The Sunday Blog, Week Seven


The Sunday Blog comes to you from the road after a late night getting back to our room in Columbus, Ga. Classic story — we bought all of the ingredients for a mean tailgate with plans of getting to Auburn early to avoid gridlock, then left all of the chicken in the refrigerator back at the hotel.

Oh well, that was some sweet chicken at 1 a.m. once we got back.

The bye week comes at a good time for the banged-up Gators and for those of us covering the team. But we will return next week with another Sunday Blog.


1. Alabama: When it was 7-0 did you think Ole Miss had a chance? Not so fast.

2. LSU: The Tigers will have an interesting game this week.

3. Oklahoma: Anyone else fired up about Okie-Okie State later this season?

4. Wisconsin: Russell Wilson may end up one of best players not to win the Heisman.

5. Stanford: Andrew Luck turned it on in second half.

6. Oklahoma State: Must be nice to cover a team with a great offense.

7. Clemson: Just when you think Zeppo Swinney’s team is in trouble.

8. Boise State: Ever seen more wide-open receivers?

9. Oregon: Impressive post-game showing by Chip Kelly when he told knuckleheads clowning around behind him to “Shut up!”

10. Arkansas: Three SEC teams in the NRFPT top 10.

11. Nebraska: Should be interesting down the stretch for Huskers.

12. South Carolina: Gamecocks escaped by skin of their beaks.

13. Virginia Tech: Nice comeback for the Hokies after rough start.

14. West Virginia: Mountaineers are the class of the Big East.

15. Michigan State: Very impressive win for Sparty.

16. Kansas State: A team that reflects personality of its coach.

17. Houston: Interesting times for the Cougars right now.

18. Michigan: Tough loss for Brady Hoke’s bunch.

19. Illinois: Who didn’t see that loss coming?

20. Georgia Tech: Just when you bought into the Jackets.

21. Georgia: Still without a quality win but Bulldogs deserve some love.

22. Washington: Steve Sarkisian deserves a lot of credit.

23. Texas A&M: Defense not great but Aggies can score.

24. Auburn: Do Tigers gets steamrolled this week?

25. Arizona State: Devils really play a tough schedule.


1. I swear there was a moment in South Carolina’s game against Mississippi State where Steve Spurrier turned around looking for a quarterback to replace Connor Shaw and, of course, Stephen Garcia was not there. I told you that the Gamies had better not get too full of themselves after thumping a lousy Kentucky team. It almost bit them but the ball coach knows how to win close games.

2. Talk about statements on the road, Alabama and LSU showed the separation in this conference again with blowout road wins over inferior teams. And Trent Richardson’s Heisman campaign that started off so slowly is in full sprint. I think he just broke another Ole Miss tackle.

3. Did you see the incident between Vandy head coach James Franklin and Georgia hothead defensive coordinator Todd Grantham at mid-field after the game? Classic stuff. “We just had a tough, emotional game and some things were said that I didn’t think were appropriate,” Franklin said. “I went to find (Georgia head) coach (Mark) Richt and didn’t find him, so I found one of his assistant coaches and it didn’t go well. We’re not going to sit back and take it from anyone.”

4. These are not the best of times in the state of Mississippi. The two SEC schools are a combined 0-7 in conference play. Ole Miss now has to play Arkansas with two defensive starters lost in the Alabama game.


  1. It is sad when UF’s O.C. is too EATEN -UP with PRIDE to allow the FAN’S request SUCCEED- GILLISLIE AND JOYER…Coach W has FOGOTTEN MORE FOOTBALL THAN WE EVER KNEW-…and yet Coach Weiss cannot SEE THE OBVIOUS: WE NEED (STRONG BACKS) running the ball in the SEC…Joyer had about 10 yrds on 1 CARRY, Gillislie had about 15 on 3 carries, and WEISS IS TOO OBSSESED with Rainey (great no doubt) to give more touches to the others ….WHY!?!? Prideis the ONLY EXPLANATION…He doesn’t need the money, the fame, the 2nd chance in college football-IT HAS 2 BE PRIDE! He didn’t BELIEVE after Bama FLorida’s RUNNING ATTACK was predictable and inept against SEC DEFFENSES…Weiss had to be a “BELIEVER” after the LSU game…but PRIDE snuck back in…I don’t want to hear they don’t know the plays-SIMPLIFYL IT (2 back thru the 3 hole, etc…) I was impressed by COACH BOOM’S INTENSITY again and the ‘D’ but, as we all KNOW AROUND HERE (EXCEPT WEISS) that Deffenses alone CANNOT WINT THE EAST -much less the CONF.
    GO GATORS!!! Go find out who you really are before UGA…Gillislie & JOYER AND FIRST DOWN FRANKIE are the best THING ON THIS OFFENSE-THE ONLY plyers that play CONSISTENTLY on this team! GOOD JOB, DEFFENSE -you played hard enough TO WIN…The offense didn’t do THEIR PART!

  2. this has been enjoyed the last few weeks 0-3 and with a bye week to get ready for a nother lose in jvill its so great to see the lizards like this they think that they are the only team that is to win and never lose such to get hit in the mouth and not be able to hit back just keep loseing lizards

  3. There appears some thing more than Weis’ “pride” for not playing Gillislie more. In answer to a question why Gillislie didn’t play more, Muschamps’s inadequate answer was the offense was not doing well.Well yes, but isn’t that the very reason for Gillislie to get on the field? This response smells like so much of Muschamp’s responses to woefull playing by the Gators. My neighbor’s 6th grader says the same things: we have to be more aggresive; we have to cut down on our mistakes; we have to make plays, etc. These generic responses don’t get it done…..we all can see these things with our own eyes. Rainbey seemed in a fog the whole night, not only because the the two muffed punt, but his overall demeaner. Gators have no playmakers and an OL that can’t run block or protect the QB.

  4. Muschamp rethink? Anyone out there thinking that perhaps the AD made a less-than-optimal selection in Muschamp? Now understand, I’m not assigning Muschamp all blame for the three game slide. I am, however, less than spirited about his sideline demeanor. He looks like an angry cherub to me. Shouldn’t a prominent university official, be that a professor or head football coach, exhibit more grace and decorum? Isn’t it possible for a head football coach to motivate sans the intemperate sideline rants? In my view Muschamp’s excess display of pique matches Zook’s inability to conflate nouns and verbs. Shouldn’t a head ball coach at a major university be an exemplar of heady thinking and decorum? I have no idea what Muschamp’s relationship is to the players. I can appreciate that it requires a certain aggressiveness to motivate 18-19-20 year old kids. But wide-eyed anger will not turn this Gator team into a challenger anytime this year…..

  5. Sadly to say at this point it is obvious that Coach Muschamp is in over his head. He has no idea how to be a “head coach” at a major program. It is sad to watch and one has to feel sorry for him. Although how many times can the head coach throw his hands up in the air and shrug his shoulders as if to say “I don’t know” or “What can I do”. It has been said the Gators are oozing with incredible talent – and I believe it is true so something is wrong at the top. I’ve followed the Gators for several from Seattle; through the Urban Meyer era and before. It seems that maybe the school should have considered someone like Steve Sarkisian of U of WA as he seems to have them on the right track. Here’s hoping the Gators can turn it around however it looks like no bowl and a loosing season. By the way what in the world were they thinking when the hired Charlie Weiss.

  6. Muschamp is the entire problem. Yes we have a huge depth issue but he is an out of control hothead. Period. He is the Bobby Knight of football. If he could tell the truth instead of cussing refs and snapping at the media the program could progress but his hot head and out of control temper gets the best of him. When Zook was canned, the boosters were a force. That force is no longer at UF. They are content with 6-6 seasons, and will stay that way.
    Settle down and live longer Will, but quit.

  7. Will there be anyone left standing, when the season ends that is undefeated? Alabama and LSU are playing each other in a few weeks. One of them will be walking away with a win one with a loss. I guess the question after that game, will there be anyone walking at all? The way those teams play defense and the hits those guys are putting on opposing offenses. There may not be anyone left to play anymore games!

  8. When Foley decided once again (remember the Zooker) to hire an untested assistant coach instead of a head coach with a proven record of accomplishment he doomed the program to more years of failure and frustration. While our personel is not the equivalent of Bamas or LSU’s, that doesn”t account for multiple dropped punts(if you can’t catch it cleanly get away from it) or the repetitive off sides or poor play selection. As far as Weis coaching ability, he’s an NFL coach and they generally have as much problem at the college level as college coaches have at the NFL level.

  9. wow i am surprised at all of you ! blame the coach because a player dropped the ball……hmmm guess muschamp needs to recieve the punts eh? come on be for real , do you honestly think thats how they prepare them for a game? URBAN MEYER screwed the UF when he left. why do you think he really left? don’t be stupid he knew he had poorly recruited , he knew the players were not the level players needed to play in the SEC , and after 4 years the entire SEC had an answer for urban meyers “system” and thats why he lost 5 games last year . did you honestly think that under a first year head coach , with an entire new staff , teaching all but 18 players a complete new system, who where recruited for a spread option offense NOT a pro style offense. these kids are doing their best and as fans , that is if we are really fans, should be supporting them not ripping them apart because the coach that brought them here to play bailed out with his tail between his legs. he ran like the scared chicken he is! yea urban won 2 BCS titles , but what happened? stop with the BS health problems, check out Minnesota’s coach if you want to talk about health issues. urban was full of it. he knew it was coming apart and he bailed before you asked for his head ! plain and simple you folks just can’t handle the truth!anyway give these kids a chance , this season was a wash when chicken man ran away. no expectations until next season , if you have them you WILL be let down!

  10. Coach WM hasn’t shown me anything. Getting blown out at home by Bama, blown out v. LSU(w/a LSU TD called back), now losing to an Auburn team that should have lost to Utah St. We have become so pathetic that we would get throttled by half of the ACC. We have a coach that throws a psychotic tantrum on the side line for 2 minutes further embarrassing the university. I wouldn’t want my kid playing for him.

  11. There is a reason successful college players are not successful at the next level – the NFL is a different game. Maybe our coaches with all that NFL experience need to adjust to the differences!!

    Where did the “special” in the Gator special teams go? Rainey had more problems in one game than all his previous games, high school included, combined. With little margin for error there is more pressure on all the Gators to play perfect and historcially this sometimes leads to a lost of confidense and even more mistakes! Such as losing begets more losing! At least there is a bye week!!

    After the last three weeks, especially Auburn, even being eligible for a bowl game can not be taken for granted even if Brantley makes it back on the field. We need to find a consistent running game and the suggestion of Hunter Joyer and Gillisle seems like one we should at least try for a FULL game!!

    As Monday Morning QB’s we have our opinions but not often the knowledge of the game to be right on with our thoughts but… Rainey right and Rainey left will just not get it when the offensive line is slower to the block that their opponents they are to block!!!

    It has been sometime since I have had to say… “Wait until next year!” but it is what it is!!

  12. I blame the coaches… Where are the play makers? You will never convince me Rainey is the best running back, kickoff returner, punt returner, kick blocker and pass receiver on this team. At some point I expect the coaches to develop #23, #32, #9, #82 and #41. The names don’t matter, it’s the play makers that count. I’m starting to think Muschamp promised starting positions to 2012 recruits that commit early. Can you explain why Gillislie and the underclassman aren’t playing?

  13. Will florida stop giving Rainey the ball just about every play like he’s Percy harvin or something cause he is not. Use those other talented players so something good can happen. Defense did a good job, but the play of the offense and special teams lost the game for them. The O-line needs to block better and tightends need to step up. Florida has the talent so the coaches need to let them play and stop being conservative.

  14. I cannot believe some of these comments by the Gator fans!! We have to give this coaching staff 3 to five years to recruit the right kind of football players for this pro style offense. My prediction before the season was that it was going to be a 7-5 season again. I am fully confident we will at the top in a couple of years. I think Will Muschamp is learning how it is to be be a first year head coach. GO Gators and beat Georgia again!!

  15. The most popular guy on any losing football team is either the backup QB or the backup RB. Since we’re already playing the backup QBs, Gillislee becomes Mr. Popularity. 23 is going to get his chance next year when Demps and Rainey are gone. We’ll find out then how good he is.

    It wouldn’t have mattered who ran the ball on Saturday because our o-line cannot create holes to run through. Everyone knew we didn’t have playmakers on this team at the start of the year. We’re thin on both lines of scrimmage. We have two true freshmen playing quarterback. The defense is almost entirely freshmen and sophomores.

    This is just a very average football team right now. I think Muschamp does need to address his special teams coaching at the end of the season, but most importantly he needs to go out and recruit his tail off to bring in the quality of players that Gator fans are accustomed to seeing wear the orange and blue.

  16. I agree with Seffnergator. Why don’t we give these coaches and players some time. We can all agree they look awful in all aspects (offense, defense, special teams) but let’s remember these are mostly freshmen/sophomores trying to learn a system most of them have never played before. Although I wish I saw more of Gillislee and Joyer, there might be a reason why they don’t play much…maybe they don’t practice hard enough. Maybe Weiss wants to give Rainey an honest chance before benching him. Let’s just wait a little longer….with that said, I sure hope they get it together.

  17. There were many things wrong at the Auburn game. The worst in my mind was the loss of contol by Muscamp to the point that he was taken out of the mental game needed by a head coach. The officials work hard to stay in physical shape and knowledge of the rules and do not deserve this abuse. I believe also that officials will hold his anger and cursing in their memory when they call future Florida games. He needs anger manament or the Coach of the Year Bobby Knight award will be the only award Florida gets under him.

  18. I don’t see any coach on the planet doing any better in these circumstances. If we look the same two seasons from now, then we can start blaming coaches. We don’t have to enjoy mediocrity but we we don’t help the team with all of the negativity either. Are you trying to keep recruits from wanting to come here? Give the coaches a chance to build their own team with the type of players they want.

  19. chris rainey has been fielding punts and catching footballs since he was 3 years old…just a bad night…and very dissapointing….coach muschamp will eventually get things going but probably not going to see any progress until 2012…BUT there is still a good chance to win two heated rivalry games against Georgia and FSU…and maybe South Carolina…

  20. Fellas,

    If Brantley and demps don’t get hurt then you would have beaten Auburn and competed in losses to Bama and LSU. This is a young team with a new coaching regime and new system. It will take some time. We will most likely win out if Brantley is healthy versus UGA. The only issue that I have is that Gillislee didn’t get 15 touches against AU. He is the most complete back that UF has and should be utilized. He has speed and power. Rainey should be used like Darin Sproles for the saints…get him the ball on crossing routes so he can get loose in the secondary. Also, throw some wr screen passed to help the WR’s get involved in the game.

    UF will be fine after the bye week. Gator nation just needs to relax. 9-4 with a bowl win is very realistic. Not a bad 1st year.

  21. Ther Gators will be okay as tjhey adjust to Muschasmp, Weis, and the other coosch. Some plsyers obviosly need need a good talking to. I thought that defensive were taught wrap ’em up and drive em down in high school jv football? And hold your block came with peewee football. Personnel? It continues to baffle me that we are reminde3d that we don’t have the kind of players that an Alabama or LSU has…How come..and why is the ol and dl so depleted and players miss their assignments? Mopt5ivation..pride missing?

  22. This team lacks discipline and confidence because they are trying to do too many things (3 QB’s is 1 or 2 too many).

    Take the next two weeks to focus on a few things, learn them really well and instill confidence. The discipline will follow.

    May I suggest… A power running game and 5 yard routes to slow down the rush and help the new/old QB, catches by tight-ends (brush block and go 5 yards then fall forward for 2), put Rainey outside and Gillislee at tailback (sometimes behind the fullback and sometimes with a 2 TE set). Go inside until the defense is leaning in they Go outside. Throw deep down the middle for gravy plays, not meat and potatoes. If you run and throw from these sets then the blocking is easier.

    Regarding Muschamp, I also wonder about the dynamics of head coach who is a hot head. How do the position coaches get the players attention when the coach is screaming. Where does the player turn for a little sanity and confidence?. How does this reflect on the position coaches when he is screaming at them? I never saw a coach with a Therapist walking with him to keep the refs from kicking him out.

    Jeremy better not be happy. 3 coaches in 10 years and headed toward 4 in 11 or 12. We had the best and did not protect his back. SOS said lack of support in his 2001-02 USA Today article pushed him out the door. Jeremy still has not hired a successful Head Football Coach. Urban was Bernie Machen’s choice.

  23. The things that bother me are (1) claiming that they’re going to open the playbook this week; and (2) saying that Gillislee is going to get more touches. Neither of which happened. Don’t say you’re going to go deeper in the playbook and then dominate the play-calling with hand-offs and 7-yard out patterns. Call the plays that you’d call if Brantley was in there. If there are a few overthrows or missed receivers, so be it. That’s part of the development process. I could live with that over pulling back into a shell and only calling sweeps. As for Gillislee, don’t make a big deal out of him being this great team player and rewarding his commitment with more touches and then fail to use him when it was obvious to everyone that Rainey was exhausted half way through the game without any breathers. If nothing else, rope-a-dope the Aub defense with Rainey and then pound them with Gillislee. Instead, he sat on the sidelines helping no one.

  24. I.m tired, I’m tired of not seeing these other athletes given the chance, I’m tired of seeing freshman throw lobs down the middle of the feild late in the play, I’m tired of seeing players jump off sides, I’m tired of seeing CW sit down on the sideline and have a drink after a three and out w/ the players wondering what to do. I’m tired of Rainey left and Rainey right while other scholarship players ride the bench and this prestigious University pays for a free education. I guess you can just say I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about but I know what I’m looking at. Which is an offense that has no idenity.A OC that has no creativity other than resort back to what the previous staff was doing when he was hired to run a completely different offense. A defensive line lacking discipline and a first year coach with tons of weight on his shoulders.This is the state of Florida football and I’m tired of looking at it. But when you are a Gator…you live with em and you die with em. Go Gators!!!! But man does this hurt.

  25. There is too much money given to these coaches and too little reward for the players. The Gators are soft and are not responding to the offensive tactics of Weise. They played scared and was pushed around for three strait weeks. They will lose to; God forbid, Georgia and possibly South Carolina. They will also struggle with Vanderbilt. They have speed but no guts and confidence at this point. Its hard watching them get run over constantly. Is the head coach a head coach

  26. weiss being a so called genius should know to put his qb’s and recievers in better positions to suceed and build confidence. More roll outs to utilize their athletic abilities and cut down the reads as well as quicker throws and some screens.What happened to more Gillislee? Rainey and Demps are good but not how he uses them, they’re not gonna out run most dbs to the edge. The defense is coming along, better tackling this game but they are being put in bad situations when the off is always 3 and out. I also agree completely with Dave about Meyer.

  27. hey coach, do you really think cussing out the refs like a madman is gonna get you anything other than more penalties called against us as revenge from the refs and a reputation as a winy psycho? make your arguments in the normal fashion without having a meltdown and being a poor example to your players. that behaviour is not the gator way. why hasnt foley addressed that already? theres always gonna be bad calls even though the fair catch encroachment one stunk.. rainey needs to stick his hand up higher and put a little more effort into the motion.. keep tryin gators, if u cant win at least learn and get better..maybe weiss should get a wheelchair so he can stay on the sideline instead of hanging out on the bench like a spectator with a sideline pass.

  28. Seven games into the season with a young team, albeit one loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits, and there is one win over a decent team ( being generous to the Vol’s here) . We see a team that cannot make plays on offense or defense (how many interceptions have been dropped TY), can’t even field punts let alone do something with them, is among the most penalized teams in the entire nation, and is regressing each week. Other teams seem to be able to plug in a new QB, even a Freshman, and somehow make it work, but that’s another area the Gator’s can’t seem to master. Wide open reciver down field, and the QB overthrows him by 7 yards! So much for all the wonderful “chemistry” talk that preceded the season. Oh well, basketball starts soon! Go Gators.

  29. Don’t panic. New system, new coaches, and same inadequate players. It will take another year of recruits. Matt Jones (Armwood RB) is 6’3, 230 and fast. He will help, although he tries to run like Gayle Sayers instead of Jim Brown. Hopefully UF will coach him up. Gators also need some bona fide stud receivers.

    The little guys like Deonte Thompson and co. don’t get it done anymore.

    Maybe UF should consider moving Matt Elam to RB. He is a tough player with enough size and speed to excel. He was nails in HS at the position when needed.

  30. It’s one of the great things about college football; two recruiting classes and three injuries can completely change your fortunes. From National Champs to SEC Chumps, it’s a great hieght from which to fall. No one could see the Urban collapse coming. Not much has been said or written about what really happened. Once he takes his next job or has a few years as a talking head maybe some of the real back story will come out. Muschamp on the other hand was pretty forseeable. But, it’s not like there was really a candidate out there that wanted this mess. Once your here, you’re here, until a great player or a great coach comes along. You had a great run. But, it may be awhile. It’s just part of the game. The more patience you show Muschamp, the more freedom he has to build the right way. Sure, he may be out in 5 years, or 3. But, don’t go all Ron Zook on him just yet. Give him a recruiting class and a spring, maybe 2.

  31. During the time Steve Spurrier was our coach I often played golf with several top SEC referees. They did not like SS at all and often mocked him due to his critical attitude and actions toward them. In my opinion, the referees had it in for SS and were out to get him with their calls. Just my opinion, but Will would be better off with a friendlier attitude to the referees.

  32. Muschamp was an outstanding DC. But that is where is talents end. Gatorbread is spot on the money about Weis sitting on the bench, after the 4th 3 and out in a row. The fact is Gator faithful…..get used to it. Gator faithful will endure many more years of this less than mediocre performance. The reason is the big money boosters are disinterested and UF football will trod on with mediocrity. WM’s friends are all UF enemies. He loves Saban. He loves Jimbo. He loves Richt and he loves his Alma Mater. It is killing him to coach his hated enemy and that is what UF Is to him. Face it, he has few friends at UF. His loyalties are not at UF and NEVER will be.