JoePa has ’em rolling


TAMPA — A very relaxed Urban Meyer played straight man to stand-up (er, sit-down) comic Joe Paterno at Tuesday’s Outback Bowl press conference. I haven’t seen Meyer laugh so much in the six years I have been covering him.

It wasn’t just Paterno’s humor. You can tell a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

Meyer wore a nifty brown suit. Paterno wore a gray sweatshirt as plain as Penn State’s uniforms.

“Look, he’s all dressed up,” Paterno said as Meyer approached the podium. “Trying to make me look bad?”

After the press conference, Paterno said. “Next time warn me that Beau Brummel is coming.”

Paterno was hilarious during the presser, especially when asked about his affection for Meyer.

“I wanted to talk to him as soon as I found out his name is Urban,” Paterno said. “I figured he must be Catholic. Only a Catholic would get stuck with a name like Urban.”


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