The Sunday Blog, Week Five


Here’s what I don’t get — if almost everybody left The Swamp after Alabama made it 38-10 Saturday night, why was there gridlock 90 minutes after the game ended?

These and other questions may never be answered. The Sunday Blog presses on.


1. LSU: Still not sure Tigers have enough offense to win it all. And by that I mean the Super Bowl.

2. Alabama: Got an NFL team with defensive issues? Draft Alabama players.

3. Oklahoma: Sooners made it look easy because, well, it was.

4. Stanford: Caught the tail end of the Cardinal’s game v. UCLA. Learned nothing.

5. Wisconsin: Very impressive win. Made me want to “Jump Around.”

6. Oklahoma State: Cowboys-Sooners matchup oughta be a gem.

7. Boise State: Thinking less and less like it’s going to work out for Broncos.

8. Oregon: Ducks still hoping for shot at Rose Bowl.

9. Clemson: Where did these guys come from?

10. Arkansas: Unreal win for the ‘Backs against A&M.

11. Michigan: Now comes the tough part — sustaining success.

12. Georgia Tech: Paul Johnson has the Wreck rambling.

13. Illinois: The Zooker found  way to win a game he usually loses.

14. Arizona State: Sun Devils won despite four turnovers.

15. Kansas State: Did not see these last two wins coming.

16. West Virginia: Won’t be shocked to see ‘Eers in BCS bowl.

17. Texas: Still not sure about the ‘Horns.

18. Baylor: Tough loss this week.

19. South Carolina: See the SEC Four-Pack and scratch your head.

20. Nebraska: That was quite the welcome to the Big 10.

21. Auburn: OK, OK, I will give Gene Chizik credit.

22. Florida: Gators were exposed Saturday night.

23. Michigan State: What the defense did to Ohio State is against the law in some states.

24. Virginia Tech: Hokies haven’t beaten anybody.

25. South Florida: Run defense has to improve.


1. I know that every game is its own game, but when you see what Alabama did to Arkansas’ offense and then see that Tyler Wilson threw for 510 yards against Texas A&M it’s not surprising that Florida struggled with Alabama’s defense. The SEC East rep should just step aside and let LSU and Alabama play again in Atlanta. There is no doubt who the best two teams are in the conference … and maybe the country.

2. It’s hard to explain how a Steve Spurrier-coached team could get four turnovers, have one of the best running backs in America and one of the best receivers in America and a senior quarterback and only score 13 points against a defense that had been shredded all season. There’s only one answer — Stephen Garcia.

3. Look who is lurking. We talked all summer about Georgia’s easy schedule and how the Bulldogs wouldn’t be sunk with an 0-2 start and sure enough here they are with a real chance to win the SEC East. Georgia’s game at Tennessee on Saturday night is a huge one.

4. Late Saturday night Houston Nutt got what may be a job-saving win over Fresno State when his Rebels scored 11 fourth-quarter points to rally for the win. Nutt started troubled quarterback Randall Mackey, the third different quarterback to start for the Rebels. Mackey was pedestrian, but Jeff Scott carried the Rebs on his shoulders to the win.


  1. Pat-
    But some players on this team’ hit back’ and others don’t !This team’s deffense HUNG IN there with Bama till FLA shot it’s own foot too many times!!! I think COACH WEISS DIDN’T BELIEVE SOME FANS WHEN WE SAID “RUNNING Demps AND RAINEY alone…won’t work” but whatever! we aren’t SUPER BOWL WINNERS -but WE KNOW FLA FOOTBALL!!!! THEY WONT BEAT LSU EITHER WITH’ just D n R’- for the RECORD!!! GO GATORS!!!

  2. I love how the Seminoles aren’t on here! You guys are going to get absolutely pounded by FSU again this year and there’s nothing you can do about it. What a joke this team is!

    Go Gators! LOL

    Driskel and Brantley for Heisman! Rainey for Heisman! Demps for Heisman!

  3. Jack…or, is it Jerk? Do you mean that 2-2 halfassu team whose own weaknesses (poor DBs, WRs, Oline, ane at times QB) have already been exposed? All last night told me is that there might be a competitive game in G’ville on November 26th. The good thing about it, is with the weak ACC schedule you play, you’ll be ranked about 5-8 places higher than we will. The best thing about it will be watching you morons melt down on “wah-chant…” after we pound your sorry asses….

  4. Brantley for Heisman! Driskel for Heisman!

    Florida is the exact same team from last year! What a joke!

    Can’t hang with the big boys!

    Go Gators, Go! Brantley for Heisman! Go Driskel, Go! Beat them Tigers in Death Valley! LOL

  5. While you never like to see an athlete injured, Brantley’s absence could enable the program to be lots better in the future. After watching the game against Bama, the Gators are not going to win in Death Valley against an LSU team which may be better than Bama with Brantley. We need to see Driskel et al to determine if the current guys on squad are SEC caliber QB’s. The team is young so the opportunity to get better on the line of scrimmage is likely. Driskel ‘s got athleticism, size. mobility and a strong arm. Weis needs to build the offense around him.

  6. Go Driskel is a great idea….as in go away. Transfer. Take up something else. This kid has no desire, no game and no skill sets. OK OK, Bama is bigger, faster and brought the house. But Kentucky and UAB had him taking sacks. On the rare occasion Driskel actually stands in the pocket his throws are horrible for a Div 1A QB. He runs, but only for his life.
    He signed with UF because the other big guns that had him on their radar screen saw the light in his senior year.

  7. Jack,
    Good to see you back. I know you are partial to the “Noles, but calling for a win over UF is a little too early. Once Driskel get his legs under him, you may not want any of it! Right now the two teams look pretty even excpet for one area: our running backs have produced way more than ya’lls so far. So watch out, the Gators still have plenty of football in them. Yes we may stumble, but we do not have the luxury of playing teams like Duke, Wake, BC, NC State, etc. every year. I think you will be surprised by how mediocre FSU really is later this year.

  8. The gators are too soft. Weis did not prepare them for the strength and toughness of Alabama. Its shameful. They played like chumps. Richardson punked them. They need a tough minded philosophical approach. What Gator plays with not GUTS/ Everybody but Debose. Everybody else STUNK.

  9. Rooferman:

    You’re right about one thing: our running game is a joke. But then again, I don’t think Demps and Rainey are even remotely talented. Yeah, they have some speed, but look at what Alabama did with that. FSU’s defense is right there with Alabama’s. Containing the OKlahoma offense to what we did should show you that. The Clemson game was just a mess, and our team was beyond dejected, kinda like the Gators will be against the Tigers this week. Our defense alone can beat Florida, especially if this Driskel kid is in there. Boy, he has no business playing college football right now, at least not in the SEC.

    Our defensive line will maul your offensive line. I just don’t see any way that Florida has a chance against any solid teams this year. I can see you guys beating Furman, but that is probably it. Next year will be a better year. This year is lost.

    The LSU game will be ugly.

  10. Let me get this right. You can’t run more than five yards on Bama’s defense, and you think you’re going to whip up on FSU’s defense. Please give me a break. FSU destroyed your offense last year and now our defense is even better.

    No chance, and you know it. You will do the exact same crap against us as you did against the Tide. Enjoy your win against Furman, because that’s going to be the last one you get this season. Your team can’t play against decent football teams. I think Vanderbilt will beat you too.

  11. BSJ Gator,
    While I refuse to entertain Jack AT ALL, I must correct you if you think that FSU doesnt have good receivers. Their receiving core is a DARNED good one, especially with those young guys and both of their Quarterbacks have been DARNED good! Their offensive line sucks and their secondary gets beat by the long ball, but they are a legit team that we will deal with and hopefully beat in the Swamp by throwing long on them.

  12. Dooley, I hope your blog was a Joke? If not, Gainesville Sun should probably do some house cleaning themselves. How can you have Illinois, Ariz St, Nebraska, South Carolina and Baylor ranked ahead of the Gators? Are you insane? Baylor is allowing 30 points per game. Nebraska is allowing their opponents to rack up almost 400 yards a game. You put Florida up against any of these teams and we will crush them, even with Driskel. Illinois had to have 4th quarter heroics against Western Michigan? Come on! And South Carolina? Did you watch Navy manhandle an SEC school? Is that suppose to happen? Alabama is a great team. Elite. So far this season, the gators have had a good start. Now that Alabama comes in and plays like we thought they would, the gators are now trash? Horsecrap! This is why the polls are garbage, because of sports writers like yourself. I’m calling you out Dooley. You have no Merritt in the sports world anymore. You have just lost your gator card, Go write for Tallahassee.

  13. All I can say is when I was switching channels from other games those other teams looked like college teams and the Bama team looked like an NFL team. LSU and Bama will be the Ali Vs Fraizer game of the year.

  14. I am a fan of all three Florida schools (including UM) and I just happen to think the the Gators ran into the EXACT SAME THING the Seminoles ran into against Oklahoma in losing their quarterback (although that skinny kid, dont know his name right now, played well). The next week the Seminoles had to play at Clemson without their starting QB, their best cornerback and no run game. It looks like the same scenario this week for the Gators. I wish them luck, but if they lose without their starting QB at LSU, there is no shame in that.

  15. I understand the crowd leaving so early with dissapointment… However. Reality check. I wonder what kind of impression that made on our high quality visiting recruits?

    Oh… and Jack.. See ya in November with a different team and coaching staff… Alabama would crush Oklahoma…. Your tying to compare apples and oranges. I would love to see ya put your money where your mouth is and face Alabama and 6 days later go to Baton Roughe then cmpare outcomes. That would provide you accuare info to brag about….

  16. FSUs defense is right there with alabamas? HAA HAA HAAA HAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAAH AHAAH AHAHHAH AHHHA HHHA AHAAHHHAAA HAHHA HAHH…..Even this limping first yr rebuilding team with a freshman QB is gonna beat fsu.

  17. Forgot… I still like what is going on. Ala is at least 4 yrs. ahead with this team and program that we faced Sat. night.

    Also as for FSU. Check out the recruiting…. Even with Jimbo’s two yr. headstart it is becoming more and more obvious that we have already closed whatever gap FSU had. Site unseen and just now showing what our new program and direction is about we are right there with them. A lot has been accomplished in approx. 8 months. Keep it up Will… We are heading in the right direction very quickly.

  18. jack, the uf offense wasn’t ready for a team like bama ,i watched the ou/fsu game and the clemson/fsu game but in neither game did fsu face a defense such as bama’s! not to mention clemson destroyed fsu. hands down lsu and bama have the 2 best defenses in the country. our “rebuilding” isn’t quite done as of yet and it showed saturday night. i figured uf was a 3-4 loss team. fsu is not as good as you may think they are. and comparing to the bama defense is a serious joke , fsu is not that good, if they were they would have beat ou because ou don’t stand a chance against a “d” like bama or lsu. you seem to forget the growing pains of rebuilding with a new head coach, but by seasons end you will be in shock when the gators take fsu to school. god bless

  19. FSU got Landry Jones on an off day and Alabama would destroy Oklahoma….you also got beat by a team in Clemson who had a freshmen in Sammy Watkins run all over you and your veteran defense that was “highly touted” the last two years. We will enjoy both our Furman & FSU win a$$wipe…the thing is you are one of these morons who has been bragging your team is “back” the last three years or so….we have never went anywhere to begin with except staying consistent and competitive in the only league that matters slick.

  20. FSU defense right there with Bama….yea baby….Clempson says hello, you know Clempson, the team that ran up and down the field against that defense that : is right there with Bama’s”…you gotta be kidding me, don’t be an idiot!

  21. Gators, please level with me. Please tell me how your “offense” can score on FSU’s defense. You scored ONE lucky touchdown last year. Your offense cannot compete with Jimbo’s defense. Geez!!!! How silly do you Gators get? Just accept that Post-Tebow is going to be a long recovery. All you have is a screen pass aginst Kentucky-caliber defenses. Just accept it. Your “speed” is meaningless.

    FSU will destroy whateverv you dial up. Just like Alabama did!

    Florida’s offense = worthless screen passes!

    FSU 28 UF 3

  22. HAHAHAHA! “FSU defense is right up there with Bama” HAHAHAHAHA! wow, Jack’s been drinking his Kool Aid. But you know, after being irrelevant for year in and year out and finally making a couple “ripples”, i’d be itching to open my mouth too.

  23. Dennis,
    Lets see how that “headed in the right direction very quickly” thing work out for you after your 4th loss this year!! NEWS FLASH: Most college defenses find it easier playing against a pro style offense (See Sports Illustrated article) because it is a basic set with emphasis on the tight end and lead blocking by the fullback. Even little league football defenses learn the basic 2 deep zone that defends the pro-style offense that Weis runs. Why do you think his PRO STYLE offense got demolished at Notre Dame???

  24. Brantley should have transferred elsewhere 2 years ago, couldn’t run the spread offense, and as a senior, too late to learn a new system, once an NFL prospect, hope now he made the most of his scholarship.
    Where has Ronald Powell been? Pre-season hype about being a dominant defensive “Buck” stopper, Powell has been invisible, hardly ever hear his name mentioned during a game.
    Florida is 2-3 years away from being a contender for the BCS Title.
    FSU fans, give me a break, your team and the entire ACC is a joke, go crawl in a hole and come out when you beat someone with value outside of your conference.

  25. Has this become a FSU/UF blog only? You guys are childish and ridulous, you remember “my dad can beat up your dad”…..this is what you guys are doing, so why don’t you just make reasonable comments about the Gators and try to make it unteresting for other readers.

  26. Hey JACK, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! How about this, you put us on the schedule!!! PLAY BAMA!!! Lets go, Im not talking bout Sabans 1st year!! RIGHT NOW!!! We called the dogs off the gators with 8 minutes to go in the game!! I can say this, atleast the Gators traded punches with us till half time!! YOU GOT RUN OUTTA THE STADIUM BY A OVERATED CLEMSON TEAM!!! We are the best!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! You guys from Florida took it like a man!!!! Im impressed. Your a good sport, but dont think for a minute if you sneak it to the ATL we wont SLAUGHTER that ass again!!!! Thanks for coming to the game and making it a good 15 minutes !! HEY JACK PLAY SOMBODY!!! FROM THE SEC WEST and you will mess with the best!!!!!

  27. This young Gator team is growing up the hard way through the school of hard knocks – next up LSU but after that, all games are winable and the experience of losing to Alabama and most likely to LSU will actually help them mature both for this season and next, especially since Driskel will get game experience on the road in a very tought environment. After LSU Florida’s defense should keep the Gator’s in every game and give them a chance to win, Charlie should take care of the rest! Alabama was also a wake up cal for Charlie and his offense plans for the future.

    Just remember if it were not for an interception for which our offensive lineman pushed the Alabama defensive lineman into – bad luck, not a bad pass AND a miracle catch to get Alabama out of a tight situation in the third Quarter – we were in this game and holding our own in spite of no run game – give Brantley credit – he had us in a position to win with his arm…

    The season is not over and not all is lost!! I have a lot more hope this year than I did after the game against Alabama last year!!! Go Gators

    PS – FSU is over rated!! Good but OVER RATED!! By the time this Gator team meets FSU AT HOME, we will be better and beat the Noles easier than anyone can imagine at this time!!

  28. Hey Jack take a moment and look at the last few BCS Champions and then go back and whoop it up in the Almost Competitive Conference. Yes Bama spanked us as they will every other team they play this year including LSU. As for Oklahoma check out the last time they played for all the marbles against a SEC team. By the way what’s the Noles record when playing for the NC against the best conference in the land? Don’t deal in speculation just the facts. Fact is the ACC is a joke in football always has been, always will be. Have fun this weekend making the trip to Wake followed by Duke the next weekend while we take on the #1 ranked team followed by last years NC………oops I forgot noles don’t fill up Doak much less travel.