The Sunday Blog, Week 9


The final tally was 675.

That was the number of miles I put on my car this long weekend. Sarasota to speak to the Gator Club there, back to Gainesville, Jacksonville for Danny Wuerffel’s tournament, St. Augustine to visit my parents, back to Jax for the game and finally home to write the Sunday Blog.

I need a home game as much as the Gators do.


1. LSU: Here we go.

2. Alabama: Here we go.

3. Oklahoma State: The Cowboys were very impressive against Baylor.

4. Stanford: Great late-night viewing Saturday.

5. Boise State: Am I the only one who things the Big East wanting Boise is a panic move?

6. Oregon: Slow start but Ducks got it rolling.

7. Oklahoma: Very nice bounce back for the Sooners.

8. Arkansas: Razorbacks were lucky to escape Nashville.

9. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier is going to try to do it with defense.

10. Clemson: Huge miscommunication cost the Tigers.

11. Virginia Tech: How did the Hokies almost lose to Duke?

12. Kansas State: Wildcats were exposed.

13. Nebraska: Tough team to beat at home.

14. Houston: Case Keenum on the Heisman radar.

15. Michigan: Brady Hoke getting it done in Ann Arbor.

16. Penn State: Congrats to JoePa.

17. Georgia: Dogs still haven’t beaten anybody.

18. Arizona State: Who knows what lies ahead?

19. Michigan State: Saw this loss coming.

20. Wisconsin: No words to describe the last two finishes.

21. Cincinnati: Looking back, hard to understand how it was trounced by Tennessee.

22. Texas: Longhorns will be bowling this year.

23. Georgia Tech: Never doubt Paul Johnson.

24. Southern Miss: Is this the year someone yanks Larry Fedora to a BCS job.

25. Southern Cal: Trojans played a heckuva game.


1. I wonder how long Steve Spurrier is going to coach. While he loves to win, I don’t think he enjoys winning the way he had to Saturday to beat Tennessee. On an epic 98-yard touchdown drive, South Carolina ran on 17 of 20 plays. That’s not the Orr we all know. “I don’t walk off the field with as big a smile as I used to,” said Spurrier, “but we understand that’s what we have to do.”

2. Watching Vanderbilt Saturday in the press box, you couldn’t help but think Florida will have its hands full Saturday. And that Arkansas’ talk about being better on defense was a wish, not a fact. Jordan Rodgers has made a difference for the Commodores. Arkansas was very fortunate to win.

3. Kentucky is awful and the boos are getting loud in Lexington. Fans were especially ticked off at Joker Phillips for kicking a field goal in the second half with the team trailing by two touchdowns. But give credit to Danny Trevathan. The linebacker is playing his heart out. He had 17 tackles and a one-handed interception against Mississippi State.

4. Let the hype begin for Alabama-LSU. I don’t know that I’ve looked forward to an SEC game more in the last 10 years. Back porch, fire going, cold beverage. I’m leaning toward Alabama only because it’s in Tuscaloosa. But I have five days until I have to make a pick. Your thoughts?


  1. The Gator offense has gotten worse every game since the UT game including that game, even with the return of Brantley. Weis’ play-calling has been very predictable, thus making it easy for opposing defenses to defend us. I do not believe that our receivers could not get open in the second half against GA. If that’s true, why not? After 8 gamews one wouldthink our young players would get better and feel more comfortable out there. It’s clear our young players are NOT feeling more confident; our experienced players like Brantley and Rainey look very uneasy–that’s due to a lack of coaching. Weis is supposed to be an offensive genius (Notre Dame fans may not belive that since they paid Wesi $10 million to go away), however his college resume is not very good.

  2. Absolutely incredible. Weis has no clue. With two weeks to prepare, he provided no creative plays to even get a first down. He needs to return his contract and money. Florida football has fallen off a cliff. Muschamp is learning on the fly at our expence. Not to be better prepared after two weeks is criminal. the Gator nation deserves more. Foley made a mistake selecting someone with Georgia roots. There are plenty of Florida experienced coaches not linked to Georgia. He selected what some of the so called experts call a dynamic coach. Well, he did not coach. He did not prepare his team after having time off to get them ready. Where is Mack Brown and Gillislee?

  3. Gillislee was hurt, but because the coaches won’t let the media near the team, no one knew. it’s a good thing the coaches have kept the media out, the opponents might know what to expect and the offense would struggle…oh wait a minute

  4. The CBS crew reported that WEISS stayed up int the BOX during half-time…IF that is TURE…that is the KIND OF COACH that FLORIDA HIRED…one that finds it TOO DIFUCULT to go meet his player at half-time and wolud rather “game-plan” than be with HIS PLAYERS!!! Mr. FOLEY NEVER HAD 4 LOSS streak… ever…UNTIL NOW!!!

  5. You’d think that Jeremy Foley would learn from the Zook disaster that a bigtime football school does not hire an assistant coach without any prior head coaching experience. The UF head football coach is not an entry level position. Spurrier and Meyer proved their ability at Duke and Utah respectively.I think it’s time for Foley to become athletic director emeritus for the damage his hires have inflicted on this program.

  6. What were we trying to do in4th quarter with a 4th and 2 and our second string QB in there. Were we trying to call signals to get Ga. to jump offsides and give us a 1st down. Evidently the coaches have lost complete confidence in our offense. Where are our bull running backs? Pitiful offensive play calling from weis, who is supposed to be the offensive guru.

  7. Very disappointed with the coaching staff. I believe Brisset gives the Gators the best chance to win. Brantly looks very scared when pressured and he does not present a threat to run with the ball. Why not go for on 4th and 2, but go for it on 4th and 10? Just very poor coaching.

  8. Why is Chris Rainey in the slot when you have Debose who has more receiver experience? Why are we still not seeing any of our other backs. I love Rainey and all but seriously…these other guys can’t be any worse. Weis has shown me nothing. He has no creativity, can not identify play makers and his preperation for games schematically sucks. Two weeks and that was what you came up with? For what we are paying him…he should be way and I mean way more creative. No wonder why the Irish couldn’t wait to get him out. is in full affect. Muschamp if you are smart. You get rid of him and beg Kerwin Bell to come run the offense and develope these young talented qb’s. I’m sick of charlie and his little elitist comments as if know one else gets football. Look here chubby this isn’t our first rodeo either. The defense will be fine once these guys mature and we get a couple more play makers in the secondary and a couple more stout LB’s. I like the direction we are headed in there. This offense scares me next year with Rainey, Demps and Brantley gone. Heck look at us now. Go Gators!!!



  10. The offense has run the same exact plays over and over for 4 straight games and no-one seems to notice that what they are running is NOT working. Why do we not play Gillislee? How about putting the BIG fullback in the game and have Gillislee run behind him for the short yardage. How about finding ways to get the ball to Debose. Where is Ronald Powell on defense?

  11. The Gators will be better next year, support the team, cheer for them, encourage them…this is a game people..throwing a ball around…take it easy…the instant gratification generation mentality has got to go…things will be fine!!!!! Enough with the “off with their heads” shtick!!

  12. Through all sorts of weather…
    Yes, it’s frustrating. Youth is one thing, but one would expect to see progress. The lackthereof is maddening and painful to watch. The problem is pretty obvious: We can’t stop the run and we can’t run. I’d love to see more of Gilliselee — what, did he run over Jeremy Foley’s dog or someting? — but I think the way the O-line is playing, we could have Bo Jackson back there and we’d still go backwards. Something weird is going on with this team, be it coaching, chemistry, a combination or god-knows-what. Well, the season isn’t without one silver lining — at least we beat UT!

  13. @ scottrod…..Really? There is not a single person not cheering or supporting the team. Tell those player on the sideline and even Tebow that it’s just a game and they will be better next year. Whether you like it or not these kids could have went to any university but chose UF because of what they were promised which was opportunity to play, competeand be put in position to be succesful and win championships. Sorry… but that’s what it is here at UF. This is what boosters such as myself bye season tickets and donate large amounts of money for. I don’t expect to win em all but I darn sure wanna look good losing. Maybe you are on the wrong blog partner.

  14. After 8 games a few things are abundantly clear: No matter what the so-called experts say John Brantley is not and never will be a top notch college QB, Charlie Weiss is clueless when it comes to the college game, and Muschamp is in over his head; looks like a deer in headlights. Next year starts on Saturday. Put next years’ players on the field and start getting ready for 2012. I’m a season ticket holder and would find that more entertaining than watching this team implode.

  15. Hey!! gator fans be patient. The former coach we had left us in a mess. He didn’t do any recruiting his last 2 years. It wil take Will Muschamp and the rest of the coaching staff 2 more years to get us to contending and winning the SEC in 2013. GO Gators and win out the rest of the year and win your bowl game!!

  16. you gator fans are taking it on the chin after 20+ yrs of Spurrier and Meyer and you’re not taking it well. All teams go thru a down cycle and yours is here. And by the way…. you guys gave UGA fans hell for leaving early when losing. Your side of the stadium was bailing out with 4 mins to go and the game still on the line.

  17. You people jumping on Muschamp and Weis are beyond stupid. Weis didn’t just become a terrible OC. And Muschamp, although inexperienced, is a great recruiter and will become an excellent head coach…in time. And he has time. If you can’t stay behind the Gators and the coaches….go become a Georgia fan. They are the best at hating on their team and coaches.

  18. P.S…..

    I will hold back any judgement of Muschamp and Weiss until they have had the opportuity to put their players on the field….and after Weis has had the opportunity to develop Driskell and Brissett….and the WRs they recruit to replace the horrible ones Florida currently has.

    Concerning Debose……there has to be something going on that the fans do not know… he only knows 4 plays or something. He is too talented to not play more than he is otherwise. And Rainey….it is time to try to win with Gillessie and Brown and move Rainey full time into the slot….and Demps full time returning kickoffs. Neither are suited for the offense Weis is running….that is obvious. And I liked Brantley’s guts….but it is time to put Driskell or Brissett in a let them get experience for next year. I would rather the Gators lose to Vandy, SC, and FSU than to go into next year with our two QBs having very little big game experience.

  19. I am just as frustrated as everybody. What really gets me is the offense and the plays over and over to Rainey or Demps. They can and have broken some plays this year but not often enough to justify all the touches. Someone else mentioned Mack Brown and Mike Gillislie. What about Hunter Joyer (big FB)? I am no football expert, but don’t you suppose these guys deserve some touches? Does it mean the O-line can’t block for them? When I was at UF in the ’70’s we used to say “wait ’til next year!”…we might ought to get used to it again.

  20. Great comments on here – all have validity. I think the biggest issue is not so much that UF has lost 4 games (which is shocking though), but rather HOW they have lost these games. Mistakes, lack of discipline, and the inability to get the ball into the hands of anyone except Rainey is killing us. It’s obvious by now (as it was last year) that we’re not a team that can run up the middle. I have a hard time believing that our receivers can never get open either. Even more alarming is that this team seems to take a step backwards each week in terms of progression – there doesn’t seem to be any improvement on what we’re promised will get better each week by the coaching staff. Here’s hoping to a decent finish to this season…whatever that might look like.

  21. While I am as frustrated as everyone else with the offensive production and lack of discipline (penalties) the Gators have displayed this year, let’s not attack Foley! We are lucky to have Jeremy Foley. He is by far the best AD in Collegiate sports. Florida athletics is among the nations elite.

    Back to football. First, we can’t run a pro style offense without the threat of a running game between the tackles. Rainey and Demps are third down backs, Gilesslee has proven he can and will, pound the rock when given the opportunity. Why is he not getting significant touches? Second, penalties, need I say more? Third, are secondary is really young and technique is severely lacking. There is no reason a DB should EVER turn themselves completely around while in coverage! Footwork is horrendous. Muschamp needs to take control and challenge these “top prospects”. There is no leadership on this football team at all. We are NOT getting better so let’s call it like it is! None the less, GO GATORS!

  22. Nick Saban was 7-6 his first year at Alabama and lost to Louisiana-Monroe. Gene Chizik lost 5 games at Auburn his first year. Sometimes it takes a year to get a system in place, especially when it is a major change. I’ve been lurking gator sports message boards for years. There were people saying Donovan couldn’t coach before the back to back national championships. There were people doubting Meyer his first year and even the second year up until we won a national title. Give it a couple of years before you make your call on a coaches ability, otherwise you’ll probably just make yourself look ignorant.

  23. @ Tampa gator
    Well said. I too, now agree it is time to develop another QB. Sadly, we cannot win the SEC East after losing to Ga. It would be reassuring to see Brantley start, but with a plan to sub Jeffcoby Driskett in for the 2nd half, or maybe start with the fourth quarter.
    John Brantley was magninificent in his effort vs. Ga. with his bum leg, but even he has to see the handwriting on the wall: Gators need to develop a QB, he will graduate, and the team lives on. Hey, being a free agent QB playing 3rd string in the NFL is still a very privileged life. Who knows, he may take Tebow’s job from him some day! Karma?

    Beat Vandy and FSU and all is forgiven.
    Bring on Furman!
    Go Gators!

  24. Overall the team looks tired in 4th quarter. Other team’s running backs and offensive line rip us in the last 15 minutes. Penalties are a player’s responsibility unless the coach is changing the snap count from the side lines. Defensive backs can’t run and chase large receivers like they could in high school. Hope we can sign, and play, a large running back. Internal and closed door staff meeting will determine whether or not the fit is there for the staff. True Gators will stick together and at least 14 teams in SEC wish they were doing better right now.

  25. I, too, like alot of fans are frustrated as hell about this team. Started out with so much promise but it is jsut turned into a nightmare. No Gillislee. No Stephen Alli. No Mack Brown. WTF is up w/ Weis & his playcalling? This offense stinks and he is not using any of the other receivers or running backs which is just plain crazy! LSU uses a rotation of 4 different backs, Bama uses 2-3. Why can’t the other bigger backs get into the game? If these coaches aren’t careful these guys are gonna transfer. If I was a recruit looking at this team I would question the direction of the offense because right now they stink. As much as I love the Gators I can’t stand to watch them play on offense. The defense plays hard except that the DB’s need to be coached to TURN AROUND when the receiver looks for the ball!!!! Jenkins is too small to be a LB in the SEC. Please recruit a BIG LB for next year!!!

  26. Lighten up folks. This year is a rebuilding year. You cannot expect to completely change an offensive style/philosophy and have no issues with personnel. This isn’t the NFL where you can simply buy a new team every year if you want to do something different. We have to give this staff some time (3 years) to implement their plan and recruit the players that are the best fit. I hope you have more patients with your kids and I hope your bosses have more patients with you. Jeez.

  27. Oh, and one more thing…how many dropped passes did we have, especially across the middle! How many missed tackles? A coach’s job is to put players in position to make plays, if they don’t make the play it’s on them not the coaches.

    C’mon Gator fans, now is the time to circle the wagons not snipe our own.

  28. @ SeffnerGator,

    That is a crock of you-know-what. Meyer’s last recruiting class was the consensus #1 ranked class in the nation and included the #1 DE, the #1 and #2 ranked DT’s, etc., etc. Blaming Meyer for this year’s mess is pathetic and the only credit I can give to this year’s coaches is that they haven’t played the “blame the predecessor” game.

  29. Weis is fat-out over-rated!…The penalties are beyond pathetic, but the offense needs to be better. Calling Roberson for PI late Saturday was a horrible call…regardless of his rep.
    Weis was brought in to be offensive, when is the man expected to earn his damn money? Chris Leak came in a as a Frosh, and wasn’t lost. Brantley shouldn’t have been in the game one the last two possessions…he cant move and cant pass!
    Great kid, but he lost the game by taking a sack on 4th down?…HOW “tf” do you do that???

  30. The mess the Gators are in is not Meyer’s fault. It is Jeremy Foleys, again. Mr. Foley had his experimental shot with Ron Zook; made a great hire with Urgan Meyer after much complaint by the Gator Nation; and now has stepped back in the experimental mode AGAIN! Unbelievable. I was more than willing to give Muschamp and company the benefit of the doubt when the hire occurred, but my worst fears have come to fruition. Muschamp is not ready to be Head Coach of the Florida Gators. Now we are doomed for at least three years of loosing, AGAIN, when we should have hired a proven Head Coach to begin with. I am disgusted with Foley.

  31. @crusher stop believing the recruiting rags rankings, we haven’t had a decent class since tebow/harvin. All these so called 5 stars have not panned out,fact. Our best recruiter Gonzales got screwed over by Urban and left. We need a lot of help the next few years which i will give Muschamp, but Weis is a pathetic joke that Boom was forced to hire by the suits. He should be fired yesterday and bring in a young dynamic unknown, Weis has never been an offensive guru the Pats and Brady have been fine without him in fact Brady shattered all of Marino’s records after fatso left.

  32. Everything that I have seen boils down to two issues…lack of fundamentals and lack of depth (or trust in the second, third and fourth string guys). Missed tackles, missed blocking assignments, botched receiving routes, missed quarterback reads…all should be drilled into each players head like it was before they came to UF. Then we need to look at the depth of a number of positions. Muschamp and Co. need to re-evaluate their talent and TRUST them to make an impact on the game. I agree with the other posters here….where are Gillislee and Brown? Were they not both top tier backs coming in? We heard they would get more touches back in September, but the coaches must have forgotten! Time to go back to the basics.

    Rember fans….In ALL kinds of weather….

  33. You guys are amazing. You have zero sense of reality and no patience to go along with it. Did you really expect UF to compete for an SEC title when you have 1. a new staff 2. completely different schemes. 3 double digit transfers 4. multiple players kicked off team( 2 that were really good) 5. a horrendous schedule. 6. You lose your QB during the middle of that critical stretch. and last but not least….. youth Everywhere.

  34. Also, several things have caused this little slide.

    1. Weis’s system dictactes that you have a veteran QB and big HB’s. Losing Brantley can not be overestimated because he was the only thing that would keep defenses honest and allow our small backs to find some holes. This system simply is not Freshman friendly. Driskel will be much better next year.

    2. Gillisee was out with a high ankle sprain. That’s why he didn’t play. Also, Brantley had to play out of the gun bc of his ankle. So you are extremely limited in the run game. UGA adjusted and that was that.

    3. Weis made a great move by moving Rainey to the slot. He tried to get him the ball behind the d line and in space. It worked!! Rainey( who has good hands) just choked and dropped a TD pass early and a slant that would have gone for 80 yards later. That is not Weis’s fault.

  35. Also,

    The turnovers are what cost you the game. Frankie Hammond just simply isn’t any good and Rainey has fallen apart. A senior should know that on 3rd and 18 when you run a draw out of your end zone that the objective is to get some room for the punter and that you should protect the ball. He tried to call all xbox 360 and spin his way past 5 SEC defenders and paid the price…….pure stupidity.

    Things will be much better next year with a great recruiting class with a nice dose of humble pie. These kids definitely needed this kick in the rear.

    As for playing the young QB’s the rest of the year. That is stupid as h3!!. We need to win two more to make a bowl. We NEED that extra few weeks of practice for next year so they can get better aquainted with Weis’s system.

    So everyone please chill. Gillisee and Brown will be a much better combo next year and the O-line will be much improved. The defense will also be lights out. Heck, they aren’t great but they aren’t bad at the moment either.

    Relax and hope that we beat FSU in the swamp. That would make things much better.

  36. John Brantley should have transferred years ago, for his own benefit, too late now, hope he got the most of his scholarship because the NFL ain’t calling. Seriously, a lame/broken Brantley was the best we could put on the field Saturday??? I agree, were is Gillislee and the other offensive talent??? Better hope this coaching staff can recruit better than they prepare for a game during a bye week, that was a very sad display, Gator Nation deserves better.

  37. @Lee, @TampaGator…

    Thank you for speaking sense.


    Calm down. Muschamp and Weis are going to get it done. Foley knows what he’s doing. One bad season and you’d think we hired the Antichrist as senior pastor and the Beast of Revelation to teach Sunday School.


  38. What has happened to Gillislee? After the LSU game the coaches said they needed to get him more touches. I think he got three carries against Auburn and none against Georgia. He seemed to be able to run between the tackles with some authority.

  39. You guys aren’t mature enough to be patient enough to let the coaches install their system, play through the players whose skill set fits the last coaches scheme, and recruit their own players, all while playing the toughest schedule in the conference and, arguably, one of the toughest in the nation…. If we get a good recruiting class, the next thing you know, we’ll be ranked in the top 10 next year and you morons will be pounding your chests claiming “We Are Back!!!” Y’all are starting to sound like the ‘nole fans over on “wah-chant.”

  40. You people kill me with this wait till next year,let weis get his style of players in attitude. You play players to their strengths and if they still aren’t effective go another direction. At the beginning of the year we saw burton and hunter in together on some packages even mack brown looked good when he carries the ball. Ok I’ll give you Gillislee was hurt but we even played Rainey hurt and Demps hurt. You can’t tell me those players hurt are better than Burton or Brown. If so they shouldn’t be on the roster. I agree we are still young but we should be a lot more competitive. I refuse to believe we are this far behind. Weis got spoiled early w/ Rainey and Demps and didn’t think to give these other guys a chance. How many short passes out of the slot did Debose get ?zero…how many down field? Zero…teams would be sick of seeing Debose if it were me. I would even play driskell w/ a healthy Brantley and roll him out w/ run pass options. I’m just sayin…where is the creativity?

  41. The bad thing is. If the backup qb’s healthy are not as good as a wounded brantley, what does that say about next year? I just don’t see it getting any better. The Vanderbilt game is looking mighty scary right now and that is not a joke. What happens if Vandy wins? The comments sections is going to be a bad place to be.

  42. Everyone has some tough games, no excusing the botched punts and fumble the last game, but if it wasn’t for Rainey we would be 3 and 5 right now, because he was the only offense in the Tenn. game. He did carry the ball over 20 times that game so the fact that he can not carry the load is off base. There must be legit reasons that others are not playing. Rainey is our best offensive weapon and one of the only weapons to this point and when any defense sees that they are going to key in on one guy or one option, being the running/short pass game. Every defense has been crowding the line the last 4 games because there are no downfield threats and with the o-line being as poor as it has been, there aren’t many backs that would be successful. Honestly, how many yards do you think the so called elite running backs in the SEC would get behind our o-line. If Richardson were running behind our line versus the Bama defense do you think he would have done well on 11 carries? What about Lattimore. Just look at his production in the game he got hurt. He had 17 carries for a robust 39 yards and the game was in the 4th quarter! That is a prime example that if you are a one dimensional team with a poor oline it doesn’t matter how good you are, you will be shut down. Simply put the gators line has been poor and receivers are not breaking free.

  43. I think the frustration is felt across the board. No need for anyone to question Gator faith here, we are all Gators. Being upset with this staff is not ridiculous. The most penalized team in the country! The 90th something offense in the country? Averaging one touchdown a game in the past four weeks? These are serious concerns! If you want to blame it on youth, injury, lack of talent or my favorite, the previous coaching staff inability to recruit, then fine. If you want to say “it takes time”, again, fine! However, at the end of the day, this is seriously looking like a 5-7 team, and if you’re content with this, three years removed from a NC (two years removed from one game away from playing for the NC), then great. However, I don’t think many people are fine with that. Not when our coaches make millions of dollars and we pay thousands of dollars ourselves.
    I love Muschamp, and was hoping this would work, but at the end of the year, if we’ve only beat UAB, FAU, Furman, UK and UT, then another look needs to be taken.

  44. Funny how all the comments had nothing to do with Pat’s top-25 blog post. In regards to the top-25, I don’t agree with South Carolina in the top 10 – they are limping along right now after losing their top two offensive producers from last year.

    In regards to the Gators, it is painful to watch. Lousy coaching right now especially in regards to the one stat in which we lead the NCAA – penalties per game and penalty yardage; we are absorbing 100 yds+ in negative yardage a game. All coaching. And our 2nd half production during this skid is awful – shows terrible halftime adjustments or lack thereof; again, lousy coaching. Weiss will produce but it may take time. It just makes one scratch one’s head that Muschamp is being paid millions to learn on the job how to be a head coach. We should have gotten a head coach for our head coaching vacancy.

    I also chuckle at these people who post comments inferring that championships are expected at UF like it has been some historical given that Florida has always been among the elite in college football. Anybody recall our glorious 0-10-1 season? Florida used to be perennial also rans, not quite doormats but always well back in the pack. Pretty much before Charlie Pell/Galen Hall and certainly the Spurrier era. We can certainly return to those days of mediocrity if something doesn’t change and fast. Big time college football now is about annually hauling in a stable of big time recruits and that will be difficult in a program which has fallen off the map.

  45. I tell you this, I NEVER expected to see us in a stretch where we are HOPING to win 2 out of four from Vandy, South Carolina, Furman and FSU!!! Personally, FSU has put the band back together since they got their QB back and their defense is THE TRUTH so winning that one is doubtful, South Carolina is still a good offense and an above average defense with a Killer line even without Lattimore, so that one is doubtful. I dont know much about Vandy but they are playing good ball and Furman is a win. My guess 2-2.
    Anybody willing to GUARANTEE that we will win 3 of these 4 games???

  46. I get tired of reading about players abilities not matching the “scheme”. When it comes to blocking someone, tackling the guy with the ball, fielding a punt, catching the potential interception that just hit both hands, staying on sides and avoiding stupid penalties, it doesn’t matter one lick what “scheme” your team is using. It’s still football! This is a team stocked with 4 and 5 star recruits with no clue how to do any of the above. That my friends is not a “recruiting” problem, and all the coach speak and talking durring the week won’t get it fixed. Sorry, but I’m an old Gator who has heard and seen this before, and thought it wouldn’t be seen again in Gainesville. On that point, I was wrong.