An anniversary to remember


This year is an anniversary of sorts in the SEC because it’s the 20th year of division play in the conference. It’s ironic that as we approach the 20th year, basketball has decided to do away with divisions.

Certainly, they have worked out well for football. The West is dominant now but the East ruled the 1990s.

The West has the advantage during the first 19 years of divisional play winning 180 games to 159 by the East in head to head battles. Vanderbilt’s 9-48 record is the reason.

Here’s a look at the top winners against the other division:

Alabama 37

Florida 36

Georgia 36

Tennessee 36

Auburn 35

The East does have an advantage in SEC Championship Games at 11-8 thanks to Florida’s seven wins.

So happy birthday to divisional play. For some of you, it’s the way it’s always been.


  1. Maybe it’s time for a new lineup — North and South?
    North could have Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi. South could have UF, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, South Carolina, and Mississippi State.