Land of the weird


There are so many really cool things about being at Omaha and there are so many weird things.

For example, there is the flooding. The Labor Statue next to the Lewis and Clark Museum is under water. It’s just strange to be walking in the morning and coming across transformers that have sandbags around them.

You see Blackhawk helicopters flying over your head to keep an eye on the levee that is all that stands between the College World Series and disaster.

They keep telling us not to worry.

It’s also very strange to take a 2-mile shuttle ride from the hotel to the airport and cross state lines. You get welcomed to Iowa and then back to Nebraska. And then there is this — they sell liquor in the convenience stores. What a country!

But the weirdest thing of all for me happened today when I went for a walk. Right behind my hotel is a prison with double barbed wire at the top of the fences and a couple of halfway houses.

Not complaining.

Just saying it’s weird.


  1. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Danny Wuerffel is
    a great guy and tremendous competitor. Actually, he’s the player and man that Florida fans pretend Tim Tebow is. In large measure they’ve transferred Wuerffel’s class, sportsmanship, team attitude, and articulate nature to Tebow. But Wuerffel is an original. Get well soon Danny, the sports world and the world in general needs more guys like you!