The end of a season (for me)


Well, wasn’t that a lovely baseball season?

Yours may continue and this may be an exciting time for you but all of my attention is now focused on college football and my NFL fantasy team.

I’m 2-1 in case you wondered and the reason I know you don’t is because of my three rules of conversation:

1. Nobody wants to hear about your fantasy anything team.

2. Nobody wants to hear your hole-by-hole golf round. Give us a score. That’s all we need.

3. Nobody really wants to hear the story of your child’s performance in Pop Warner/Little League/the school play. They’ll nod like they do, but they don’t.

But that’s off point. The baseball season ended for me on a miserable Wednesday night. I am a huge Braves fan and a really big Red Sox fan. People tell me you are not allowed to root for two baseball teams but I do anyway. If the Braves played the Red Sox I would root for the Braves all the way.

But to be rooting for those two teams and have Wednesday night happen, heck, to have the last three weeks happen, well, it’s enough to turn me from a fringe baseball guy who only cares about two teams to treating baseball like soccer.

Enjoy the playoffs. I want nothing to do with them. It is now officially football season.

And if I sound bitter, it’s only because I am.


  1. Pat, Pat, Pat, I feel your pain home boy. But if you are bitter after Wednesday, you may just want to stay home on Saturday with the T.V. off. For after bitterness comes, well, I don’t know but it ain’t good!

  2. I’m with ya, Pat. I don’t really follow the Braves, but living in upstate NY for twelve years and hearing Yankees this, and Yankees that, it was easy to fall in love with the Redsox. And last night between 10 and midnight was the most unbelievable sequence of events I’ve ever seen in baseball – at my teams expense. I turned off the TV at 12:10 and sat on the couch for about 20 minutes staring at a blank screen thinking “what the hell just happened?” – Un-bleeping-believable! ………Oh well, by 8:00 Saturday night, I’ll be over it. Go Gators!!!

  3. Uhh, how about a mention of our hometown team, the Tampa Bay Rays? After a 0-6 start, for most of the season they had the 3rd best % in AL – would have been leading either of the other two divisions. They were 12-6 against the Red Sox, and 9-9 vs the Yankees.
    I’ve been a Braves fan since I played Little League at a Boys Club field adjacent to their Spring Training park, but there’s a great team right down the road. Go Rays!