It’s great … to live …


This is the time of year when it’s considered the down time for us in the media. And, yes, I am on vacation as I write this, but I felt a need to address how little down time there is if you are in Gainesville.

The Gators make sure of that.

I wrote last week about the women’s tennis national title. This weekend we had Florida qualify for its fourth straight Women’s College World Series and today the men’s baseball team will play for an SEC Tournament title.

Next week, while the women are in Oklahoma City trying to win their first national title, the baseball team will host a regional.

One of the best things about living here is that we have so much to watch and so much to write about. I know that Florida is a football school first and Gainesville is a football town. But I hope all of us Gainesvillians realize how lucky we are to live in a place where the college is on the national maps of so many sports.

I know I do.

Down time? We don’t need your stinkin’ down time.


  1. We are not just football gators we are happy to win a NC in anything. We just love to see our gators beat the snot out of anybody at anything. Felt really bad about the Lacrosse team what a year though. Go all you Gators we support you at whatever the sport.

  2. I have been telling my south Florida friends for years that we will win 5 NCAA Championships. Not sure where I came up with the number 5 but it sounded like a good number. Could it be this year?? We have two and a chance for three more go softball, baseball and track. My question is Stanford probably holds the record for most in one year what is that record. Once we get the five then I can pull for them to get that record!!

  3. Pat I have enjoyed your columns over the years. It seem as though the Sun gets better nad better with their hires. You are one of the best. Especially for us older readers who were raised in G’ville.

    I like your new word “Gainesvillians” very cool as the young people say.

    Keep up the great work.


  4. You were right about Arky last week. We have all fall camp and three tune up games to get ready for Alabama. The schedule is favorable until, as you say, our offense is well tuned for the finale in Death Valley. Should be exciting for Hog fans.

  5. sorry golf hog.. there still some “splainin” to do on the field before Im ready to concede that the hogs will make a run. too big of a hurdle to pass over.
    I like my Gators chances better when the tide rolls in to da Swamp
    …but then, johnny brantley has a little “splainin” to do himself don’t he?