It’s game week


And since it is we’ve really ramped it up on “Dools and ‘Dozo” on 105 The Game.

If you haven’t listened, you can do it online at If in Gainesville or surrounding areas, 104.9 FM and our signal is strong. Jeff Cardozo and I are fired up about our new format from noon to 2.

This week on the show we will have:

Paul Finebaum, Steve Spurrier, Chandler Parsons, Robbie Andreu, Dan Wetzel, Kevin Carter, Tony Barnhart, Drew Copeland, Verne Lunquist, Urban Meyer and Buck Belue.

Come join us.

Also make sure you get Saturday’s Gainesville Sun. Something special in there. I hope you saw our special section ion Sunday’s paper. Do I sound fired up? Duh, yeah.


  1. The column, “Nobody knows . . .” was a perfect piece for this special time of the year. I appreciate the fact that in the end you made the piece much larger by including all college football fans across the nation. It may sound corny, but somehow that twist caused the column to resonate a little more inside of me. For a brief moment my mind flashed to fans at “The Grove”, “Between the Hedges”, “The Blue Carpet of Boise”, but most of all, I could see “The Swamp” in my mind’s eye this coming Saturday. Thanks for the consistently good work as represented by your insightful columns over the years. And, no I’m not Pat Dooley’s dad, just an appreciative long time Gator fan who has experienced the good and the bad of Gator football at times through his eyes.