The Late Show


There are two kinds of people in this world — those who stayed up to watch BYU-San Diego State and those who think we’re nuts for doing so.

It was a night for hardcore hoops fans and certainly not for fathers of 9-year-olds who have to get up at 6:30 a.m. But I willed myself to stay up and watch the Jimmer Fredette Show.

It was worth it.

The game was exciting and Fredette did not disappoint. He scored 43 points on drives to the hoop, teardrop floaters and impossible 3s. I don’t think anyone will question whether he’s an NBA prospect anymore.

BYU won the game, knocking San Diego State from the unbeaten ranks in an incredible atmosphere. The Aztecs get another shot at Fredette and his teammates in February.

Gator fans will remember the Jimmer going for 37 when BYU faced Florida in the first round of last year’s NCAA Tournament. I think he has improved as a player, but he still doesn’t play a lot of defense. Which means he’s ready for the NBA.

Who would have thought BYU-San Diego State hoops and Nevada-Boise State football would be must-see TV this year?

The game, by the way, was on CBS Sports Channel, which is 269 on my cable box. Jimmer, we knew about, but it was kind of a coming-out party for the network.

I do know this — not only did Jimmer Fredette state his case for Player of the Year honors nationally, he made sure we won’t want to miss him in the Big Dance. No matter what time BYU plays.


  1. Pat,
    Off subject…BUT ‘GOSPEL-TRUTH’- none the less:
    This Gator team finally got a road loss (@MSU) , and I am OK with it – I know this team is ‘closer’ than -they -even KNOW!
    WHAT IS KILLING THEM IS ~NOT BEING ABLE TO SCORE IN THE CLOSING MINUTES OF THE GAME!!! and IT REALLY HURTS TO BE SO CLOSE yet SO FAR! THIS TEAM HAS SKILLS! They just cannot muster up the ‘UMPH’ to play teams that are BRINGING -IT! And it seems that the teams we play -someone has a CARRER game against us!!! The openents are playing THE MIGHTY GATORS but THE GATORS don’t KNOW IT FOR SOME REASON !?!?