For every action ….


Everyone who follows college football knows that the SEC has won the last five national titles. If you’re not an SEC fan, you feel like it has been shoved down your throat. If you are an SEC fan, you’re doing the shoving.

Since the conference is clearly the best in the land, I started thinking about the basic law of football. For every winner, there has to be a loser.

So I did some math to find the SEC’s biggest losers during this unprecedented run of success.

It’s not a surprise that Vanderbilt leads the way but you might be surprised at where some of the other teams rank.


1. Vanderbilt 41

2. Ole Miss 33
Mississippi State 33

4. Kentucky 29

5. Tennessee 28
South Carolina 28

7. Arkansas 25

8. Georgia 21

9. Auburn 18
Alabama 18

11. LSU 15

12. Florida 12


  1. After watching LSU vs Miss-State I think the Gators can beat both.
    Alabama will be a strain to match….. unless several hands-players catch
    fire on our “PRO” schemes and Brantley becomes actually dynamic !…..or
    Driskel breaks out as a Tebonus…

    SOOO this gator gang may claw out a 10-2 season when done
    udoing others.