Tebow on Will Muschamp


So are you wondering what Tim Tebow thinks of Florida’s new hire? I did and asked my friend Patrick Smyth with the Broncos to relay a question to the former UF quarterback.

Unfortunately, he sent me the quote late Monday night and I didn’t check my e-mail in time to get it in the paper. But here is what Tebow had to say:

“I’ve had the privilege of talking to Will and gotten to know him. From playing against him, talking to him and watching him, you can see his passion, determination and will to win. He’ll make Gator Nation  proud and will bring Florida football back to its glory days.”


  1. I was gonna say, get a grip boys, one 7-5 season after some pretty great years is hardly the wilderness. You had a bad year. You may have a few more. It happens. If your still here in five years we can talk. For now, let’s just wait and see how this boy does in the big office. And, how come nobody wants that OC job? What’s up with that?

  2. I will state as others especially our local media. If he is good enough to be the coach at Texas he must be decent. BTW Zook was like 4th on the list after everyone turned us down. I’ll stick with Tebow’s assessment.

  3. Watching Coach Muschamp’s formal introduction!
    Is there any doubt this guy’s a Gator through and through! None!
    He’s literally “coach’in up” his live audience and all of GatorNation watching as I type!!
    I’M ON FIRE!
    It Is AWWWWWESSSSOME To Be A Florida Gator!!!
    He actually said he’s now wearing the CORRECT Orange & Blue!
    References to Wayne Peace, Jim Jones’ winning TD catch being in bounds against Miami, Wilbur Marshall’s 17-9 over USC.
    WOW! I may have met this guy. I saw those games live.
    I couldn’t wait to post! OMG!
    PS: Also, LOVE that “leg kick” photo of him on the home page!

  4. WOW! Forget FireCracker! You know those multiple “BOOMERS” at the close of every Fire Works show?!? That’s this guy!,… except he laces them throughout – beginning to end!!!
    Picture Tim Tebow stoking his teammates in the locker room.
    Divide that energy into thirds.
    Put a suit and orange & blue tie on one of those thirds.
    Place a podium and microphone in front of it.
    … a Will Muschamp presser!!!
    My goodness! Get ready GatorNation. This is gonna be one WILD ride!
    All you Trolls, Gator-haters, and general Gatorbait:
    If you think you’re concerned now, just wait till nervousness gives way to full blown FEAR.
    You WILL FEAR us. (< period)
    8:49 pm.

  5. I have to admit that when he was first announced, I was like…eh? Now after I have done the research and listened to his press conference, I think Jeremy made a GREAT hire. I think he’s very much like Urban, just a more entertaining speaker. I think we are in good hands.

  6. @ “Bo” —
    Sorry, Gator (unless you’re -bait). Coach’s presser was awe inspiring! Got a little excited.
    I got the censorship part, but who or what is this “Sidiot” that you think I make look “poitively tounge tied?”
    9:40 pm.

  7. If there are any naysayers out there, still half empty, they need to take it up with Coach…Muschamp that is! How can anyone with “Will” and “champ” in their name not be a winner? He’s a bloody Braveheart William Wallace! It’s time for Battle! This is gonna be fun.

  8. Gator Nation:

    FSU owns the “back to its glory days” talk. Until you get humiliated for an entire decade while having a borderline senile coach running the program, you cannot use “back to glory days.”


  9. A team is a reflection of its coach; if the gators next year and thereafter follow their coach’s lead and enthusiasm, we will be in great shape- – – -Meyer was a good coach, but too low key- – -could not motivate the players- – -even with Tebow- – Tebow was the motivator- – -the others went along for the ride!!!

  10. @ GOLFHOG

    If your a Razorback fan, you can’t say anything about a coach. Even if that liar you call a coach signs a lifetime contract I still would worry he’s leaving when something else comes along.


  11. As mentioned above, a 7-5 season and a Jan 1 bowl game are not indicators of a program in ruins, merely on a sidetrack. And as subsquent events have unfolded, some of the reasons for the down year are starting to become apparent.

    Will Muschamp inherits a cupboard well stocked. We shall see what he is able to cook up. I, for one, believe it will be quite tasty.

  12. I’m glad that you are pleased with Muschamp. I know that you will support him well.

    I don’t know much about Bobby before he came to Arkansas but, he has been a class act since the day he arrived. I know everyone made a big deal about the “hat” incident. But, personally, I thought it was a fairly innocent comment that was taken way out of context, and with reason. I know y’all thought that you had that Arkansas game won regardless but, Arkansas fans saw it a bit differently. And, I might add, Bobby did that with a young team, smoke and mirrors, spit and bailing wire. Wait until you see what he can do with 4 or 5 years of recruiting. You may be surprised.

    His coaching and recruiting have been excellent and he is a good fit for Fayetteville. Arkansas will be better next year and the year after. You know what it’s like you just don’t believe it can be done in Arkansas.

    If you make it to Atlanta, we’ll see you there and compare.

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