Coach Dooley


So I did some math (OK, I used a calculator) and I figure I should get a check from the University Athletic Association for $1,849.32 after Saturday’s Orange and Blue game.

That’s Will Muschamp’s salary per day divided by four. Since there are four of us celebrity coaches in the game, shouldn’t we get paid?

I’m kidding, of course. I appreciate greatly being asked along with my friend Mike Bianchi and the other two guys to be celebrity coaches. To have the access we will have is something a lot of Gator fans would pay $1,849.32 to do.

I hope we get a chance to call a play. I’d tell you what mine would be but Bianchi reads these blogs. It’s where he gets his ideas.

Spring games tend to be less than memorable. I don’t think I will forget this one. Now, a question — I’ve thought about wearing a visor to honor Steve Spurrier and a white windbreaker to honor Urban Meyer. Your thoughts? I mean, I’d have to buy both.

I did ask Urban for some advice. He said, “Follow The Plan To Win.”

In reality, I have but one goal Saturday — don’t get rolled on a sweep to the sidelines.


  1. Some apring games are not forgettable. Shane Matthews coming from 4th string to starter was based on a spring game. The rest of them I do not recall due to beer goggles,whiskey shots,and a recurring haze of oddly smelling fog.

    I miss the fog.

  2. This is about the article, “Imagine if UConn had won a College Football Playoff”. My issues about UConn winning the national title center more about how they let too many teams into the tournament, including conference tournaments. Tournament autobids (and subsequently being able to play in such conference tournaments) should be reserved primarily for teams that deserve to be there, and not for teams such as UConn. They placed in the lower half of their conference and also did not have a winning record in conference. The only thing that remotely legitimizes their national title is that they did go undefeated against teams outside the Big East. In essence, the regular season means nothing if you don’t give it meaning by excluding teams that do not deserve to play in the post-season. I love the excitement of the 64/68 team tournament, but this year in a glowing example of its short-comings.

  3. Pat, thiis is really great. I look forward to Muschamp writing a letter to the editor at the Miami Herald complining about the plays you and Bianchi cal If any). Just kidding. I think you should wear a visor and carry a clipboard to throw around like SOS did in the SWAMP.
    Mike Bianchi should be able to do a Zooker by simply standing there and looking puzzled.

  4. Pat,
    Sorry, but you need to change your last name before Saturday. There should never be a “Coach Dooley” roaming the sidelines in the Swamp. LOL!

    Honor Urban by running the spread formation w/ Rainey as the QB.
    Honor SOS by running the old Emory & Henry formation.

    Have fun out there!

    Go Gators!

  5. Honor both coaches by winning! I don’t care if its just a spring game.. You need to win this game.

    I will write a letter to the editor if a player is injured, it’s all your fault.

    Enjoy it, Go Gators!

  6. I can’t figure out why bianchi got an invitation. The guy has taken so many cheap shots at UF Football, he shouldn’t be allowed within Gainesville city limits.
    Pat, the wear the windbreaker and the visor!

  7. Go for it Pat. And don’t forget Galen Hall’s trademark – talking face-to-face (point blank) with the QB with your arms on their shoulder pads!
    PS: Don’t forget sunscreen and Gatorade!

  8. Pat,
    I couldn’t see you from my General Admission seating, but I did look for you and Steve Russell…What I did see was a DEFENSIVE FRONT ‘AGAIN’ at FLORIDA-and I LIKED IT! I know Dunbar wishes HE WOULD OF CAUGHT the OPENING PLAY “BOMB”…but Brantly put it in his hands! The rest of the game-Brantly was running for his “FLAGS” (FLAG-FOOTBALL) away from the FRONT-LINE!

  9. I would grade (by rank) the five, or so, QB’s that played as follows: 1-Tyler Murphy, 2-Jeff Driskel, 3-Christian Provancha (“Provolone”), 4-John Brantley, 5-Unknown Name (#14).
    Brantley’s throwing motion has a “wind-up” no better than the great Tebow’s much-maligned mechanics, but JB’s no T…, well, you know!
    Both Murphy’s and Driskel’s throwing motions look “classic:” ball held at chin level with elbow at shoulder level; and their releases are quick! I was particularly impressed with Murphy – his accuracy in the roll-out and especially his patience it the pocket.
    Brantley looked like the same ole, same ole. I will be VERY surprised if he’s not replaced at some point this season – assuming, of course, he even wins the starting job.
    Muschamp’s praises of Brantley don’t sound sincere. They have more of a ring of (obligatory?) encouragement and exhortation (to JB). To my ears, sounds like JB definitely doesn’t have a lock on the job – even now! [as well he shouldn’t, because he $#@%$!].

  10. Why was Mike Bianchi invited as a “celebrity coach”? Thos man writes for the Orlando Sentinel and he’s absolutely erratic— one day hitting it right as far as the Gators are concerned, the next day making absurd statements about the team and many times mocking it. I have found him to be anything but worthwhile. Living in Longwood, I read the Orlando Seninel on a daily basis.

  11. You could see that coming with Brantley. Sure, Urban did him no favors last year but still he showed even less. They need to be ready to move on if needed. Tough, I know, but you don’t come back from 7-5 making the same mistakes with a new offense.

  12. Pat,

    I know what call play you would have dialed: the good old “Dive Play” that made Steve Adazzio so loved here by Gator Nation. With Brantley handing it out to Rainey, if the play didn’t get more than two yards, you could have honored Coach Meyer by tossing the headphones while wearing the white jacket and tossing the visor to impersonate Coach Spurrier. That my friend, would have been genius!