The invisible Will


TAMPA — Don’t look for a strong Will Muschamp presence this week during the Outback Bowl.

A source told The Sun Tuesday that Muschamp is “laying low” this week to allow Urban Meyer to enjoy the spotlight in his last week as Florida’s head football coach.

Muschamp is not expected to announce any new coaches for his staff this week either because it would take the attention away from the game.

Meyer said he has been talking to Muschamp “all the time” and said during the Outback Bowl press conference, “The guy we hired is fantastic.”

Muschamp is Austin, but is expected to arrive later in the week and attend the game.


  1. With all these players electing to have surgery before this bowl game and the juniors listening to agents whispering in their ears, are we suppose to think this isn’t the 2008 Capital One Bowl all over again?

  2. Meyer, there is no “we” with you now…You are quitting to spend time with your family and address your healthe concerns…Oh wait, now you want to be a full time analyst with ESPN…Nonme of this, makes sense or adds up!…At least we are getting a coach in Muschamp that knows what he wants ands WANTS to be here!…GO GATORS!!!

  3. Urban wont have anything to do with the football program after saturday. He is gone. He may stay with the university, but he will have zero say or influence over football. Will is our coach now. If he calls Urban from time to time thats ok. But he has no say so from this point forward. And I might add, thats how it has to be.

  4. Will Muschamp is our coach now go away Urban you “stepped down” because you wanted to spend time with your family but yet your off doing commentary for bowl games ahd thinking about going to work full time for ESPN!!!!!!!! Something is very shady about him stepping down for his stated reasons (family time) I am not buying it!

  5. Meyer is the best thing that happened to UF in a long time. Monday am quarterbacks that never made it past high school ball have no clue what runnning a national championship “enterprise” is all about. Frankly, most of those commenting couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag.

    Muschamp will need all the help he can get to “manage” the process. This is a lot more than x’s and o’s. But the amatures never have understood the complexity.

  6. Be happy. We have the best AD in the nation, and I don”t think Mr. Foley’s going anywhere. When he does, be sure we will look for someone who can administer a huge department at the highest level in a tough regualtory climate, while engaging alumni and developing EVERY athletc program. Urban is one of the winningest coaches in college football and won two national championships. Why try to make him out to be anything else? Isn’t that enough?

  7. Why does this entire blog say that UF has the best everything in the country? I really don’t understand why so many of the posters here are so blind. Best AD in the country! Best facilities in the coutry! Best coaches in the country! Best water coolers in the country! Best backup quarterback/tight end in the country!

    Guys, the ones who know me know I try to be civil, but when will you guys just accept that you have a great program, but not always the best of everything? It makes you look delusional.


  8. Hi Jack,
    If you will point out which things aren’t the best at UF, we’ll fix it. That’s all we ever want for our University-the best academics, the best students, the best faculty, the best staff, the best facilities, the best competitors (from football to the debate team), and the best alumni and fans. When Harvard is know as the Florida of the Ivy League, Standford the Florida of the West and MIT the place where engineering students go that couldn’t got to UF, we may be able to rest. Not until.

  9. Will Hill? Will Hill? Will Freakin’ Hill??????????? That’s who you “Fan’s” are choosin’ to crack on. The secondary is only as good as the pass rush. If you want to point fingers, point them at the two Senior’s Tratto and Lemmens they provided Zero, I mean Zero Pass Rush!!! Atleast Will Hill has a little escuse he has to cover the whole Defensive back Field. Justin and Duke are 5 feet away from their target the QB.

  10. Look at it this way – as long as Meyer is saying “we”, then the Gators don’t have to worry about coaching or working against him (like they do with Steve Spurrier). If Meyer stays near UF but OUT OF MUSCHAMP’S WAY, it becomes a win-win scenario.