Urban renewal


Urban Meyer, also known as the Elliptical Man because he works out on one at Gainesville Health and Fitness every morning, is heading to Arizona today to work with the ESPN boys.

“Remember Glendale?” he asked me today.

Remember it? It was my best week ever in my job. The Marriott is walking distance from the Camelback Mountain. The bowl game does everything for the media but write our stories. There isn’t a hospitality suite. There are two. And, of course, Florida winning the national title game there didn’t stink.

Meyer is fired up about joining the crew for the national title game.

“I hope I really like it,” he said.

It’s clear that this is what he wants to do, something stress-free and enjoyable. He also has agreed to start making occasional appearances on my radio show starting next week. I asked him exactly what he’ll be doing with ESPN in Arizona.

“I don’t know,” he said. “They just told me to be ready.”


  1. Urban’s a yes guy. Better have a plan B to reel in viewers. Can’t believe you just told the nation where to find Urban Meyer. I’m totally going there with allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my friends. lol.

  2. atl john, saw him at Orlando airport yesterday. Wife was with him. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of that; family going with him to work those types of events. He’s got to get family time in somehow. 😉

  3. Pat,
    You need to reprint your article about patience when the season is getting ready to start. It’s a good point that the fans need to show a little more patience and acceptance of a new staff, but they’ll need to be reminded of that a little closer to kickoff 🙂

  4. After watching Urban Meyer next to Nick Saban, I realized that Saban is a much better coach. UM was fortunate to have Tebow, Percy, Aaron and the rest. Success is measure by what you can achieve from nothing. UM needs to be on TV and away from coaching. The yes I will and no I will not does not provide stability with your crew.