Student-athlete? Not really


The NCAA people like to pretend that college athletics is more about the student than the athlete and, of course, they are not fooling anyone. The NCAA Tournament is the perfect example.

They make teams like Clemson and North Carolina-Ashville fly to Dayton, play a game, fly through the night to their next site and play a game the next day. Not surprisingly, both teams faded in their second halves today.

The next time someone tells you that a reason not to have a football playoff is because students would miss class, you have my permission to point to the NCAA Tournament as a counter-argument.

One of the callers to my radio show Thursday made a great point — why not have the play-in games (and please don’t refer to them as first-round games or First Four games) at the sites where they are playing into the bracket. It’s a great idea but there might be logistical issues. At any rate, it’s only going to get worse because they are not through expanding this tournament.

And taking advantage of student-athletes.


  1. I think it’s better to be a #5 or #6 seed getting to play a team with jetlag, than a #4/5 playing a lower-seeded team that had 5 days to prepare (see Vandy, Louisville and Kentucky).

    I would have had #6 Georgetown losing early, if not for the gift of playing a jetlagged #11.

    And why does the year-long media darling, the overrrated Big East, get to play three of the four jetlagged teams? Not that #1 Pitt wouldn’t have won, but #5 WVU and #6 Georgetown were prime for upsets if not for the “free ride”.

  2. Pat…have heard you in the past on this subject and agree with you 100%. While watching Morehead St. beat Louisville yesterday, the announcers said they were proctoring tests, not only in the hotel lobby, but on the plane….how is that for a environment to be taking a finals exam?

  3. Cry me a river, Mr. Dooley. Let me know when one of the actual athletes complain. These kids are living the dream and having a blast with a lifetime of memories and the only whiners are the “do-gooders” like you!