Take the underdog?


I was surprised to see that Florida was a 7 1/2 point favorite to win the Outback Bowl. I know Penn State had a mediocre season that mirrored Florida’s. The Nittany Lions lost all of their big games and their best win was over a 6-6 team.

Sound familiar?

But Florida’s best cornerback is out. Florida’s offensive coordinator will have his mind elsewhere. Not that Steve Addazio pre-Temple was anything to brag about in 2010.

I think one reason Florida is a big favorite is that it is assumed the Gators will play hard for Urban Meyer in his last game. Maybe, but shouldn’t they have played hard against South Carolina? At Florida State?

I just don’t think Florida had it this year. And I don’t think things are going to change in Tampa. So I’m leaning towards picking JoePa.

But gambling is illegal at Bushwood.


  1. I disagree Pat. I believe the Gators have a better team than Penn. I think they’ll cover the spread at 7 1/2. The Gators under achieved this year, that’s for sure, but they WILL go out on a positive note. GO GATORS . . .

  2. Agree with you, Pat. Knowing what I know about the 2010 Gators, I dont see them beating PSU by a touchdown, if at all. Granted, I know very little about the N’Lions. But, if they’re half as good as their 7-5 record, they can very easily knock the Gators silly in Tampa.

    Im a huge Gators fan, but have no confidence UF will beat PSU Jan 1. And, remember, without their 2 cupcake wins, they’re 5-5 at best.

  3. I think Pat is right, why should we believe the Gators will play any better than what they have been doing all year other than they might play harder to let Urban exit with a win? All I can do is HOPE the Gators will play like men on Jan 1 and the coaches will dare to be less predictable with their play calling and pull a win against legendary Coach JoePa. Not an easy task in itself, Penn State is no a push-over team.
    Hope Gators win though….Gators, always Gators!!!

  4. I really struggle with who to pick. We do have an emotional edge since this is Meyer’s last game. But we have been so terrible on offense, whose to say all of a sudden we are going to be something different? Didn’t we think we would iron all that out during the season (a project which failed)? Penn State is not very good, however. Its a tough call, but in light of the emotional factor, I would have to go with the good guys over Penn State.

  5. Can someone please duct tape Addazio to his chair when the team is leaving for Tampa. The guy has done enough damage. Perhaps let Meyer call his own offense during his last game? Why would you let Addazio embarrass you yet again…during your last game?
    Don’t worry about it Daz….you graded out as “Champion” in our books!!

  6. I strongly agree with your logic here Pat. And feel that Penn State can do it. But I will go with how UM can prep a team when he has 2 weeks or in this case a month to do it. I think he has one more left in the tank. Couple that with a Big Eye watching the players (WM) we may see something not shown all year. Which I think was a huge problem this year Team Chemistry and Entitlement. Go Gators! UF 31, PS 21

  7. What I find interesting is the lack of information or interviews pertaining to the progress of the Gator football team for this Bowl Game. The only articles that I see in the Gainesville Sun are about the coaches coming and going but nothing about the team and how they are preparing for the game. Living in Knoxville TN, there is a minium of one article in the local paper about the Vol’s progress every day and I don’t understand why there so little information forthcoming from Gainesville. Surely, Gator Fans are also interested in their football team.

  8. Anybody remember the 2008 Citrus Bowl, the way Michigan played for Lloyd Carr? Of course it helped that Chad Henne had a turkey shooting gallery with our secondary. Somehow i don’t see our kids getting up for that game the way Michigan did for Lloyd. Shame. I have to agree with Pat. Florida shouldn’t be favored against P K Young.

  9. Coaching was the problem this year, not the players. We will have the same coaches in the bowl game, so I don’t expect anything different. We just may get embarrassed again. I did not feel that we deserved a bowl game and I certainly don’t think we can win one. Michael is right … we would have a hard time defeating a high school team with the coaches we have at the moment. Can’t wait for Muschamp next season … I really believe we will see tremendous improvement all around.

  10. The Gators are a MUCH better and more talented team than Penn State.

    That being said, Florida lost to lesser competition FOUR times this year (the Bama loss was forgivable, just not by that many points!).

    But it’s the Big Ten for crying out loud, and these Lions are NOT the 2007 Wolverines (who were primed for a nat’l championship before they buckled under a string of injuries at the beginning of the season, and were finally healthy come bowl time….)

    Florida will win big.

    Any chance we can get Adazzio to NOT call the plays this game? Or maybe just take his butt on up to Temple NOW!?

  11. In the inimitable styling of Yoda —
    Regarding the Gators (& PSU Lions):
    “Coached well a talented group must be,
    before call them a talented team you can.”
    And as for the Outback Bowl:
    “Young vigor shall ancient wisdom swamp,
    lest befuddle youthful zeal the sage.”
    …It’s a crapshoot!
    I(still, however)GTBAG!

  12. @Pat —
    You said:
    “I just don’t think Florida had it this year.”
    … YA THINK!!!
    My above post notwithstanding, considering that JoePa’s Lions gave MSU’s Spartans a run for the money late, and The Legend’s Gators showed no such signs of life in similar games, I’ll agree with Pat and give the nod to the creatures from Happy Valley – though this creature would be very happy for Pat to be wrong!

  13. I would love to be calling Pat a fool. I just cant seem to find the words.Gators offense can be defended without any time to prepare. Heck, some of us could have probably suited up…..I still hope they find something somewhere and pull it off….Go Gators!!

  14. hope this team doesn’t lay an egg as in South Carolina and F.S.U.Coaching and players looked so out of sync it was terrible to watch, so we will see.Also,if Mack Brown had retired and Muschamp had taken over, would there be any discussion about his ability?think not.

  15. Strange: UM respected but never really ‘loved’. At his resignation UM is perhaps most remembered by the Gator Nation as: (1) the guy whose team has lost 5 out of the last 8, (2) an offensive so bad that many high school recruits could not sit throguh an entire game, (3) a ‘hands-on’ head coach who did not know that his young, potential star (A. Dubose) did not even play in the first game, (4) apparently, along with Addozio, never realized (or cared) that his QB was incapable of running his offensive sysem, (5) Resigned to ‘spend more time with his family’ and, after a couple of weeks, is now auditioning for a broadcaster job in New England. Strange, indeed. E. Koch

  16. Same coaches = same results. As long as Dumbazzio is calling plays we will lose. As long as Austin is coaching the D we will lose. And last but not least if Urban coaches we will lose he’s a shell of his former self.

  17. not intended for publication – just assuming the moderator might use a news tip/prod…

    How is it that nobody has found out how it is that an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Psychiatric Nursing makes what has to be the most incompetent 911 call in history?

    Between literally whispering to “wake up” to her unconscious husband, outing him for using ambien, and appearing to be unable to report the most obvious and easily ascertained vital signs – this 911 call should have raised serious questions about why she made it and what effect it would have on UM’s coaching ability going forward.

    Sadly, if anyone had done the inquiry a year ago we might not have had the losing season we did.

    Health issues? Give it a break.

  18. It is STRANGE to see Coach Meyer leave FLA as HEAD COACH …this way…OUTBACK in Tampa, like 2005…Even stranger that Coach Meyer never really seemed like he wanted to be HERE- at all this year…But I THANK HIM FOR THE FRESHMAN CLASS AND @ NAT’L TITLES & LEAVING US now rather than after another 7-5 year! IT ALL SEEMS SOOOO STRANGE!!!
    Maybe, COACH WRITES A BOOK (Tell-All) and PAT helps him with it….AND WE FIND OUT WHT THE HELL HAPPEN TO URBAN after ALABAMA in ’09!!!!

  19. The Gators will lose again if they win that will be the surprise.Goodbye Adazzio maybe you can go a destroy Temple’s offense.Good wishes and goodluck to you Meyer I look forward to seeing you on espn Happy New year to you all and God Bless.