Final schedule rankings (you hope)


Here is my final installment in ranking the schedules for the SEC schools this football season. We broke them into thirds by months and ranked them, now we combine those rankings for an overall strength of schedule.

The number you see for each team is the total when you add up where they ranked for each month. If you’re confused, imagine how cluttered my brain is.

1. LSU (11). Which makes me wonder why I picked them to play for the national title.

2. Auburn (13). Could be a tough third year for Gene Chizik.

3. Florida (14). Will Muschamp has inherited a very difficult schedule.

4. Alabama (15). Tide has talent but will have some tough battles.

5. Ole Miss (19) and Georgia (19). Georgia may be able to handle it. Not sure Rebels can.

7. Mississippi State (20) and South Carolina (20). Two teams with high expectations for 2011.

9. Arkansas (23). One reason to like Razorbacks as West contender.

10. Vanderbilt (24). Will soft non-conference schedule translate into wins?

11. Tennessee (27). Derek Dooley has a chance for a winning season.

12. Kentucky (29). Should be bowl eligible again with this schedule.


  1. About right but I would make a tweak with Georgia and Tennessee. Tenn plays LSU, Bama, and Arky in the west while UGA plays Ole Miss, Miss St and Auburn. UGA has a tougher OOC schedule with Boise early, but the difference in conference play is worlds apart.

  2. I have to agree with Goldengator. UGA is getting a huge break by not having to face LSU, Bama or Arky this year. MSU will be tough but Ole Miss is weak and Auburn will be a shell of what they were last year.
    Go Gators!