best of them all.

15. Michigan (10-2): I haven’t heard anyone say that Brady Hoke is winning with Rich Rodriguez’s players.

16. Wisconsin (10-2): Bucky Badger put a whipping on the poor Penn Staters.

17. TCU (9-2): This is how far TCU has come — this is a down season.

18. Southern Cal (10-2): Trojans wore Pac-12 South Champs T-shirts after boat-racing UCLA.

19. Southern Miss (10-2): A nice job by Larry Fedora.

20. Nebraska (9-3): Huskers rebounded well to club Iowa.

21. Baylor (8-3): The Bears can put up some points, can’t they?

22. Clemson (9-3): Tigers came back to earth at end of the season.

23. Texas (7-4): Longhorns pulled it out against A&M.

24. Penn State (9-3): Everything seemed to catch up to Lions on Saturday.

25. BYU (8-3): Cougars finish season against Hawaii this week.


1. OK, so right now I have both Tyrann Mathieu and Trent Richardson on my Heisman ballot. I know that Mathieu tested positive for synthetic marijuana and missed a game but against Arkansas they moved him to safety and he dominated again. Really, what player has had a bigger impact on the national scene? And Richardson’s 203 yards puts him somewhere on the ballot. I’m still not sure what the order will be.

2. As bad as Florida fans are feeling today, it could be worse. Imagine if you’re a Tennessee fan and your team just blew a bowl game by losing to a team that had to play a wide receiver at quarterback. Most alarming was this quote from senior running back Tauren Poole — “The whole game, no one wanted to be out there. We’re all trying to encourage people because people were out of it. When it’s like that, you’re not going to be able to execute, I don’t care where you’re at. The result was what it was.”

3. Steve Spurrier now has won three in a row against rival Clemson. The last time South Carolina did that was in 1970. “I hope our fans have come to the conclusion to beat their rival, hating them is not the answer. Hating them, trying to kick their tails and all that is not the answer. The answer is playing the way our guys played tonight, full speed, very few mistakes and play the game the way it is supposed to be played.”

4. And congrats to Mississippi State, which became bowl eligible (probably Music City or Liberty) with an easy win over Ole Miss. Leave it to Dan Mullen to pour salt in the open wound. “Hopefully all the kids in the state of Mississippi know this is where you come to win championships.” Well, to win Egg Bowls anyway.


  1. Thanks for this season’s blogs , Pat! And I agree with you 100% about Spurrier and oddly enough-it seems- U.S.C. fans, TOO, aren’t appreciating ALL that Steve has done and IS DOING for them! I know when he left FLORIDA the UNAPPRECIATION of FLA’s 10-2 seasons were a BIG PART OF HIS LEAVING… And now, WE-FLA FANS- would love an 8-4 season.
    I look back since Spur-Dog’s departure, and I have come to this conclusion:
    Zook- brought-in to RECRUIT, Urban brought in as a HIRED-GUN (despite his affinity for Sister Hazel) and Urb won fast and furious and BOLTED -mentally- after ’09…And, now with VERY LITTLE IN O-LINEMEN, W.R.’s, and DEPTH EVERYWHERE (-15 on scholarships)…WILL HAS ONE BIG MESS TO CLEAN-UP!!! I WAS IMPRESSED WITH WILL’S SIDE ofthe BALL- Defense …should be 9-3, and I know Charlie is without at O-LINE…I really hope he is able to TURN-IT AROUND NEXT YEAR or he will get CAHSED OUT OF TOWN!!! Steve was chased-out for 10 win seasons…what will they do to CHARLIE!?!? Zook and Will so far are the losers (although Will has TIME) And, Spurrier and Urban are smelling LIKE ROSES!!! Urban got the BEST DEAL OF THE FLORIDA COACHING SAGA…40 MILLION of ’em!!!

  2. The current state of UF football and inept play on both sides of the ball is a “Budweiser”. What do I mean? …………

    • To all the fans who think being a Gator makes you better than any other fan;
    • To all the fans who ignore all the facts and base all their boastfulness on feelings;
    • To all the “fans” who prior to ten years ago had a UF shirt but now have no articles of clothing that aren’t orange and blue;
    • To the wonderful majority of true fans who don’t hesitate to get “in your face” with their support, but can’t name more than 3 players on the team;
    • To all the idiots who think any coach or player is automatically going to be better than any other at the next level just because they were on this team;
    • To those radio personalities who pick the team that beat the Gators to in the playoffs to win it all based solely on the fact that they beat the “Mighty Gators” and nothing else;
    • To the fans who refuse to utilize the service of a local business or employee just because they found out they are a fan of a rival;
    • To all the fans who proudly and arrogantly fly the Gator flags and banners when they are winning, but disappear when they are not;
    • To all the drunken rednecks and tube top floozies who litter the stadium on game day and spew profanities, beer, and spit at the opposition;
    • And lastly to the older Gator fans who can remember (pre-Spurrier) to a time when the Gators weren’t winning all the time but have chosen to turn a blind eye to these most obnoxious young & middle aged fans who don’t know how to lose gracefully;

    To all you people……………… “THIS BUD’S FOR YOU!”

  3. Thanks for a great season Pat, always enjoy your Sunday Blog. Surprised you didn’t mention John Brantley’s pathetic play, but then again, why kick a dead dog in the head.
    Gator Fans should remember, Alabama won the title in 1992 and had to wait until 2009 for another one, it could be a long time before the Gator Nation has something to cheer about.
    I wonder how many players will transfer next year, and how many of those may join Urban at Ohio St.?
    Can’t believe Demps is thinking of pursing the NFL over track, quite the financial gamble, don’t you think?
    Finally, no surprise the SEC dominated the ACC over the weekend, even Florida held FSU to under 100 total yards on offense.

  4. Kevin Patrick:

    FSU’s offense is terrible–I agree with you on that–but Fisher quit trying to score when he realized that UF couldn’t move the ball against his defense. I knew Brantley was terrible, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Remember, FSU returns 11 of its 12 starters on defense. It just keeps getting richer in Tallahassee. We’re going to mop the field with you next year. See you at Doak.

  5. Class of ’81, I know what suffering and fandom is. Haven’t been back for a home game in years, 2 of 3 kids went to FSU so I go there with family, but love the gators, not so much anymore…. The campus has turned into a garbage filled slum and open latrine on game days. FSU campus is full pf porta potties…we had to really search for an open bathroom at Norman and they were disgusting. There was open drinking everywhere, but when we crossed over from Century Tower to Turlington Hall we were confronted by 3+ storm troopers who could not have been more rude if they tried. Hassling us about open alcohol, when the entire campus is jammed with people drinking, took our names G-d knows where that info goes or stays, threatened to have me arrested of I said a word, unbelievable. I am on the verge of tearing up my lifetime alumni association card. Shame on you, Bernie Machen, Jeremy Foley, UFAA, UPD, and whoever those pigs were….you allow drinking by the deciliter right across the street from the Swamp.

    Spent hours on UF web sites looking up alcohol policy and as far as I can tell it’s illegal everywhere on campus, but in reality its wherever the UPD wants to allow it and then harass people who come to games. I’ll spend my money and give donations elsewhere, way to go everybody, on top of a poor game, Zook was better, Charlie Pell, whoever….

  6. Hello, I want to say that I have confidence in the current coaching staff!! We need some big offensive lineman and some pwerful running backs. I am so glad that this was John Brantley’s last home game at the Swamp!! He is the worst quarterback that Florida has ever had and that includes Larry Ochab who was better than him. I hope have we have ssen the last of the Brantley family family playing for the Gators!! I think Urban Meyer left Florida in a mess and he will do the same thing at Ohio State or anywhere else he goes to coach!! It is hard to win in the SEC with feather backs. Go Gators and win the bowl game!!

  7. @jack. You prove yourself to be an idiot everytime. Even when the game was in doubt FSU couldn’t move the ball. We/Brantley literally handed you guys the game. Before players got hurt you got no pass rush on Brantley. Brantley played the worst game of his life and the refs bailed you guys out on at least four plays that would changed the dynamics of the game. The fumble on the goal line, the early whistle on third and one, the no call on the horse collar and at least two critical no calls on pass interference. It amazes me how you could be excited w/ this four loss team. Nice standards. You guys have lost four or more now for the past four years. Next year Jimbo will be on the hot seat and out w/ another four loss season and you guys say Bowden was the problem. Also while you birng back 10 of 11 on defense…so do we!!!! And we are much younger. Enjoy your sloppy, no offense victory that Brantley gave you because all roads lead to you guys not getting any better and us improving. Brantley completed more passes to your defense than Manuel did to receiver. How pathetic and you are talking crap? Please!!! See ya next year pal!!!!!

  8. Gatorbread:

    I think we sacked your pathetic quarterbacks about four times. I’m not even sure you guys had any rushing yards. Keep dreaming. Fisher owns the recruiting trail and he owns your pathetically broken program. We knocked half your starters out of the game. You are insane to think you have any chance whatsoever of beating FSU next year. We will crush you for the third straight year. You suck. You suck. You suck. Three pics! We would have shut you out if that idiot Jermain Thomas hadn’t fumbled the ball away. GET OFF THE BUS NEXT YEAR!

  9. Pat,

    I trust some day that the real Urban Meyer story will come out. I think most people knew when he quit last year that he would get back into coaching at some point. But for him to sit out just one year, and then not only jump back in at a school with as much or more pressure than UF, but to also, as reported, raid the current Gator coaching and training staff for his new gig strikes me as deceitful. Maybe I’m wrong, but it leaves a bad taste. I guess the health concerns ha had went away with a new $6 million a year job. So much for his professed “love” for UF.

  10. Congrats Jack. Much as it pains me to say it, the best team won Saturday night. We suck this year.

    On a bright note, the Brantley Error is now coming to a close:) That is something to be happy about. As Pat said, It’s all over except the bowl loss. Credit to Zooker for not fielding a “team” that was this inept.

  11. Jack, where were you when the FSU losses were piling up after you were running your mouth? You are just another bandwagon idiot. FSU won, fine, I can handle the truth, we stunk it up real bad this year, but win a damn game when it matters…we are down farther than anybody thought and this was supposed to be your year? We have been hearing that for how long? And you are saying it again for next year?…really patheric, come on man, national pre-season #5??? I am not predicting anything for next year and FSU has a chance to beat us again, but it only counts when you are playing for conference titles and NC’s.

  12. Look, Carolina Gator, it’s not rocket science. It’s really no more complicated than – no Tebow = losses = esophageal spasms! And that’s just the broad view. Now if we are ready to dwell in reality and take him at his word, then all the issues that became too important to ignore anymore: spending more time with his family; coaching his son’s baseball team; watching his daughter play volleyball; and his health. All of these were corrected in one year – I believe his son and daughter still play ball, his family is still there, and his health issues didn’t just dissolve. Now either he is a super human who can bend time and space and fit what takes the entire human race a minimum of a few years to a maximum of a lifetime into 1 year; or………..”IT WAS A LIE”. Something devised to get himself out of a situation he did not want to be in. I believe it was Pat here who said on his radio show that he would be in the front row to question Urban about this very topic if and when it happened. We’ll see if he is true to his word. Me thinks probably not, but we’ll see.

  13. FSU and UF have killer defenses. Both have offensive issues. I will take Charlie Weis over Jimbo Fisher any day of the week.

    UF isn’t going anywhere fellas. We will still be in the hunt for titles in the future. FSU will also get there.

    I actually think that the next 5 years will be very exciting in this series.
    Both teams are juggernauts at recruiting.

  14. UF does not have a killer defense–you just looked decent against a completely wipbed out FSU offense. Our entire starting offensive line is out. Those are all backups. If EJ had any protection or if we could run the game, the score would have been 60-0. Again, your defense isn’t that good. FSU’s, on the other hand, is, especially now that they are buying into Stoops’s zone. We’re going to shut out a SEC team to end the season, secure the #1 recruiting class yet again, get healhty on the O-line, and play some football next year. You guys get more of Cheeseburger. When the FSU machine that Jimbo is building gets saililng, good luck stopping it. He’s mopping up Bowden’s mess and it’s taking time.

  15. It’s easy for an FSU defense to look good playing in the ACC, what a pathetic conference, almost as bad as the Big East. Typical FSU fan, always crying about injuries, officials, etc… Same old song and dance, always pointing to next year after posting a mediocre record. Ask Texas what having a top 5 recruiting class has done for them lately. Maybe the Gators should move to the ACC, and feast on the Duke’s, Marylands, and NC States of the world. Come over to the SEC FSU, and play with the big boys!!!

  16. Hey jack, our coach is in his first year at a new school. What’s your coach’s excuse? He’s been at fsu long enough to do something with the talent he’s recruited. You were preseason no. 5. How did that work out for ya? Looks like you accept being mediocre. Your two game win streak against the gators comes after they whipped your butts 6 in a row. So when your noles win enough games to even the series against the gators then feel free to run your mouth! The gators have won 2 titles the last 7 years. How bout your noles?

  17. @Jack
    Good to see you are finally back this year, I wondered where you had been. Why di you wait until after the game to show yourself? Is it a lack of confidence in the Noles? If so, I do not blame you. You beat us this year, again, but I did not see much in the game that would lead me to believ you will beat us again next year. Sure, Jimbo is an improvement over Bobby Bowden, but he does not have that big of a head start over Champ & Charlie. There is one thing Jimbo cannot fix. FSU is mired in the ACC. The SEC will continue to hold a recruiting edge over FSU. What can Jimbo tell the recruits? You get to be on TV when you play ACC powerhouses like Wake Forrest, Duke, and Miami. Miami? Really, have you been paying attention? Wait, I know, Jimbo can tell the recruits they get to play home games that you are pretty sure will start selling out in 5 years or so.
    Jack, I am not going to call you names like some do on this blog, but you are wrong about FSU. FSU made a huge mistake when it chickened out and declined to join the SEC when it had the chance. Nope, your fate is sealed as long as FSU stays in the ACC. But cheer up, if it aint Duke or Wake, it could be those juggernaughts Boston College or NC State. Oh and by the way, Go Gators!

  18. Jack,

    UF’s defense finished in the top 20 this year. That is quite impressive when you consider that they were handicapped by a horrible offense that never did them any favors.

    FSU is basically in the same “rebuilding” boat that UF is with one exception. FSU plays in the pathetic ACC and we play in the NFL minor league. FSU would have lost 6 if they played our schedule this year.

    I think that both teams will be back to elite status but it’s going to take at least 2 years.

  19. Amen, it’s easy to brag about a defense that feasts on Duke, Maryland and BC every weekend. I work with a few FSU fans who admit it’s hard to measure the Noles talent, weaknesses and strengths while playing in the ACC.
    Gator fans, don’t be surprised to see several current Gator starters transfer after the Gator Bowl; some to OSU. Urban will get his share of Florida high school talent.

  20. Rooferman:

    Last time I checked, Fisher was the best recruiter in the country. Don’t know where you’re coming up with this garbage talk. FSU landed the #1 class last year and will probably land the #1 class this year. The ACC fields great talent. There are normally two good SEC teams every year, and the conference has been on an incredible run. Go back seven years and your conference is garbage. Way too much hype over the SEC. Va Tech, Clemson, and FSU could beat every team in the conference except for LSU and Alabama.

    Again, not sure where you’re thinking Fisher can’t recruit. Please explain this one to me.

  21. Jack:
    Read carefully. Of course Jimbo can recruit. But only among kids who do not have a chance of playing in the SEC. Let me see, FSU, Clemson, VA Tech, NC State . . .all teams that when it was time to nut up, or shut up, they shut up. Each had a chance to join the SEC and said no thanks. I guess playing powerhouses like Wake, Duke, BC, etc is just too exciting: You might actually, almost sell out a home game when they show up. ACC quitters? How about Georgia Tech, they actually left the SEC, apparently the prospect of maybe playining in an almost sold out ACC title game, in a city to be named later, is just too tempting. Too much hype? says who? Have you been watching other games? Have you noticed who wins the NC year in and year out? When was the last time an ACC team even sniffed the NC at the end of a season? Maybe before you were born! Jimbo the best recruiter in the country? Maybe, but it does not show up on the field. Last time I looked, the Noles were the #5 team in the country, but only before the games were actually played. You say we do not get off the bus, I say FSU only looks good gettin off the bus. FSU looks like Tarzan, but plays like Jane. Clemson, Va Tech, and FSU? Forget about the SEC West, just try playing in the East! You know the SEC East, the place every one of those teams wimped out and refused to join!
    You are alot of fun Jack, I like your spirit, kinda a like a walk on at UF.
    Go gators!

  22. I like you too, Rooferman. You’re the only one on here who doesn’t call me names. I don’t use profanity or call people names. I might talk a little smack, but this is football we’re talking about. Smack is allowed. Every single kid that Fisher gets is recruited by every SEC school. Still don’t know where you’re coming up with some of this stuff. Did you see the way FSU’s defense was flying around that field? Did you see the power with which they play? My god, we knocked out half your team–your SEC team. If we play Auburn in a bowl game, we’ll knock out half of its team. I’m not saying I enjoy seeing kids being carted off the field, but FSU’s defense just has that much firepower. Ask Brantley. I think many of you UF fans are clinging to the hope that FSU will not return to prominence, and will have another “Lost Decade.” You guys know how dominant we can be when the recruiting is in place, and it scares you. Well, now the recruiting is in place. The personnel keep flowing in. You guys had a historical run with Tebow and Meyer, but that was when FSU had a senile head coach who had no business coaching. Now you get to go up against Fisher, who, by the way, is now 4-0 against his rivals. We’ve had some very shaky games this year—Wake Forest was inexcusable—but Fisher is still mopping up Bowden’s mess. Bowden drove the program deep, deep into the ground. On a recruiting note, you’re about to see a “Grand Symphony” of recruiting come together over the following weeks. FSU is about to land several of the elite offensive linemen in the country. It will top off what will do down as one of the greatest recruiting classes in a long time. This 2012 class is already incredibly deep, and the O-linemen we land in the coming days will seal everything. Watch it unfold. If we get an offensive line, it will be Alabama-Florida State in the title game next year.

  23. Jack, you FSU fans have been dreaming and hoping like that for over 10 years now, I guess it’s good to have dreams and goals. If you look at recent history of college football recruiting, you’ll note that Texas has had top recruiting classes for awhile, but that still hasn’t developed into much on the field. All the top programs are getting their share of 5 and 4 star recruits, but it doesn’t mean much unless a coach can develop all that talent into a team. FSU should feel optimistic about the future, they play in one of the weakest conferences in the BCS, and next year, they don’t have Oklahoma or any prominent team early.
    On another note, does the Gator Nation realize their team hasn’t played a regular season road game against a non-conference team since 1991 (at Syracuse)? That is pretty sad for a program of that caliber. Maybe with Urban back in the game, we’ll see a future UF/OSU regular season series matchup. Florida needs to quit playing FAU, UAB, and FIU and start scheduling some tougher non-conference opponents.

  24. Jack, you must be very young. Otherwise you would show more respect to Bobby Bowden. In case you didn’t know, much like the Bear at Alabama, Bowden is the one responsible for building FSU’s program. I hope your youth is the excuse for you calling him a ‘senile old man’ and such. Otherwise, you are just an ungrateful jack________ of a fan. Be thankful for the high expectations he set for you. Every remarkable season ever played for FSU was coached by him. Every championship (even if it was a bunch of acc titles) ever won, was won by him. Jimbo has proved nothing yet. Yet, you hold him in hight regard and put down the very man who built your program.?.?.? Vey classless if you ask me.


  26. @Jack,
    You may be right in everything you say, but only time will tell. You are correct quite a few Gators got knocked out of the last UF/FSU game, at least two were freak injuries, and the other two were the Gators being everybit as aggressive on D as the ‘Noles. Your point about FSU recruiting is well taken, but I still think we in the SEC have a shot at recruiting better players than the ACC, year in and year out. Moreover, Jimbo has not shown me yet that he can even coach’em up once they get to FSU. Maybe he can, but I have yet to be convinced. In a way I hope you are at least 99% correct in your assement for a very simple reason: I want the ‘Noles to be undefeated each year we beat you! Your point about cleaning up after Coach Bowden is well taken, he simply stayed there too long, but it is also understandable, Bobby is the man who single handedly put ya’ll on the map.
    I actually like the smack talk, it gets me thinking about what I am going to post next! But you have to admit, the Gators will improve too. We shall see who gets to the mountain top first! I happen to beleive we hold the upper hand. The fun part is we will get to see some exciting games to see who is right. May we allways be worthy adversaries!
    Go gators!

  27. Gators will be back very soon, Rooferman. Incredible program with a rich history. But FSU will be back too. And I think we have your number again next year. I’m glad you recognize how disastrous Bowden was for the program. Fisher is a recruiting savant and you’re about to see a FSU-UF rivalry much like the one from the nineties. I can’t wait. I honestly don’t like when either team dominates. I even hope Miami gets it together. Muschamp is a good coach. However, I think Weis will be a nightmare. He cannot connect with these young men. He is a morbidly obese NFL coach who belongs in a booth on Sundays, not on the sidelines on Saturdays. Remember, what you saw out of FSU during those six years was a product of a seniel old man who had no business coaching. You’re about to get the Seminoles of old.

  28. Hey jack, a true nole fan would have a little more respect for coach Bowden. Your two titles were because of him! His last few years he was just a figurehead. Your assistants were coaching, as Bobby was not calling the plays


  30. I WAS ONE OF THE ONES THAT SAID THAT IT WAS A GOOD HIRE (MUSCHAMP), BUT NOW I DO NOT THINK SO. I SEE WHY TEXAS HAD HIM IN WAITING HE WAS NOT READY. MUSCHAMP*************************************************************THE HONEYMOON IS OVER*****************************WIN OR GO BACK TO UGA****************