The High Five, Vol. 12


Another edition of the High Five as college football heads down the home stretch.

1. I don’t know if it’s any consolation to Florida fans for a rough season but if Georgia beats Georgia Tech and Tennessee beats Kentucky this weekend Florida will have only played one team this year with a losing record (Vanderbilt). That means there’s a real chance that 10 of Florida’s 2010 opponents will be in bowl games (and App State in theFCS playoffs). No? Nothing? Just pointing out that Florida had a rough schedule but it will be easy compared to next year’s.

2. Saturday night’s Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game should be epic. And it will have a big influence on my Heisman vote. You have to look atOkie State quarterback Brandon Weeden, who threw for 389 yards and three touchdowns against Kansas. Weeden set the Cowboys’ all-time record for total offense with possibly three games remaining. With the Cam Newton situation conflicting so many voters, could be see an upset in the Heisman race?

3. For all of the gnashing of teeth about Florida’s disappointing season, it’s gotta be tough at Iowa. The Hawkeyes are also 7-4 and have lost their four games by a total of 15 points. Unlike Florida, Iowa had a ton of returning starters from an 11-2 season. Considering how Florida, Iowa and Texas have fared this season, maybe we should start thinking about doing away withpre-season polls.

4. Hey, Nebraska, enjoy your time in the Big 10. And here’s a going-away present. You get 16 penalties in a huge game against Texas A&M and the Aggies get two. And one of the penalties helps A&M drive to the winning field goal. Thanks for coming. Signed, the Big 12.

5. Player of the week — In a runaway, it has to be Illinois running back Mike Leshoure. He ran for 330 yards and two touchdowns in the Illini’s win which probably saved Ron Zook’s job. Considering the quirky rules put in for the game at Wrigley Field, I guess you can say Leshoure is an east-west runner.

Three to grow on
Auburn at Alabama, 2:30 p.m., CBS
LSU at Arkansas, 3:30 p.m., CBS
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, 8 p.m., ABC


  1. Pat,
    The “gnashing of teeth” is due to: FLA. is an A-TYPICAL ~COULD OF BEEN…The potential of this team and the lack of SOMETHING is what stems so much frustration as a FAN OF FLA. FOOTBAL!!
    Can anyone tell me that LSU has more TALENT than FLA.? I think NOT!
    Was South Caroina’s talent that MUCH BETTER -collectively- NO! They had 3 PLAYERS on OFFENSE and WE KNEW WHO THEY WERE!
    I hope URB’S FLORIDA FOOTBALL TEAM can now show THE GATOR NATION that FLA Football will be REPRESENTED … in the house …in Tally next Sat.

  2. Hopefully Dumbazzio doesn’t go back to being his normal self, if he does dive play the offense into the ground the Criminals might actually win. Can anyone answer this question, why isn’t Jordan Reed starting? Please don’t give me Meyers answer he’s not a functional QB yet because neither is Brantley.

  3. Sometimes being a highly paid coach means having to make decisions that are best for the program, even if it hurts a friends chances of being a head coach. Let’s beat FSU, and lets search for an offensive coordinator we can belive in.

  4. Jordan Reed should be the starter. A lot of Div 1 teams even start true freshmen at quarterback. He is the quarterback of the future and I hope he is kept at quarterback and not relegated to tight end again to keep John Brantley or Jeff Driscol happy. He is the proven winner at qb. There’s plenty of room for Driscol. Don’t most teams have ar least 2 functional quarterbacks? Reed is the round peg for the round hole. With his size he could even make some of those Tebow dive plays work.

  5. Paul, you must be a former team manager to make a statement like Reed is the QB of the future. Reed might be a round peg in a round hole, but to work, a round peg has to be the right size for the round hole. He didn’t fit well enough in his previous year here and moved to tight end. The problem is Adazio and Loefler, not Brantley. Driskell is the real deal and will make everyone forget about TEBOW.

  6. How can anyone think of starting Reed over Brantley? He’s been here three yrs, sat behind the greatest player in CFB history, and he’s a Florida legacy. I don’t care if he’s just as likely to throw an Int as a TD. I don’t care that he only makes one read then dumps it off, I don’t care that he can’t hit players when they’re wide open, I’m not concerned that he can’t run this offense. He is John Brantley. (You can insert sarcastic Laugh now, it really hurt writing that.) Reed is the best QB for this offense. He looks good on his throws, he can run the ball, and he is the running/passing threat that makes this offense run like it’s supposed to. We have nothing left to lose, at this point I don’t give a $hit if we beat FSU, I’m looking towards next yr, and getting back into title contention. We can’t do that with Brantley/Addazio. Are Meyers loyalties with those two, or with Winning? The sooner he realizes he can’t have both, the better off UF will be, and the sooner we go back to playing football like the Florida Gators.

  7. Jordan Reed is a QB and a winner. Did you seem him push Beemer in the end zone to score that TD? Class Act by JR. He is big, fast, has moves in space and look like he has a great arm. At 60% functional, he gives us the best opportunity to play our kind of football. He’s also a great athlete….. a guy who will make and create plays. Gators, this is our QB…..the offense just pops with him in the game.

  8. All of you who truly believe Reed is the answer at QB are living in a fantasy world. Meyer and Addazio are the problem, not Brantly. Brantly would start at any D-I school he went to and at UF they can’t figure out how to use his skills. It is a coaching problem, not a QB problem. Quit blaming this on a kid and look at the bigger picture, UF’s coaches simply are incapable of running an offense with a throwing QB. No creativity and a lot of stubborness has created what we see on the field. Addazio will be gone next year and Brantly will remain the starter because he is the best QB on the team!

  9. @Doug: careful there. Many of these bloggers have been Gators for decades and Gator Football IS a large part of their ‘life’. Even for someone such as myself (only a Gator for ten years or so), we enjoy sharing ideas and insulting each other on blogs such as Pat’s and Robbie’s.

    Glad to see the Gators take AppState to the woodshed. Just keeping my fingers crossed that Urban doesn’t let Addazzio off his leash until after our trip to Doak.

  10. The three headed monster feasted on the App-etizers. The main course comes next week. Can you say Nole Cassarole ?
    This was an impressive win for many reasons. We executed our plan and our offensive production was great from start to finish. How much did we miss Chris Rainey in those five games?
    An awful lot.
    Congrats to Ahmad Black and Mike Pouncey for their dedication, talent and team -spirit these four years. I’ll enjoy watching them on Sundays.
    Coaches let’s win big in Doak Campbell and get a good Bowl game.
    Lakeland GatorNaught

    I watched the game replay, but missed the first 5 minutes or so. Unless it appeared in that time, the “Three Headed (QB) Monster” (3HQM) did not make an appearance in the App. St. game.
    The “3HQM” was only used in the Georgia and Vandy games – in the hurry-up, no-huddle offense – when all three QB’s were simultaneously in the backfield shifting almost continuously until the snap (so the defense wouldn’t know which QB, and thus defensive alignment, to play).
    I did not see any such shifting against App. St.. All three played, but, in large part, only one at a time in the backfield as QB.
    There WAS at least one play (that I noticed), however, when both Burton and Brantley were lined up equidistant behind the Center, each equally offset – right & left – so as to disguise, positionally, which was the impending QB for that play. Furthermore, on said play, though JB exhibited all the body language and, no doubt, cadences of a QB, including the final clap of the hands for the hike, the ball was snapped to Trey. Even if Reed was in at Tight End, this would only qualify as a “2HQM,” albeit motionless (no shifting).
    I liked that play, but I would add a twist: have both QB’s, on any given play, SHARE a cadence call (alternatingly,… back & forth), with their hands held out, up until the ball is snapped.
    That arrangement has A LOT of potential (even more so if there’s an RB set back with them)! The Defense wouldn’t know which QB was going to end up BEING the QB on any given play UNTIL the snap! They’d be facing the potential of a forward pass (by either), a screen pass (by either), a shuffle pass (by Brantley), a dive (by Trey), a draw (by Trey,… or the RB), or a flea flicker (I would not do the Option with Brantley in the backfield). Such a set would not require all of the potentially confusing QB shifting.
    Reed is like Brantley and Burton COMBINED, only better!! He can do ALL of the above, PLUS the Option!!!
    We should alternate between these two basic QB sets (one a solo, the other a duo), and we could mix them up a bit: Brantley with Burton, Brantley with Reed, Reed with Burton, or Reed solo (w/RB), BUT NEVER Brantley solo!!!
    If Burton can pass (I haven’t seen him), I suppose he could set as solo QB also (w/RB).
    Now, IMAGINE with me that Brantley was not a “Legacy.” The “Three Headed (QB) Monster” would never have entered into the Gator lexicon! Reed would undoubtedly be the starting QB, and Burton would be the all-purpose utility player – like he was at the start. Period!
    I NEVER liked Spurrier’s two quarterback system, in which he played one QB at a time, alternating each play between the two QB’s; a convenient way to send in the next play-call, perhaps, but unnecessary, if not inefficient!…
    However, I’m intrigued by the aforementioned so-called “2HQM,” which is/are played SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!
    Imagine if Tebow had a mobile quarterback in the backfield WITH him (like Burton; or Driskel, next year)! Instead of teams dedicating a “spy” (or whatever they’re called) on each play to follow Tebow, they’d have to dedicate TWO to follow BOTH!!
    The key, as I see it, that makes this work – like the above mentioned play,… only with better personnel (ie: no Brantley) – is having both QB’s line up equidistant behind the Center, each equally offset – right & left – and BOTH SHARING the cadence call on EACH play so as to disguise, positionally & vocally, which was the impending QB for THAT play.
    Talk about freezing and frustrating defenses!
    MY GOODNESS, can you imagine having the likes of Tebow AND Reed SIMULTANEOUSLY sharing the QB position on EACH play – the impending primary one (QB) being CLOAKED up until the snap due to their “mirror image” positions & shared (back & forth) cadence calling?!?!?
    We may have the near equivalent next year with Reed and Driskel!!
    This could be a whole new wave of offense.
    “Power I-Set,” “Wishbone,” “Option,” “Spread Option,” and now my “SLEEPER Q-SPREAD” or “SLEEPER Q-OPTION!”
    Yeah, me!!!
    Gotta go!
    Gotta send Urban a letter!

  12. Brantley is not a legacy, at least not from anything that has been demonstrated on the field. Does it really matter who he is related to? His playing time may be from what was promised to him as he sat behind Tim Tebow for his chance to play. Brantley will do very well in pro-football where drop back passers are the norm. Maybe a few pro-style offensive settups would be good for him and the team and really keep defenses guessing. As for now, Jordan Reed is a natural for the spread option offense.

  13. Eight touchdowns, eight picks! If Addazio really thinks that Brantley is capable of winning this game, it’s going to be a long afternoon and Brantley is going to spend a lot of time on his back looking at the sky!

  14. @Paul —
    I agree, Brantley undoubtedly was promised “his due” for his patience and dedication, but I’d like to think that one should still have to earn it.
    It was probably promised as “his to LOSE,” with the understanding that a virtual tie or even a slight deficit would RETAIN for him the Starter’s position.
    Unlike pro-football, this is not entirely unfair in the College football paradigm wherein each player has a max of only 4 or 5 years of eligibility.
    Somewhat counter-intuitively, then, perhaps seniority MUST be considered to BE fair at this level!
    That said, FBS level football is BIG BU$INE$$, and “fairness” can only go so far, obviously.
    Skill victories Brantley achieved on the practice field are not translating to game-time, but instead of replacing him with an athlete that clearly demonstrates superior game-time skills – like most Head Coaches logically would – Meyer signs off on an extremely unorthodox, risky, and perhaps even unprecedented, “Three Headed QB Monster!”
    Well, if related to a presumed promised, then maybe Urban thinks a PARTIAL premier season – with only two left – is both insufficient and unfair to judge Brantley. MAYBE!
    I still think, however, that most Coaches – otherwise unobstructed – would make the switch. The Ole Ball Coach certainly did!!!
    Could a mere promise to an 18 year old explain such loyalty?
    With Meyer,… possibly. But he’s not an island; he answers to Jeremy Foley, who answers to The Univ. President, who answers to Univ. Commissioners (or whatever), who hear from Boosters, who, as fans themselves, hear from the rest of us – especially Alumni!!!
    I believe the Brantley Legacy is the “unspoken” and overriding factor that best explains it. [Even though this situation appears not to be one of “like father, like son,” Legacies rarely are].
    It’s not NECESSARILY a bad thing; his father IS a famous alum and is probably a financial supporter – perhaps substantially so – so it’s not incomprehensible that some “politics” would enter in!
    In a nutshell, that’s all I’m sayin’!
    As for pro-style setups doing good, well, they certainly did for Chris Leak (“The Sieve”)! Meyer mixed a winning brew of pro-style and Spread Option Offense in 2006! Ahh, those were the [pre-Addazio] days my friend, we thought they’d never end!
    Drop-back pocket passers, however, REQUIRE a decent OL. As much as I like Pouncey, he and his compatriots stunk it up this year. No two ways about it. Period! He MIGHT be drafted in the top ten (as per Addazio), but in the Second Round, not the First (IMHO). [unless there’s GREAT need at “C” and “G” early on].
    Lastly, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on Brantley’s professional prospects,… in the NFL at least.
    Aside from his occasional beautiful pass, he all too often – uncontested – throws short passes high and long passes short.
    I would rank him very low,… VERY low indeed amongst the pantheon of Gator QB’s.
    “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

    See: “@Paul” above (Nov. 23rd, 10:53 am); approx.3rd paragraph —
    “Well, if related to a presumed promised [sic], then maybe Urban thinks a PARTIAL premier season – with only two left – is both insufficient and unfair to judge Brantley. MAYBE!”
    By “with only two left” I intended to mean “with only two [to play – out of four; this current ‘partial’ season being the first].”
    I know Brantley’s a Junior with only one season of eligibility left after this year’s season.
    PS: In the pursuit of [neurotic] perfection.

  16. trouble with Gators began with Meyers problems.Just the way things go.Health issues affect everyone sooner or later, and he has unbelievable pressure cooking job.he was not the same this year,his thinking, his coaching, etc.He has to go back to being Urban, or retire from this type of job. No disgrace, and certainly no apology to anybody.He’s been great, but maybe he can’t do it anymore. Happens.

  17. truth is all the trouble with this program starts with Urban.He had a physical problem, and probably some emotional issues.This team didn’t come close to playing with fire as his previous teams. That’s because he didn’t show a lot either.Unfortunately, as the head ball coach,your all in, or all out. Can he get the passion reved up again?We’ll see.

  18. truth is all the trouble with this program starts with Urban.He had a physical problem, and probably some emotional issues.This team didn’t come close to playing with fire as his previous teams. That’s because he didn’t show a lot either.Unfortunately, as the head ball coach,your all in, or all out. Can he get the passion reved up again?We’ll see.