Dome for the holidays


It’s like a dome away from home. I’m back at the Georgia Dome for another event and it seems like I never left. So many memories, so many big games.

This is the first time the SEC Tournament has been back here since 2008, when only seven of the 11 games were played in the dome. The rest were played at Georgia Tech because of the tornado that slammed into the arena.

It is still one of my most memorable sporting events. What I remember most was hearing this roar and wondering why it wasn’t stopping and then suddenly a bolt landed next to me and I was two seconds away from diving under the table.

And this was after Alabama’s Mykal Riley hit a 3 at the buzzer to send the game against Mississippi State into overtime and probably spare some lives. A lot of people would have walked right into that tornado if Riley’s shot had clanged off the rim.

Mostly, I remember walking back to my room with downtown Atlanta looking like there had been riots in the streets. There was glass and twisted metal everywhere.

Hopefully, it will be less eventful here this week.

By the way, I think this is my 23rd event at the dome. So far I’ve seen six SEC tourneys, 12 football title games, a couple of Falcons games, the 1996 Summer Olympics and a Final Four.


  1. When do you think Coach Donovan is going to get with the program and wear Gator colors? Is he or his wife color blind and who dresses him anyway? Every other coach in NCAA basketball wears their school colors of some sort when coaching. Just a thought – Enjoy your columns.