Drowning at The Players


So here was my plan — instead of getting up early and spending the whole day at The Players Championship, I’d get up and have a nice breakfast and a good workout and arrive fashionably late but still well before the leaders went off.

So just as I arrived at the media parking garage came the announcement that play was suspended because of sever weather. Looks like 5:30 ish for the start which means a lot of golfers will play a lot of holes tomorrow.

As I sit here in the media center out of the weather, I can’t help but think about football and the radio show I had Tuesday. That day, I had this vision. And the vision is that Nebraska would play Oklahoma for the national title. The reason I like Nebraska all of a sudden? Scheduling. Nebraska is a very good team but no better and maybe not as good as Alabama, LSU or Arkansas.

But look at the schedules for those three teams and get back to me.

Nebraska’s toughest game is at Wisconsin.

Plus, I believe in good stories and Nebraska-Oklahoma renewing heir old rivalry with so much on the line is a good one. So would the Huskers playing for it all in their first year in the Big Lebowski (my name for the mathematically-challenged Big 10).

I presented this theory on my radio show and it received a lukewarm response. So many callers believe the SEC is entitled to another national title. Hey, we’re greedy down here.

I’d love to hear what you think. Hey, was that more thunder?


  1. I agree that going to the big 10 will help nebraska due to the scheduling. But even without the move, they have been on the upswing under Pellini’s leadership.

    I’m not quite as sure about okie though.

  2. I LOVE the SEC and everything it stands for, but all good things must come to an end and I think the SEC’s reign of terror is slowing down. No one expected Auburn to do what they did last year. Just like no one expected Alabama to lose 3 games. If Auburn hadn’t caught lightening in a bottle, the SEC streak would have died last year. So I consider the streak a bit of a fluke right now. I dare anyone to tell me who will go undefeated in the SEC this year, go ahead, I dare you. However, I can pick a few candidates in the PAC 10, Big 10, Big 12, and even the ACC that have a decent shot at going the distance. I like Oregon still, I like Oklahoma and Texas, I like Nebraska, I hate to say this, but I even like FSU. For whatever reason, it doesn’t happen often, but if you get a really good, hot team in the ACC, they’re going to dominate that conference. An undefeated ACC team is going to go all the way before a one loss SEC team. Because I don’t see an SEC team going undefeated and I would bet on 2 other teams from BCS conferences going undefeated, I think the SEC streak will come to an end this year. Here’s to hoping I’m a dumbass and UF takes it all, but I don’t see it. UF’s year is 2012. That #1 recruiting class in their junior year, a sophomore QB with ungodly talent and an NFL caliber coach, a freshman class that will probably be in the top 5 and a dynamic coaching team in their 2nd year together. 2012 will be the year of the Gator, you heard it here.

  3. You can count on Arkansas fans for a NO vote on that. It’s our turn in the title game. Besides, why should the SEC give up its slot? We are the accepted King of college football. If another conference wants to end the streak all they have to do is win. So far, so good.

    Besides, was there even a doubt in the last five years who the best team was? Dominance Baby!!!

  4. Arkansas huh? and Donald Trump will be the next president of the US. I mean it can happen, right? Arkansas, that’s a good one. Okay, if we’re considering EVERY SEC team, how about Kentucky or Vanderbilt, it’s their turn too, right?

  5. Pat: I just don’t see it happening. Nebraska is not that good. The SEC is not entitled to anything. I just think it’s generally the toughest conference in college football. However, the real answer is the Steve Spurrier solution — a college football playoff to replace the BCS system. Long overdue.

    Go Gators!

    An alumni from the SOS playing days, era.