I know who the new UF coach is


Ha ha. Made you look.

But seriously folks, now that the shock is over and we’ve had a few days to think about it, I’m willing to set the odds on who will succeed Urban Meyer.

This isn’t based on any inside information, but I do know the way Jeremy Foley thinks.\


Bobby Stoops, Oklahoma, 3-1: The Big 12 is falling apart and Stoops has been at Oklahoma 12 years, the same number of years Steve Spurrier was at Florida when he left. I know he has said no before, but Stoopsie might be ready for a move. Remember, he’s not following Urban Meyer, legendary coach, he’s following Urban Meyer Lite. He’s following 7-5.

Chris Peterson, Boise State, 4-1: The job he has done at Boise State has been nothing short of amazing, but he has shown little interest in leaving there. Still, with the wonderful health care available at Shands he may be willing to move his special-needs son to Gainesville.

Bobby Petrino, Arkansas, 5-1: Certainly, his bedside manner will work against him. Petrino can be a real jerk. But he has Arkansas in a BCS bowl game. If he gets the job, Renee Gork better wear her Gator hat to the presser.

Gary Patterson, TCU, 6-1: He has the ability to take average players coming out of high school and make them excellent players in college.


Dan Mullen, Mississippi State: If Mullen becomes UF’s new coach it means a lot of people said no. When Mullen left, a coach told me he wasn’t a very good recruiter and didn’t send him out on the road a lot. I just think Florida can do better.

Charlie Strong, Louisville: One year — 6-6. Not ready.


Kerwin Bell, Jacksonville: I include him only because there have been people e-mailing me about the Throwin’ Mayoan. I love Kerwin, but hiring him would be a gamble. And Florida shouldn’t have to gamble on this hire.

Mike Leach (out of a job, living in Key West): Enough already with the Mike Leach stuff. He would not be a fit at UF.

Now, is there a possibility the hire could be someone out of left field? Absolutely.


Ron Zook, Illinois: Knows Florida. Great recruiter. Stop screaming at me, people.

Jimbo Fisher, FSU: Nine wins in first season and has strong recruiting class going.

Tim Brewster: He’s cheap and available.

Randy Shannon (recently at Miami): See Tim Brewster.

Whoever it is, it will be interesting.


  1. Bobby Stoops does sound more intriguing when you put it that way. I thought since he had said no a couple of times now it would be a no brainer, but hmmmm.

    As for other hires, I think Kerwin Bell would be an excellent choice for OC if the new hire didn’t arrive with one.

    Petersen and Patterson are interesting choices. Both have the character Foley is looking for, but a little too much and appear pretty committed to their respective Universities.

    Pitrino and Leach don’t have the kind of character Foley is looking for.

    Mullen already said no and likely is pretty entrenched at Miss St. for a while.

    So I think we are going to have to try fairly hard for Bobby Stoops or someone out of left field. Foley would have to open up the checkbook for Stoopsy because his base is higher than Meyer’s was this year.

  2. 1. Bill Belichick (ain’t gonna happen, but let’s start there)
    2. Jon Gruden (no better place for him to make the jump to college)
    3. Chip Kelly (Oregon is going to get smacked down by Auburn, but he’s still good)

  3. Why waste your time including names like Shannon, Zook, and Fisher? Seriously? I’m going to assume those were jokes because i am higher on the list than those 3. Even Bell and Leach are not candidates at all.

    What about Wittingham, Edsall, Gruden, Holgorsen, Malzhan, etc. I could think of about a dozen names that are more likely than the 5 above.

  4. From Wikipedia:

    Mularkey was hired as the Pittsburgh Steelers tight ends coach in 1996 and held the position until the conclusion of the 2000 season, when he replaced Kevin Gilbride as the team’s offensive coordinator. He has a reputation for being an offense-oriented head coach with a penchant for trick plays. His skill for creating special packages to utilize multi-dimensional players such as Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El earned him the nickname “Inspector Gadget”[1] . Even with his creative imagination, his philosophy of being the most physical punishing offense helped the Steelers average 10+ wins a year during his 3 years as offensive coordinator.

  5. I’ve been kidding my FSU friends that we’re going to hire Fisher away from them. I’m just kidding, because, this year notwithstanding, I still don’t think Fisher’s going to turn out as that great of a coach. It gets a rise from the FSU faithful, though.

  6. Head coaches are restricted from going out and recruiting, so Mullen wouldn’t have to do the dirty work any longer. Have him steal a top recruiting coordinator from somebody and put him to work.
    Reality is, Mullen’s teams look organized, efficient, and capable. We tried the recruiter coach who couldn’t coach in Zook, I say let’s bring in a guy who can develop football teams and have him hire recruiters to bring him the talent.
    I think Mullen would be a great choice.

  7. Dooley, as someone who is relatively new to Gainesville, but not new to D-I athletics, I am astounded at your lack of professionalism and how immature you are when it comes to discussing Gator athletics. You seem to just bumble along and point fingers when and where you want without ever really knowing what you’re talking about. Must be a great job. I guess that’s why Gator Nation turns to national media over someone like you.

  8. Bring back Charlie Strong as HC and make Kerwin his OC and the Gators will be riding high again real fast with a fun offense and a nasty D. Kerwin will also bring back Jerry Odom with him (his DC @ JU) to coach the backers.. I know it won’t happen (makes too much sense) but its fun to think what if?

  9. We (gators) better get Kerwin back in the fold soon before someone makes him there D1 head coach after what he has accomplished at JU ( 10-1 this year and 2X pioneer conf champs with a non-scholarship program competeing against scholarship schools) Pleeease not Dan Mullens, I can’t watch anymore of the spread option, going from stevo’s fun n gun to the spread is like dating a supermodel and having to marry the fat, ugly chick that your mama wanted you to like. ( she gets the job done, but sooo hard to look at)..

  10. Don’t you think Super Steve deserves a courtesy call? I think he would take the job. He would more than double his salary, have better recruits to work with, return to a place he and his wife love, and correct the mistake he made in leaving. Life is about second chances. JEREMY, call Steve.

  11. Couple of thoughts. First, thanks for your usual well-placed humor, Pat! let’s see if Gator Ray Graves wants to come back. Few people realize, I think, that the old Bull Gator still ranks second on our all-time UF coaching list for wins. Second, I believe Stoops is the logical first choice. He said ‘no’ in 2002, showed no interest two years later. He realizes this is gonna be his last opportunity, if he’s ever harbored any notion of coaching in Gainesville. And the Big Twelve is wilting little by little. After Stoops, I have no clue except to keep an eye out for Gruden. And I like my neighbor’s suggestion of Mike Mullarkey. Those are my three best guesses.

  12. I agree Lizardgrad89. Mullen looks like he knows what he’s doing and he does. We won two national championships with the spread – that’s terrible. No it’s not. Cowher is an interesting idea. His jaw alone is worth a couple of victories a year. Foley knows what he’s doing he’ll make the right choice.

  13. I like Gary Patterson record a LOT …. he’s really done an amazing job at TCU, and in the backyards of the Big Boys. Now they’re one too. He’s the “most proven” College Coach who isn’t yet at a traditional Top 10 power. He’s the lowest risk choice. But TCU can match UF dollar-for-dollar.

    My #2 is Harbaugh. Another guy with great success, recruiting and on the field, against the Big Boys in a power conference, although his track record is not as long as Patterson’s. Inspirational guy with a fun bit of in-your-face mentality like SOS. But can Foley convince him that, if he wants to stay with college ball for a while, coming to what may be the #1 college job would be better for him than his alma mater, Michigan.

    Another possibility who isn’t getting much air-time is Randy Edsall of Connecticut, another proven program builder with an eye for talent. I think he could carry on the traditions in an impressive way in Gatorland. (And having s good place for his horse/s would be no problem.)

    While Foley has communicated that head coaching experience is not an absolute requirement, selecting someone who has already experienced that role and responsibilities eliminates one of the major risks of failure. So I would be surprised if a current OC or DC gets picked.

    Of possible pro coaches, the only one that would excite me would be Jeff Fisher, if the Titans are stupid enough to push him out the door at the end of this season. Gruden has a lot of charisma and is incredibly hard-working, but his history of working with people has been rocky. (OTOH, he’s still young, and life’s a learning journey.) But you have to wonder about his commitment to college ball, he seems such an NFL-lifer.

  14. I have told you people before you do NOT want an NFL coach to become the head coach at Florida. They coach “Not to Lose” instead of “Coaching to win” There is a difference. The NFL plays to get a field goal lead and then goes into prevent mode, that will not work in college football.

    So no to Bill Belichick, no to Jon Gruden and no to Bill Cowher.

    And for all you people who can’t get out of the past Spurrior is not coming back and Kerwin bell does not have the experience needed. Grow up.

  15. Chris Petersen rumors are raining down like its the second eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Okay, maybe not quite that much. But, there are a lot of people with “inside sources” that are simulaneously claiming the exact same thing.

  16. I say NO to Stoops. He has snubbed us twice already and not sure how much he has left in the tank. Mullen is probably not the highest choice but think it makes sense with all the recruits and coaching tree that he is in. You know he would have a solid DC and it would be an easy fit at Florida. So what if he is not the best recruiter. HBC’s have limited access anyway so bring in a recruiting coach and get going. How does this sound (what if)
    Mullen HC
    Kerwin Bell DC
    Think it would be a great combo.

  17. Not sure Stoops would want to leave OU for the very reason you say he would: the Big 12 is wilting. They still get a bid to the BCS, and it will be easier to win that conference now. Why not stay to create a legacy?

  18. Well, Pat I am certainly glad you are not picking the next coach. Stoops is not the #1 coach on Foley’s list – the Gators aren’t that desperate. Have you looked at Stoops record in the NC game – not to good at least for the Gators. If you haven’t checked Mississippi State’s record, it is 8-4 in Mullen’s second season. They are bowl bound and only lost to Auburn by 3 points. Pretty impressive considering just a couple of years ago MSU lost to Maine.

  19. Whoever gets the job should hire Kerwin Bell as OC, period! Would love the Charlie Strong, Kerwin Bell combo package!! Both now have head coaching experience and have accomplishment above and beyond expectations in current jobs! Sounds like a win, win to me!

  20. How about bringing back SS? Just kiddding – if he was a bit younger and willing to work 5 more years I would not be kidding. I like Harbaugh or Gruden, Harbaugh is a tough hardnose young coach that could build another dynasty.

  21. With the cubard full, its the long term that’s important. A solid stable experienced coach, select great assistant coaches, and excellent player recruiting choices, are elements required for the next Gator Coach.