Vasco de Dooley


OMAHA, Neb. — I finally found her.

I found the person.

I knew there was one out there. It turns out she is driving the media shuttle bus from the luxurious Sleep Inn to TD Ameritrade Center.

I didn’t ask her name. I don’t want to know. She is a very nice woman. We chatted about a number of things on the ride.

She asked me who the most famous person I ever interviewed.

I threw out Jack Nicklaus and Jackie Gleason. I dropped Pete Rose and Tiger Woods (group setting, of course).

And then I said this.

“And I know Tim Tebow pretty well.”

The ultimate closer, right?

“Who’s that?” she asked.

I explained. She still had never heard of him.

So I found her, the one person in America who has never heard of Tim Tebow.

My quest is complete.


  1. I’m relocating to Omaha. I think if I spent five minutes never hearing of Tim Tebow, I’d be a better person. Seriously, did you ever consider that Danny Wuerffel is the guy that Florida fans pretend Tim Tebow is? It’s like they transferred Wuerffel’s class, sportsmanship, team attitude, and mental toughness to Tebow and created the prototype student athlete.