The Sunday Blog, Week Three


Despite the crazy length of the Florida-Tennessee game, the Sunday Blog made it home for the second half of the FSU-Oklahoma game and all of the Stanford-Arizona game. And imagine the surprise when Tulsa and Oklahoma State started playing after midnight because of a weather delay.

That game ended at almost 4 in the morning, which is yet another illustration of how little the student-athlete matters. But don’t get me started.

Meanwhile, I’m sure nobody has asked the players at any of these schools which conference they’d like to play in.

But I digress.


1. Oklahoma: Very impressed with the Sooners defense.

2. Alabama: Should be a doozy against the Razorbacks this week.

3. LSU: Nobody has a tougher September than Les Miles’ team.

4. Stanford: Cardinal wore down Arizona in the second half.

5. Boise State: And so it goes.

6. Wisconsin: I had Wisky as a possible title team in preseason.

7. Oklahoma State: Cowboys put 59 points up in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

8. Nebraska: Looking forward to Nebraska-Wisconsin matchup in two weeks.

9. Oregon: Ducks on a roll now.

10. Texas A&M: Uh, are Aggies in the SEC yet? Can we claim them?

11. Florida State: Semis need to find a true running game.

12. Arkansas: Not an impressive win over Troy. Looking ahead, maybe?

13. South Carolina: Battle of unbeatens this week.

14. Florida: Gators have a lot of cleaning up to do.

15. Virginia Tech: No team plays down to level of opponents like Hokies.

16. West Virginia: ‘Eers need to shore up the defense.

17. South Florida: Skip Holtz has it going.

18. Baylor: Bears making Waco proud.

19. Texas: Haven’t beaten anybody but it beats 5-7.

20. Illinois: Give Zooker credit for a big win and a good start.

21. TCU: Still not sure about Froggies’ defense.

22. Michigan: Unbeaten Wolverines have easy schedule ahead.

23. Vanderbilt: How many times are you going to get to rank the ‘Dores?

24. Michigan State: Not surprised Notre Dame beat them but surprised it was so easy.

25. Southern Cal: Nice win Saturday for the Trojans.


1. Count me as less-than-impressed with Tyler Bray. I know he lost one of his top receivers early in the game and the Gators put a lot of pressure on him. But he threw a dozen balls into coverage. I said before the game that it would be interesting to see how he handled playing in a tough environment. Remember that the toughest place he had started a game before Saturday was at Vanderbilt.

2. Speaking of Vandy, did you know that James Franklin is the first Commodores’ coach to start 3-0 since World War II? I asked this on Twitter and I ask you here — does Vandy spanking Ole Miss say more about Franklin or Houston Nutt?

3. Maybe it says something about South Carolina’s expectations that the Gamies are 3-0 and don’t sound too happy about it. They struggled with Navy, which had a chance at the end to win the game. “I can only do so much. I can’t worry about everything,” Steve Spurrier said. “I’m trying to get our passing game in a little bit better shape. We seem to be struggling a bit throwing.”

4. Georgia had its sellout streak end at 64 straight home games but the easy win over Coastal Carolina sparked this quote from Aaron Murray — “We know we have a great team. We feel like we can compete with anyone in the nation. … The last two games, the way we played, have made us very confident.” So the Bulldogs have that going for them.


  1. Funny bit wit A. Murray, Pat. I know we (FANS) are called ‘TOO CRITICAL’ amd we DON’T APPRECIATE anything other than A NAT’L CHAMPIONSHIP…But that is NOT ACCURATE…Not may of US expected to go UNDEFEATED (’09 Rose Bowl miss), BUT THIS IS WHAT MAKES BEING A FAN FUN…SEEING MILLION-DOLLAR COACHES- COACH A GAME WE ALL LOVE AND 2nd GUESS THEM!!!

  2. From now on defenses will dog Rainey into the ground…. need WRs to blow open downfield AND Brantley must not throw behind them….. Demps can take over for Rainey on opposite side….. I think Jeff Driskel should get plays
    & permits to suit his greater number of greater talents…. fire it crossing patterns to Hines,Reed,Christian & QB run-plays & ad-lib escapes for 1st downs that cause defenses to stumble in panic-adjustment mistakes.
    Opponents will not be able to handle or plan against a QB with Teboyish
    skills at much faster speed-strides. By necessity of mass changes this is a
    rebuilding year !!! a program’s turning point!!! We can’t be turning to
    Brantley for that future!!! idiocy!!! Driskel-led,at worst, we could lose 1
    game ,all likely, with JD we win more than with meek Brantley …

  3. I think both games are longshots, but UF actually matches up well with both Alabama and LSU. Neither team throws it very well which will help our very inexperienced secondary. Both of them capitalize on the running game which is the absolute strength of our team. If we can not turn the ball over and maybe get a score out of special teams, we could pull an upset in either/both of those games.

  4. Of course, I meant with a “growing” Driskel we might lose 1 more game than with “mainly-dumpit” Brantley…. No one can possibly believe Jeff Driskel too
    rookie to run this flip-to-the -backs pass attack ???? He’ll give us that plus
    jamming on-rushers minds with big-runs cautions/confusions. I bet he will begin to shred downfield defenses with “unmeek” long rockets.
    With Jeff Driskel we will grow into the “un-handleable” gators of YORE !!
    I like John Brantley–as backup QB ! similar to UT’s Sims behind Bray (Sims
    came as “the franchise QB”), LSU’s Jefferson vs Lee, UF’s greats Wuerffel vs Johnson…etc. all around college football.
    I long to see those GATOR “any second” big-play explosions not dependent on YACs thanks to one overlooked ball carrier. That’s too easy
    for ‘Bama/LSU/USC to shut down AND BRANTLEY is a 1-choice play QB
    where you get throws into covered WRs & dumps to swamped RBs….just
    wait & observe those 1 & only 1 schemes get smothered with meek-game-handling Brantley “IN CONTROL”… rebuild,rebuild. Rebuild without
    diminishment with Jeff Driskel. Soon we will be paralyzed with Brantley
    passes bouncing along the ground.

  5. Roger, you want to throw Driskel, a true freshman, into an SEC starting QB role? With Bama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia coming up to bat? Patience, my man. He’s in the right spot now, behind a senior QB who’s been in the fire before. Brantley’s our best bet to win this year, and I think he’ll get better as the entire offense gets better. So far, so good. No question this team has the talent to get to Atlanta. The question is does it have the experience? Not yet, but let’s give it time.

  6. Roger, Amen brother! This is a politically driven choice to let Brantley play qb at UF! The Steve Rusells of Gator Nation want to stay in the good graces of UF so they will never say or tell the truth! I have great respect for Dooleys columns and usually he calls it how he sees it! Brantley is not the qb to lead the Gators! Play Driskell and take our growing pains this yr and watch the Mighty Gators rule next yr!!!!

  7. You could hear the grumbling in the stands yesterday. Listen, I pay good money for my tickets and I want to see the best product put on the field. It’s nothing against Brantley from everyone I’ve talked to he’s a great kid. When it comes to championship caliber qb’s he is minus the it factor!!

  8. @Roger, you got to be kidding me?!!!? You want to go with a freshman QB that has done nothing in college up to this point when we are heading into one of the toughest months for any CFB team this year. Brantley has improved under Weis, and what we don’t need is turnovers, which will happen with a Frosh QB. Brantley can manage the game plus our running game, great special team play, and an aggresive defense will get us to Atlanta.

  9. All in all, a very good win over the Vol’s. A couple quick points: If they don’t strat throwing the ball downfield to the wideouts at dome point, the dedense will shut down the “dumps”. There are WR’s on scholarship, so use them. Secondly, do they have a copy of the rule book handy, so that the kids can figure what they are NOT allowed to do, like grab shirts, hold, etc? Finally, defense will wear out if they don’t start converting more of the the balls on the ground and covered throws in to turnovers. Catch the ball, boys. It’s what you practice every day.

    Great game by Sturgis and the O line. D line was also much better. Go Gators.

  10. Good game Saturday, but the penalties are ridiculous. Our DB’s can’t catch. I guess that’s why they are on defense, but how many ‘interceptions’ were dropped–4 or 5. Hit them right on both hands and then droppped. Those types of errors will get them eaten up by USC, Bama, LSU, even Miss St.

    And what is up with our WR’s? Can they not get separation or something? A couple to Dunbar and the perenially over-rated Thompson and that’s it? What happen to Debose lighting it up? That ain’t happening–another injury. This guy is too fragile for anything but to occupy a defender, but then again, the D will know he isn’t getting thrown to.

    I just hope this is all part of Charlie Weis’s play-calling and planning for future games. In Mr. Weis I trust. He is a difference-maker. Look how sorry KC is now without him.

    Our DB’s need to tighten up. The consequences of their mistakes will cost them dearly against good opponents. Good luck guys.

  11. While watching the Sunday replay, I noticed that Tennessee DL’s were grabbing the facemasks of UF OL’s on almost every play. Yet, the zebra’s were so focused on infractions in the secondary they never called it once that I remember. What is it about UF-UT that makes the games a flag fest.

  12. Pat, good analysis. Your breakdown is very comprehensive. As for the fan base, and their settling for nothing less than a Nat’l Championship, that is due to two different types of Gator fans. The old guard who have been through lean times and are aware that you cannot expect to win the championship every year. They are there through thick and thin. Then there’s the new guard. This is mainly made up of younger people who have been in and around UF during the last decade, and they have a mindset that there are no other fans but them. These brash rabble rousers are very loud and demonstrative, but know nothing of “Football”, only winning. They are really, really loyal fans through thick, but as soon as thin appears they lose all interest. Before they lose interest they start booing the players from the stands, then they just don’t show up at all. Flash in the Pan! Unfortunately before they are gone (and good riddance mind you) they have infected the entire base.

  13. if muschamp keeps getting in the refs faces will get flagged to death all year, sec refs dont like to be yelled at. brantley looks slightly better than last year but still bad. give driscoll a shot and see what he can do. the better sec teams will totally shut down the offense scheme we used saturday. defensive back play was awful, there best guy wasnt even in the game.

  14. Agree with most comments. MUST use wide receivers & tight end. Use Demps equally with Rainey.They are both seniors-
    Gillesie must play. Same reason for Driskel getting some snaps.
    DBs problems obvious. Must eliminate penalties. Ed Mc

  15. Its funny…..The reason we dont throw deep is becuase they are playing deep zones so we go underneath! That is the poison that the D’s cant stop and we will do that all game! In addition Mike G will get in the game soon and we will start inserting alot more of the 300 or so games in CW’s arsenal…..We are getting very good…’
    Go gators