Live blog on Kentucky v. Ole Miss


Final, Kentucky 75, Ole Miss 66: More wireless problems. Why always at the end of games? Ole Miss couldn’t hit anything in the last 90 seconds and Brandon Knight scores the last 11 points for the Wildcats. Alabama-Kentucky tomorrow. Should be a great game.

2:40: The Big Blue Sea is getting restless. Their team leads by three and Ole Miss has the ball. Yikes. Kentucky has struggled in close games all year but won their last against Tennessee in Knoxville. Terrance Henry has played a heck of a game for Ole Miss with 17 points and 12 rebounds.

3:24: Thanks in part to Brandon Knight only making 4-of-15 shots, Ole Miss is still in it down five with the ball. The Rebels missed six of 10 free throws during one second-half stretch and Chris Warren had two good looks rim out.

7:42: This will come as a shock but Kentucky ans are not happy about the officiating. Ole Miss hanging around, down four before a silly turnover gives Brandon Knight an easy basket. Lamb leads UK with 20, Darius Miller and Harrellson have 13 each. Chris Warren has heated up for Ole Miss with 17 but he’s taken 15 shots to get there.

11:oo: I had a great point on the radio about the Fairfield game being the turning point for the Gators this season. It was suggested to me by someone who will remain nameless. That was, of course, the game that was canceled. Brilliant. I can make up for it on Jax radio later today with Frangie and Ballou. Kentucky up 55-51 at the under-12 break.

12:31: It looked like Kentucky was going to blow this one out up 12, but Chris Warren scored seven straight points and Ole Miss down only 51-48. Stay tuned.

15:47: Ole Miss won’t go away much to the chagrin of the Big Blue fans. UK up 45-39 after Chris Warren hit a three. But Warren’s next attempt was blocked and Kentucky’s at the line on the other end. Kentucky fans are weird. They gave their band a bigger hand when it came into the arena than they did Kevin Grevey when he was introduced as their Legend.

19:32: Brrr. Went outside to do a spot on my radio show and my hands are frozen. Ole Miss shot 31 percent in first half to Kentucky’s 47 percent. UK had 20 points in the paint out of its 36.

Halftime: How two programs as good Florida and Kentucky both give a scholarship to Eloy Vargas is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Anyway, Kentucky up seven at the half 36-29. Ole Miss will have to make a lot of threes in the second half to have a chance. Doron Lamb has 13 for Kentucky.

3:15: When Harrelson has nine first-half points, you know your interior defense isn’t getting the job done. Kentucky leads 34-26 despite Henry having 11 and Zach Graham nine. The Rebels just can’t get enough stops on the defensive end. A lot more offense in this game than the previous one.

7:53: The Miss in Ole Miss stands for missed shots around the basket. Kentucky up 25-19. Jones is tough for the Rebs

11:12: Terrible charging foul on Ole Miss called by Mike Nance. Lazy call. Cats lead 19-15 and the two teams have combined to make six 3-pointers so far. Amazingly, none of them belong to Ole Miss star Chris Warren, who has yet to score. Doron Lamb leads UK with 10 points already. Terrance Henry leads Ole Miss with eight. Ole Miss band is the liudest of the tournament so far.

15:45 left in the first half: Josh Harrellson has shaved off his beard — the one that made him look like the mute bad guy in Superman II. Ole Miss looks overmatched and certainly the crowd is a blowout. It’s like 21,000 to 13. Terrence Jones appears to have hurt his leg on a drive to the hoop. He’s limping around pretty good. Kentucky leads 11-4 and Mississippi has yet to score a field goal.