Southern fried Omaha


Really, can we move this thing to Hoover?

Or at least Atlanta?

I know the people of Omaha love their baseball but it seems like a long way to go to decide who the best team in the SEC is.

And isn’t that what we’re doing?

Florida and Vanderbilt play Friday and the Gators will play for it all if they win the sixth meeting between the teams. If Vandy wins Friday and Saturday, the Dores will play for a national title. And a pretty good bet it will be against South Carolina, which has yet to lose in Omaha.

On the surface, it would appear that the SEC is the best conference in baseball and I’m not questioning that. But in reality, the SEC was top heavy this season with three of the best teams in baseball.

The league is 12-4 since the regionals ended. All four losses have been to SEC teams. That’s pretty impressive.

One thing I do believe — even though the SEC was dwarfed by the Big Three, it’s a great league and playing against tough competition every week helped these three teams prepare for the post-season.

And if we get the All-SEC final we expect, we will be assured of a third straight national champion in baseball from the conference.


  1. Man, you are sort of stealing my thunder. But the real stat is that the “East 3” as I have been calling them, are a combined 21-2 in the NCAA tournament, with both losses coming against SEC opponents — Florida over Vandy and MSU over Florida. Taking it further, the SEC East got 3 National Seeds, and have compiled that gaudy 21-2 record. The ACC also received 3 National seeds and currently stands at 17-8, with Virginia still playing. The other two National seeds went to Texas teams, which are now done after compiling a 6-6 postseason record. If you add in Texas A&M, which some thought deserved a National seed, then the Texas 3 went 11-10 in the post season. There is little doubt that, just like everything else that matters, the SEC stands supreme!