The lunch counter


One of the pleasures of new technology is throwing something out there on Twitter (that I was going to Nashville) and having responses with recommendations of where to eat. I received several suggestions to try Rotier’s, which is a couple of blocks from the hotel.

So on a rainy Saturday, I gave it a shot. It turns out it’s my kind of place.

Rotier’s is a family-owned restaurant, homey and comfortable with wood paneling and chatty waitresses. I ordered the specialty — burger on French bread. It was excellent. You know it’s a good burger when it is misshapen.

Margaret Rotier was behind the bar and told me the restaurant has been open for 65 years. It was opened by her parents and she said her mother still calls daily to make sure they are doing things the right way.

It was a really enjoyable way to spend my lunchtime. They even had a Galaga game. You youngsters who think XBox is antiquated won’t know what I’m talking about.