Urban mistake


Maybe I’m just an idiot.

OK, you don’t have to agree so fast.

It was Tuesday night after midnight. My work was done, my flight booked for the following day. Omaha would soon be in my rear view. I was unwinding at the Hilton which was the team hotel for the Gator baseball team and their families.

That’s when it happened. Karsten Whitson’s mom came over and introduced herself. She is a delightful woman and we chatted about the game and her son.

And then I said it.

“Your husband was a pretty good pitcher too.”

“My husband? Kent?”

Uh, I don’t know where I read it or heard it but I know it wasn’t once that I did. Karsten is the son of former major leaguer Ed Whitson, right?

Nope. His mom told me she’s called publications and web sites and TV networks to set them straight. It’s one of those urban legends that kept growing and took on a life of its own.

I felt like an idiot. But she was so sweet it didn’t last for long.

Omaha is over. So happy to be back with my girls. But it was great to meet so many people out there, including Bucky Dent and Vickash Ramjit’s family. And the great folks at D.J.’s Dugout and M’s Pub and Rock Bottom.

I am off until SEC Media Days. Football is right around the corner. Where did the summer go?


  1. Is Upstream Brewery still open up in Omaha? (I think that was the name). I ate there in ’05 and it was quite tasty with some good microbrews. Just curious, since you didn’t mention that last year or this year in your “good places to eat” listings.

  2. Clever title. I wouldn’t call Meyer’s hiring a mistake exactly with the two Tebow Titles. But, you have to admit it was an interesting chapter and few people wanted to see the next act. Good move for everyone, all around.

  3. Zebulon – You have to be kidding, right? How could you make such a statement, with a straight face! Some of you take what Urban accomplished, at UF, lightly and that is mind boggling! Gee, he only won 2 NC’s for us! What more do you expect? He’s the best coach we have ever had and the one with the most class! He put us back on top, has one off year, due to his health and an Asst Coach that let him down, coaching wise! I sure hope Urban realizes that it is a small, small minority of Gator fans who are ungrateful for what he did for our school! The majority know that the SEC and college football is a very competitive sport and no one is going to be on top every year! Had Urban not developed his health issues, we would have had a much better year, last year and he would be gearing up for the 2011 season, on the Gator sideline!!!! Thank you Urban for all you have done for UF and yes, you are the BEST COACH in UF HISTORY! Go Gators!

  4. Pat, how many tissues did you have to give O’Sullivan on Wednesday. Im sure you had a bunch of fluff material ready to go if the Gators won…like
    1) Their “dramatic” win over MSU to get to World Series…then
    2) Their “overpowering” win over 7 time winner Texas…then
    3) How they “braved the tornados” in their rain shortened game…then
    4) How they defeated the reigning World Series Champs on the way to the crown…but not to worry…Another choke by the Gators

    Glad the City of Gainesville was spared from THAT article…If the camera shows Bucky Dent one more time …im gonna vomit

  5. If we had rehired Spurrier not Myer we would have had a little more success & more stable excitement…. And we would still have Spurrier with
    no pothole slop changeover desertion that we now have. (Yes I know S.O.S.
    deserted once but since he’s still at U.S.C. he would love to still be at Gator-

    Think of his QB mastery training applied to Tebow….. more importantly
    John Brantley would be real or be benched.

  6. @ Roger Harrison
    I’ll take the two titles (2/3 of our ALL TIME TOTAL) over a Spurrier “what-if” any day.
    Now we have one of the bright up and comers running the show instead of a head coach who is getting older and not looking ready to step down any time soon (shades of Bowden?).
    I love the Spurdog, a great Gator, but it is what it is.

  7. All of the great college head football coaches were at one time assistants. I say gooid for Jeremy Foley for seeing talent and getting Muschamp to be Florida’s coach. His hiring of his assistants seem to be right on target in meeting Florida’s needs. The positive vibes that seem to be flowing from this years team us encouraging and this year’s ride will definitely be fun. As for Spurrier glad to see that an old dog can learn new tricks. When Coach Spurrier was running the the pass happy Fun & Gun who would have dreamed that he would have successfully put a team’s fortunes on the back of a running back, Lattimore. Hope we don’t forget this year that football is just a game played by 18, 19, and 20 year olds.
    Hope we all just have fun and relaxed, focused, consistent intensity will win games.