Coachspeak in the SEC


It’s one of the traditions of SEC Media Days for our rankings of the presentations of the 12 coaches. No coach has ever won a game at the podium or been ranked high because he won a press conference.

In other words, this is just for fun.

1. Steve Spurrier: He was the ball coach again and we missed him. First, the sabbatical from college football and then the beaten down coach who couldn’t get his team over the hump. It’s good to have him back.

2. Nick Saban: If you can get past all the hand gestures, he’s always interesting. He was both dismissive of our predictions and appreciative of our work.

3. Derek Dooley: Robbie Andreu came up to me after he spoke and said, “I was wrong about Derek Dooley. I think he’s a good hire.” He’s that impressive.

4. Will Muschamp: The Florida coach handled himself well at his first Media Days. Unlike Ron Zook at his first one, his head didn’t look like it was about to explode.

5. Mark Richt: I like Mark Richt. He didn’t act like a guy on the hot seat.

6. James Franklin: Very impressive, even if he didn’t answer all the questions. In his short opening statement he sounded a little like Barack Obama (a lot of “uhs”).

7. Dan Mullen: Came across as a little pretentious when he said Mississippi State is “the people’s university.”

8. Les Miles: He was at his best when he was talking about the basketball video he made.

9. Houston Nutt: The Right Reverend act has run its course.

10. Bobby Petrino: Confident but boring.

11. Joker Phillips: Really didn’t say anything and wasn’t very interesting.

12. Gene Chizik: He can lull you to sleep. On purpose.