It’s Omaha so where’s the beef?


You can say it’s the bats. You can say it’s the park. You can say it’s the pitching.

Or you can say it’s all three.

Whatever you say, don’t say this has been an exciting College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park.

There have been few compelling finishes. South Carolina had a walk-off in its opener. That’s about it.

Heading into today’s Florida-Vanderbilt game, the losing team is averaging 1.9 runs per game. The average score? 5.7 to 1.9.


The thing is, you’re going to see more teams built to play in this park which puts a premium on defense and pitching. I was all in favor of the new bats because college baseball reached laughable levels in the late 1990s. But with this park and the best pitching in college baseball added to the mix, we have a lot of snoozers. A team gets ahead by three runs and, for the most part, the game is over.

I’m not saying I want a return to gorilla ball, but a little offense wouldn’t hurt. As we sit here right now, the average number of runs scored per game is 7.6.

Maybe it will turn out to be a one-year aberration, but I think not.


  1. I prefer small-ball, anyway. It requires more strategy, is more tension filled and thus more interesting – albeit slower (you have to love the game to like it).
    PS: Eight runs per game (7.6 rounded up) don’t strike me as particularly low. What are the comparative averages in the MLB?

  2. Sounds like someone needs a nap or a vacation. Does the Gainesville Sun have a bullpen for sports writers? Dooley needs a reliever. I’ve grown tired of the nit-picking, crankiness. Can’t read this type of writing about the CWS anymore. Hello……..editors…….?????

  3. Good timing for this article with the Gators winning a very exciting 6-4 game and a 13-inning thriller between USC and Virginia last night. I’ll take a boring 2 game sweep for a Gator NC now please.

  4. I agree, the park seems like it plays very big, lots of space in the outfield, but the fielders can play in a little bit. The winds and directions also make the park play bigger. Seeing those flags fly frm the outfields back side has to be an issue to the batters. I can see HR hitters a bit over aggressive and striking out or flying out a lot. It’s a base hitters park. I hate the guard rail and the space between it and the wall. Clearly Tucker had a home run taken away because of it. The rail needs to be painted the dark green and the floor between it so the refs can see where the ball hits, or allow for instant replay to get the call right. Great to see a full park!! Go Gators!!