When are the statues going up?


Good question.

I’ve asked it. Florida is expected to unveil three statues of its Heisman Trophy winners at the stadium soon. But when?

Danny Wuerffel, Steve Spurrier and Tim Tebow have been plastered by Sandy Proctor, the Tallahassee-based artist who was commissioned to create the statues. When The Gainesville Sun first broke the story last summer, the impression was that it would happen after football season.

Here’s the answer — you try getting those three guys together. Florida wants to do it around the time of the spring game April 9 but South Carolina’s spring game is the same day and the Gamecocks coach is one of the honorees. And good luck getting the 2007 Heisman winner, whose schedule is busier than Oprah’s.

It will happen. Stay tuned.


  1. Why do they have to honor them all on the same day? Sure that would be nice too but if I’m in the UAA marketing department I’m thinking if I don’t have to have all three done on teh same day, I’ve got three opportunities for a special event rather than just one. They should each have their own day, during football season if at all possible, reason I would prefer that is it would be much better attended than during spring or some other time. And each of these guys each deserve the full spotlight instead of 1/3. But I’m not in marketing-probably a good thing.

  2. I agree with Michael. Invite Spurrier duirng one of USC’s off Saturdays and do the ceremony during halftime, Same with Tebow. a game day Saturday when Denver. Same with Weurffel and since they won their Heismans on different days and years there is nothing wrong with honoring them on 3 seperate Saturdays. in fact it makes sense and would be great and the fans would love it.

  3. I’m assuming that future winners will have statues made of them too, but should we (UF/UAA) wait until there are a couple-few more winners before we honor the NEXT ONE?
    Heisman winners at any given school typically are few and far between as it is. Let’s honor and enjoy them one by one!
    Split them up.

  4. I agree with Paul and Michael. Three different days would be great. What a great marketing idea. Then add the Ring of Honor another day. Wow that would be awesome. Then each Heisman winner has his “own” day. Print their Heisman image on the tickets, collectibles, on and on…Its a win, win. Especially for the fans.

  5. Splitting them up would be ok, but lets face it….To have Steve, Danny and Tim all together would be amazing. What a great photo op and how awesome for us fans to have all 3 together at the same time. I hope they find a way to pull it off. After that they can do “Tim Tebow” day etc….

  6. Jack is a piece of work isn’t he?
    FSU has so little to talk about that he hangs on this board for a forum to puke his garbage.
    What precisely went wrong that day? Last time I checked, Ron Zook field was doing just fine. I imagine the tax payers of the state of Florida are really happy with the stadium they paid for.
    Florida State University, Florida’s welfare university

  7. I have a problem with putting up a statue of Spurrie as long as we have to play against him every year. Something wrong with him coming down and beating us as a Gamecock and his statue being out front of our stadium. I know he is all Gator, but while he is at South Carolina can we hold off on his and put the other two up? Am I the only one who is still a little upset a the #1 Gator coaching one of our divisional rivals?

  8. Jack…

    Number one class of what? Morons?

    Only a moron would suggest Florida would ever open ourselves up for that sort of embarrassment by being as stupid as ha!fassu….

    You guys got embarrassed by a coach we had already fired.

    ‘Nuff said.

  9. Who is Urban Meyer? Or, why the Gator Nation is so ambivalent? With the loss to Alabama, he quit based on, we are told, health reasons. He ‘unquit’ a couple of days later. We do not know if he, in fact, returned to be UF’s head coach because records were not available and pracices were ‘closed’. For the 2010 season he was paid over $4,000,000.00 per year for what, no one is really certain. Following the disgraceful 2010 season UM quite again this time, well, we really do not know why he quit the second time. Oh, yes, to spend more time with his family, the thing that is number one with him, at least that what we were told. UM then wrapped up the ‘Family Thing’ within a few days, with his health apparently restored UM went job hunting, today ESPN, later the growing consesus among those close to him, perhaps Ohio State, Notre Dame, whatever. Question: Imagine you are the AD at a top program, do you want this ‘head-case’ running the football program?