It’s go time


This has been a great summer but I know how I need to spend next summer.

With Mickey Marotti.

Because I’m not in Game Week shape.

Speeches, TV show, radio shows, podcast, Swampcast and, oh yeah, the occasional column.

Maybe Coach Mick has some drills I can do to get me ready. The summer is so wonderful with Kelsey out of school and vacations and the beach and the pool. But it hardly gets you ready for the grind.

Still, I’d rather be in a Game Week than waiting for one.

I mentioned this on my web TV show, which will be up Thursday at, but when you go to the game Saturday look around at the magnificent stadium and all of the years on the walls and all of the Heismans reaching for the sky and the Ring of Honor. Take it all in. Is there a better place to be on a game day?


    GO GATORS!!!
    FANS -Bring back THE CHANT: “GATOR-BAIT, GATOR-BAIT, Etc”…when the Fighting Owls come onto the field -INSTEAD of BOOING…I just think it sounds so MUCH MORE INTMIDATING THAN boo’s!
    “WORK ’em SILLY, GAOTRS!!!”

  2. I wish the gators an excellent game win. Both Demps & Rainey deserve
    100 yard games. Hope OL players proudly block well & gel. Best playing for newbie secondary … GO gators to a knowing victory … knowing the 2012
    gators are again in the BCS hungry hunt…
    Let’s start a good # of INTs per game….. a stuff-it run defense…&
    some punt blocks…………. GO GATORS , Overgrowl..

  3. As is the case every Sept., I’m very optimistic. With Weis’ background and track record of developing young QB’s, I feel pretty good about our prospects on offense. And with the 3 Soph. studs on the D-line, we could see a nice improvement on last years 8-5 disappointment.
    Good Luck and GO GATORS