Florida-BYU time


They’re being too good to us.

We thought for sure Florida would be the late game at 10 p.m. Thursday. But they have decided to have Florida’s game against Brigham Young to be the earlier game in New Orleans.

It will tip off at 7:27. Thank you, kind sirs.

Enjoy the game and our coverage at Gatorsports.com.


  1. Unlike LY, this Gator team has some athletic guys in Prather and Wilbekin that they can put on Jimmer at times throughout the game to help wear him down. Great opportunity for this team if they take advantage of their size and depth inside.

  2. How come I have yet to hear anyone talk about the play that Boynton was hurt on, including the announcers? Smith is over 300 pounds. He runs at Boynton, jumps and lands with his right foot way to the side of his body. Who lands like that? Especially someone weighing that much. He would need to have his feet under him whenever is jumping in order to support him self when he lands. I’m not saying he was trying to hurt anyone, but he was definitely trying to make contact with Boynton. If he doesn’t intentionally stick his foot out under Boynton, we have a 100% healthy team going in to this big game. I was made every time they showed that replay b/c it should have been a foul. Of course he should have fouled out a couple times; the officiating was terrible the whole game. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. For some perspective:
    On the up side, one of BYU’s four losses was to a common opponent – UCLA, but it was back in December, and one of their victories was a double-overtime struggle by 2-points over the USF Bulls, who finished 10-23, but that was in November.
    Additionally, two of their losses were to New Mexico, who finished 22-12 (8-8, MWC).
    Their fourth loss was to San Diego State in the MWC Championship game.
    However, they also beat San Diego State twice, and Arizona too – by 22 points – both of whom are in the Sweet 16.
    Other victories of note on their schedule were UNLV (2X), Creighton and St. Mary’s.
    GO GATORS! – send the BYU Mormons on their missions, early.

  4. WTF! Why was my comment removed???
    I posted a comment a day or two ago (but I see that it’s not here now) summarizing some of BYU’s “games of note” for perspective sake, such as our only common opponent, UCLA (who BYU lost to), and the lowly USF Bulls, who finished 10-23 (who BYU beat by only 2 points in 2OT)! They also lost twice to New Mexico (who finished 22-12, 8-8 (MWC).
    I also pointed out, on the other hand, that they defeated Arizona (by 22 points) and San Diego State (twice!) – both of whom are in the Sweet 16.
    It (my original comment) did appear on the page (at least for a while), but I noticed (for the first time) the caveat beneath my Username: “your comment is subject to moderator review [sic],” or something to that effect. I haven’t seen that caveat in any of my other comments made today, though (nor EVER before!).
    Is the above comment so bad as to warrant a deletion???????
    Good DAY Sir(s)!!!