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Many of you have e-mailed or tweeted me about Alex Tyus’ performance Thursday night against Brigham Young and the fact that it belongs in the list I did on Thursday morning.

That was the top five performances in Florida’s Sweet 16 history.

Sorry Craig Brown, but you are no longer No. 1. Everyone slides down a spot after Tyus went for 19 and 17 against the Cougars. That means Vernon Maxwell is off the list. Not that it’s the first time he’s been dissed.

One thing that happened early in the game is that Tyus hit some shots. His step-back three-pointer was only the second one he’s made this season. And when Tyus has early success, he plays at a different level.

Tyus became the 11th players since 2000 to score at least 19 points and grab at least 17 rebounds joining such players as Shelden Williams (Duke), Blake Griffin (Oklahoma), Sean May (North Carolina) and Emeka Okafor (UConn).

Let’s see what Tyus does Saturday against Butler. He’s only had consecutive games scoring in double figures once this season.


  1. I would prefer him to contain Howard (and for Boyton to contain Mack) more than I’m worrying about Tyus’s scoring. If butler goes man then Vern should be able to show what he has. If they cheat then Vern needs to hit Tyus for easy layups. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  2. Although the Gators will be facing a better “team” in Butler than they did in BYU, they appear to still have a commanding edge inside in height and depth in their front court. If they disregard this advantage and launch 3’s at the same rate as the BYU game, they would play right into Butler’s hands. . I agree with Matt’s comment above, and hope they leverage this advantage for all it’s worth. Butler is an excellent defensive team, and I’ll bet the Gators will see an agressive Zone to try and counter this.

  3. An aggressive zone D will require either shooting over it, penetrating through it or passing over it. Typically the shooting over is the first option so let’s hope that we are warm from 3 land and can shut down the Butler O.

  4. We launched a bunch of 3s in the BYU game because that’s what they gave us. BYU consistently double-teamed the post (especially Macklin) instantly. Every time the ball went inside, BYU double-teamed, and Macklin made the smart play, by kicking it out to an open man (he sacrificed his own stats and shot attempts by playing smart, unselfish basketball). Our guards rarely threw up contested or quick threes, most of those shots were open looks because that’s what BYU gave us. They couldn’t play us straight man, they would have been killed inside, so they picked their poison and gave up outside looks. Billy’s teams have always been predicated on the guards having a green light to shoot 3s if they have open looks. Sure, when they don’t fall, we get in trouble, but that’s our game, and Walker and Boynton have been pretty consistent the last 1/2 of the year.

    BYU, on the other hand (and Fredette specifically) took way more contested and “desperation” 3s. Most of those (including a couple he made) were not good looks. That’s how we had a better 3-point shooting percentage than the team with the best shooter in the country.

  5. Nice catch Pat, I didn’t realize it was written Thursday morning.

    That was the single greatest game I’ve ever seen a Gator play in the Sweet 16, and it’s up there for all time tourney for the Gators. It wasn’t just the points and rebounds but the timing of some of his biggest plays.

    He was truly dominate.

  6. Really enjoying the run this group is having. Even when they’re off, they still play hard and are very unselfish. I think this has been Coach Donovan’s best coaching job to date. He’s used his bench to perfection and has the entire team engaged and involved. Really fun to see the kids finally “get it”. I’m sure they’re having the time of their lives right now.

  7. Love the comments especially from Vulcan Alex and Carolina Gator… Gatas #1…I LOVE this team Erv is one of my fav’s of all-time any Gata’s athlete ever and then CP’s Skillz’ anywhere on the court and Kenny’s D and streaky O., our two awesome freshman defender/role player’s comin’ off the bench and lastly goofy ass Tyus just bustin’ his ass every night on the glass and on the defensive end of the court …I FREAKIN’ Love this team what more can you ask for oh yeah we got Billy Freakin’ D Coachin’ up!!!!

  8. These Gators are more than a collection of talented individuals; they’ve shown that they CAN be a superior TEAM.
    They get it inside, draw their fair share of fouls, and MAKE a reasonable portion of resulting freethrows and they’ll find themselves in the Final Four. Otherwise, they’re painful to watch and will be lucky to win ugly, if at all.

  9. What great FUN!!!!!!!

    Thank you Billy for providing the Gator Nation with a return to serious tournament play!!!!

    And to Parsons, Tyus, Walker, Macklin – everyone on the team – many, many thanks for all you have done this season. We have watched you grow into an incredibly strong and talented TEAM!!!!

    And as usual – this Billy D team remains unselfish in ways other coaches can only admire. On to the final four – you guys have this if you want it – yours to win – and the Nation believes in you!!!

    Thanks to everyone from Jeremy on down – you all make us so proud – IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!