A CWS melting pot


Some things don’t change in Omaha. Even though it’s a new stadium, it’s the same amazing scene as it was when I came to my first College World Series in 1996.

I was surprised then and I’m reminded now how many fans of different teams show up here even when they don’t have a dog in the hunt.

I was walking on Friday and I saw fans from LSU, Miami, Oklahoma State, FSU and spent a good bit of time chatting with an Oregon State fan.

These are college baseball fans who want to be here and plan ahead. If their team makes it to the CWS, even better.

There are not a lot of Florida fans here. Mostly parents and people who work for UF. But on Saturday night, the Gators had a home-field advantage.

Nebraska fans hate Texas so much they were rooting for the Gators. They were even doing the Gator Chomp when they scored.

That won’t be the case Monday night when UF faces Vandy. Most of the 20,000-plus in attendance will just be cheering for good baseball.


  1. Dooley…You honestly think that Spartie, Mike the Tiger or Albert are more popular (Top 5 mascot listing today) than UGA I or UGA II or UGA III or UGA IV or any UGA period?

    You are a homer…Gator lover to the last. You know darn well that any other list besides yours would have UGA in the top 5 barnone! Its a shame you cannot be objective or if you are stirring the pot…be sportsmanlike.

    Ignorant Biased List!