Ah, Bourbon Street


One of the many perks of my job is the trips we get to take and it seems like I’ve been to New Orleans so often I should have voting rights here.

I always take one trip to Bourbon Street. One is enough per visit. I went there last night and enjoyed the food and sights and sounds. To be honest, it was kind of dead. One of the waiters told me it’s as quiet as it has been in weeks. But there were still people parading up and down the street with beers in hand. There are no open container laws on Bourbon.

I saw one guy who was completely silver. Silver tux, silver paint, silver hair. He had a silver fake alligator on a leash and was doing the whole statue thing. I also came across a wonderful band. They played “Melissa” and “Sister Golden Hair” back to back and they were really good.

Now, it’s back to business. Jimmy today at the Arena.

My favorite trips to NOLA:

1. 1996 — Unbelievable New Year’s Eve followed by Florida winning its first national title in football.

2. 2007 — Gators won the first two rounds of the NCAAs on their way to a repeat. Ate at one of those Brazilian steak houses. Had a meat hangover the next day.

3. 2009 — As crazy as it was the first two days with Urban Meyer’s resignation/return, had a memorable New Year’s Eve on a balcony on Bourbon.

4. 2000 — Florida in Sugar Bowl, basketball played here and also covered the Saints playoff game where Willie Jackson went off. And interviewed the New Orleans Defensive coordinator — Ron Zook.

5. 1985 — Came here because Jacksonville was supposedly in the running to land the Saints. Great time. Saints stayed put.


  1. Fascinating.

    One of the best dining cities on Earth and you gorged yourself at “one of those Brazilian steak houses”?

    “They played ‘Melissa’ and “Sieter Golden Hair” back to back and they were really good.”

    Your travel writing is as insightful as your sports column.

  2. Two of the five, I was there too – 2000 and 2009. I agree with you, I should be able to vote I’ve been to NO so many times. When I saw your tweet about Bourbon street, I had a pang of jealously.


    Waiting patiently in Houston.

  3. 1991 Sugar Bowl aka The Jerome Bettis Game. Was a junior at UF and riding the Spurrier high. What a great time. Except for the game, of course. Shane Matthews sets Sugar Bowl record, notwistanding some key drops by his wideouts. Great trip, had fun with some Gator co-eds who shall remain nameless.
    Came back in 1993. West Virginia. Monte Grow’s interception sparking a party. Errict Rhett doing the psi on the cover of the Picayune under the word “Blowout”.

  4. I’ve never met him; first time reading him; His Bio reflects me except his access to Pro sports, the money to drink and eat so well and his pro golf activities…. The walk on the beach sounds reasonable and attainable —and the hitting the Beachcomer, well, I’ve never been there either. I will now go and try it all out. Thanks Pat for letting me know that, I too, like you and other middle-aged Hemingway types, can have dreams & hope and are still alive.