Double duty


Sure, we’re a football town. Year-round. No question about it.

We have our pocket groups of fans who physically support the other sports in Gainesville. There are about 4,000 hardcore hoops fans (and by hardcore, you’ll go to an afternoon game against Stetson during Christmas week). Baseball has a couple of thousand. Softball has about 1,000.

But most of the Gator Nation does care about all the sports at UF, even if it’s from the comfort of a recliner.

It has been a special year for baseball and softball, which for the third straight year shared the honor of being in Super Regionals. Softball, for the fourth straight year, translated that into a Women’s College World Series. Baseball hopes to do that for the second straight year.

Only five schools made it to Super Regionals in both sports this year.

Florida, Texas A&M, Cal, Stanford, Arizona State.

And over the last three years, only Florida and Arizona State have made the Super Regionals in both sports each year. The difference is Florida did it without having to appeal to the NCAA. Arizona State is in the baseball post-season only because the NCAA has not been able to hear its appeal of a post-season ban. They’re kinda busy in Indianapolis with Tennessee hoops and Ohio State football.


  1. Kudos to the women’s softball team for their season, and their showing at the WCWS. Yes, they didn’t win, but just watching how hard and how well they play, their passion for the game, the way they cheer constantly for each other should make every Gator proud, even if they don’t care about softball. To the team and their coach, please know that our beloved Gator football program didn’t win their first SEC title, let alone National title, for eons, so don’t be dicouraged. Keep at it, and keep enjoying the game and the competition. Go Gators Girls!!

  2. I watch all the football games, all the SEC and NCAA tourney hoops games, about 8 or 10 regular season hoops games and any of the other sports when televised nationally now that I am back living in NY. I get most of my info about the other sports through the Sun and love the coverage. Anything that highlights Gator sports is cool by me. Thanks

  3. if crescent beach were a little closer, we’d be so tickled to attend support more gator teams than we do now… Hey Pat , why not schedule a few games of baseball & womens softball etc. at more local venues throughout the state? Do ya think it would help to market them a little more?
    Would stoke up excitement for folks who cant go to hogtown so often..
    Or Pat, do ya think I have too much time on my hands?

    just another idle thought in the lazy heat of a afternoon bake..

  4. Sir chomps has it right. Florida used to play Stetson in Deland (baseball) regularly but have dropped that matchup in recent years. It was a great chance for central Florida fans to get to a baseball game, and the crowd was usually 50/50. Let’s bring it back!

  5. As an all sports Gator fan, I love the expanded coverage through the SEC/ESPN agreement. No matter the sport, something is always on. I don’t live in Florida and still feel spoiled. Thanks Mr. Foley for demanding excellence in all sports and for making the networks cover each program as much as they go. Go Gators!