Choke hold


Just like last year, there appears to be controversy well after the final gun sounded in the Florida-Georgia game.

Last year it was an eye-gouge attempt. This time it’s a choke hold.

I watched the CBS broadcast Sunday night and it was clear that Georgia defensive coordinator grabbed his throat. I had wondered why Chas Henry lifted his helmet after Georgia called time-out in overtime to ice him. What Henry said I can’t repeat.

But after watching the telecast (which my wife brilliantly DVR’d) it’s clear he was responding to Grantham.

So I went back again and watched and I could clearly see Grantham grab his throat and say, “You’re going to bleepin’ choke.” The he went for the throat again and said, “You’re going to choke.”

Henry did not and Florida won 34-31 in overtime. So my question to you, readers, is how big a deal is this? I personally think it has no place in college football.

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. It has no place in college ball and below – if they want to do that crap in the pros go for it. Grantham is supposed to be a teacher of young men and therefore needs to set a positive example. That behavior is not acceptable and he should apologize at the very least. The Georgia Athletic Department is full of good leaders (not) – 1st Damon Evan and now sleaze bag Grantham!! Hopefully McGarity will straighten things out there.

  2. I first saw this on Breakfast with the Gators on Sunday morning, as i went to the game. I initially thought that the coach doing it was just grad coach, strength coach, or ball boy really, as they are usually the “emotional ones” that dont always use thier heads. Now to find out it is the DC, he and Richt should be ashamed. He repeatedly used the choke sign over and over again, while yelling at Henry. That type of “coaching” is a disgrace. You can expect it from fans, but not coaches or anyone on the sidelines really. Can you imagine the outlash if Meyer would have done the same thing? Stay classy Georgia

  3. Pat
    Can unsportsmanlike conduct penalites be called on the bench (in this case Georgia’s) I agree but would say this type of behavior has no place in sports of any kind! If it gets Chas Henry fired up enough to make all his kicks then maybe DJ Durkin needs to remind him about before every kick or punt the rest of the season!
    Go Gators!

  4. Georia should be embarrased and outraged that a coach could stoop to this level. If Florida had done this the whole country would be calling for action to be taken but as we have seen in the past Georgia has to try silly tactics to win.

  5. The DC should be a leader and model. However, his act was despicable. This was more than a fiery coach acting on emotion. I agree with you Pat, this geture and verbal taunt have no place in College Football.

  6. Well, when I heard about the “Choke” hold, I didn’t think much of it and chalked it up to the Media making a big deal over nothing, as they so often like to do. However, if what you say is true and the Georgia coach yelled offensive, derogatory remarks to an opposing player, well that’s more than a “Choke” signal. In my opinion, that is well over the line to be crossed and I would be upset if T. Austin had done something like that. There should be an investigation and some sort of punishment (besides losing the game) should come of this.

  7. I was at the game Saturday and they showed Chas Henry on the big screens in the stadium push up his helmet right after Georgia called that timeout. It looked to me at the time that he was blowing a kiss at the GA sideline, but obviously not given your review. Really glad he made that kick after all that. It would be one thing for a GA player to have yelled something to him, but a little over the top for a coach to act in that manner. Any investigation or discipline would be overkill though as the embarassment in the media is bad enough for Grantham.

  8. This is not a big deal in my opinion. These are not kids playing pop warner, it is big business with high stakes so if you want to do whatever you think it is that gets in the minds of the opponent, go ahead. We idolize these guys, but something like this happens and we worry about their “feelings”, cmon go join the boy scouts.

  9. I understand how people get caught up in emotions during times like that, but I do agree those kinds of getures have no place in college football. Players get penalized for celebating after a big score, as well as taunting after a big hit. This coach was doing the same thing. Are the coaches not held to the same sportsmanship rules as the kids are? I am all about letting people express emotions during competitions, and I believe that some celebration penalties are senseless. But this crossed the line.

  10. All Atlanta sports talk radio stations are saying it’s no big deal and that Meyer has “Gator-Chomped” other teams. They also are continuing to say that the Gators should have had an excessive celebration penalty and actually are comparing it to what Richt did a few years ago. I wish you would address that issue.

    It’s hard being a Gator deep in enemy territory…

  11. Where were the officials when Hines got the forearm to the face? I guess they were more concerned with whether Shawn Williams and his Dawg mates might celebrate the dirty hit on Hines than calling the obvious unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Williams.

    And the obvious double standard by the egg sucking dog media is nothing new to Gators, especially those of us who reside among these scumbags in Georgia.

  12. I would say that his punishment be left up to UGA and Coach Richt. I agree with Richt’s statement, “in the heat of battle people do things they normally wouldn’t do.” To get to the type of position that Grantham is in, especially at a major Div 1 school, you must be highly competitive. With that being said, he should be ashamed of this particular “choke” gesture. There are a lot of better ways to express yourself in the heat of battle. Let’s just use this as motivation to beat their a$$es again next year and make it 19 of the last 22.

  13. Well, it certainly isn’t appropriate. However, it is not as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. It’s a rivalry game and if emotions don’t get out of hand a little, then it really must not be that big of a game. This was HUGE for both teams. Having said that, a coach should know better.

  14. Yelling it at a kid is ridiculous. But, considering Richt’s history (echo of the whistle, team running onto the field, etc) – not terribly surprising. Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Georgia, noooo. And they don’t hold either!

  15. Pat, like you I feel there is no place in college football for this, especially coming from a coach. However, it is Georgia football, and I don’t considerate it a big deal. The elbow to Hines is different, and deserved attention from the officials in the form of a yellow flag.

    Living in Georgia and being subjected to their fans on a daily basis, has toughened my hide and made plain what their fan base deems acceptable.

  16. Was it classless? Yes. Is it a big deal? Not really. The kids on both teams played a really good football game, so how about we just leave it at that. By the way, I lived just outside of Atlanta for a couple years until last year, and I can tell you that the Georgia fans have a hatred for all things Gator, and the continuing lossses to UF are eating them alive. Pull up the AJC on line this week and read Mark Bradley’s column on Mark Richt and UGA coaching, and then read the write in comments. About 1,300 when I last checked, and some of them are a hoot. Bottom line, Dawg Nation is livid over the loss. Hey Tampa Gator Dave, they seem to appreciate your point of view, at least the more rational writers anyway!

  17. If a Gator coach had done that, it would be all over Sportscenter, and analysts and columnists everywhere would be railing about how “classless” Florida and Urban Meyer are. It happens against Florida, though, and its no big deal. Gimme a break.

  18. I think that the publicity about the incident is punishment enough. However, I think giving Chas the sign obviously had the opposite impact than what Grantham planned. It just help fire Chas up – not ice him. That kick was dead center. Concerning the alleged excessive Gator celebration, that’s ridiculous since the play was thought to be a ‘game winner’ at the time.

  19. Pat, I agree completely. Under no circumstances should coaches ever taunt opposing players. This significantly damages Grantham’s credibility to mentor young men. Imagine Urban Meyer mocking Florida State with a half hearted tomahawk chop. Everyone would go bonkers. If Grantham does not own up and apologize, it damages his integrity further, and shows the kind of person he really is. It encourages his players to stoop to lower levels. I shudder to think such an action is excused as merely “getting caught up in the moment”. Coaches must always be above such actions. Check out Jeff Shultz’s article at Atlanta Journal Constitution online. He nails it.

  20. A large fine and suspension from the SEC would be appropriate here. Coaches are not to go over the line, but rather be a good example for the players. Doing nothing means that this is acceptable conduct!!!

  21. The choke sign by a coach has no place in college athletics and Mark Richt should have clearly said so. I can excuse Grantham doing it if it was the first time given emotions and this is not a pattern. But there is no excuse for him and Richt not apologizing a day or two after the emotions are more controlled. If this is OK then think about all the coaches doing it every game……is that what we want college football to be? Does sportsmanship play no role in college sports? Even against Florida I do not wish for any athlete to choke for us to win the game….I always hope we win it by a great play from one of our own. He should have been coaching his defense to block it and save the choking sign next time he needs a Heimlich maneuver.

  22. really its no big deal. With all the emotion flying around at the end of that game its just one of those things that happens in the heat of battle.
    what the hell, The Gators won and The Dogs are left licking their private parts again, hope they dont CHOKE on it.

  23. First off the coaches represent the university on a professional level. There is nothing wrong with a coach getting pumped up or even gettin loud verbally to his players. keyword HIS PLAYERS. for a coach who is paid by his university to make a verbal and physical taunt at an opposing teams player is pretty redneck and tasteless.How unprofessional is this really????? The more I think about this I think mike slive should have a serious issue with this and georgia should recieve a fine. These kids do not get paid to play ball just to wear the colors and represent the school. if Georgias’ d coord displays this after all the trouble goergia has had is sad for them. Maybe Richt should put him in the booth the next game.

  24. No big deal. Since Chas made the kick the joke’s on him. I do wonder though had a player on the filed been doing this before the play would he have been assessed and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty? If so, Grantham should have been penalized the same.

  25. Mr.Dooley,i have played organized sports all of my life and thank GOD,I always had coaches that preached to me about good sportsmanship. However,when you participate against certain institiutions like georgia,fsu,etc. you must defend yourself even if it goes against your principles. Georgia will never be forgiven for the end zone celebration a few years back. Believe me,Urban Meyer and his staff remind the guys of this incident periodically. Am i glad Brandon Spikes tried to gouge the eyes of a ga.player? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! That is how you have to play these guys. Should we be upset about the’s choke sign? NEVER!!! JUST DONT FORGET IT THE NEXT TIME YOU GET A CHANCE TO LOOK ACROSS THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and KNOCK THE HELL OUT OF ONE OF THEIR GUYS WITH A BLOW TO THE HELMET!!! HOPEFULLY,OMARIUS HINES WONT FORGET WHAT IT FELT LIKE THE NEXT TIME HE FACES THOSE poor little dawgs…I love the POUNCEY BROTHERS!!!! They told me that they dont want to whip the man in front of them….they would rather MAUL him!!!!!

  26. Unacceptable for a coach to behave this way. Not a huge deal, but what an A**. Reflects very poorly on them and may be the swing vote for a mama or two. Who’d want to play for clowns like this? 4-5 to boot.

  27. It definitely has a place in college football, but that place is in the stands. Maybe from a mascot. Certainly not from a coach. It makes him look childish and stupid, and having seen his defense struggle while he’s paraded around the sideline like a baboon all season, I’m thinking he probably is childish and stupid.

    It’s not morally reprehensible or anything, just buffoonish. When I first saw Grantham making a fool of himself on the sideline I thought he must be some graduate assistant serving as a make-shift cheerleader. I had no idea he was their defensive coordinator (and one with an NFL pedigree at that).

  28. Nice one Danny Jack!

    What in tarnation are you talking about? Institutions like Georgia, FSU? They are called universities. They are all roughly the same. They teach some students certain skills and modes of thinking. They are not out to get anyone.

    Are you one of those types sitting in the parlor with a shotgun on the lap, waiting for a census taker to drop by so that you can defend yourself.

    Do yourself a favor. Check yourself into a mental clinic.

  29. After the winning field goal, I thought Chas was trying to get back at the Georgia player who “struck a pose” in the end zone after the dogs first touchdown. I was proud of the Gator players who swept him up so that he didn’t mimic that pose. Seems he had a Georgia coach, not a player to respond to. I saw the Georgia choke gesture during the OT but didn’t think too much about it until hearing about the verbal part. But he who laughs last, laughs best. May the rivalry continue! As SOS told Peyton Manning, we don’t like Georgia much around here.

  30. BC- as a college strength coach I take offense to that. Not really, haha. I understand the stereotype. But believe it or not, we’re not just a bunch of knuckle-dragging meat heads with a club over one shoulder and an unconcious paleolithic woman over the other.

    Pat- I don’t believe that it has a place in college football, but I think the fact that he did it makes Chas Henry’s kick even more glorious. Their coach doesn’t regret doing it on a moral level, and he would probably do it again if he thought it would help his team win. So instead of Gator Nation getting furious and the NCAA demanding action, resulting in Grantham robotically giving some obligatory apology that an intern in the athletic department wrote, I’d rather we all just let Henry’s kick serve as an “in-you-face” and be done with it.

    I would also like to point out that guys like Chas Henry live for pressure-filled situations like that. I’ve worked with hundreds upon hundreds of college athletes. And the great ones always rise up when they are pressured or challenged (with a smile on their face, no less). I fully believe it is Grantham’s responsibility to set a Godly example for his players. Ultimately, he failed them, and owes them an apology. But I have a funny feeling that Chas Henry thinks back on it and has a smile just for Grantham.

    Now here’s another question for you: What if Henry missed? Personally I think all of my points would still apply, but it would have been interesting to see how the matter would have been debated then.

  31. John – I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned the after-the-whistle extra-curricular dirty play. I notice this type behavior more in the GA game than any other. All false bravado does is burn energy – let them keep it up and let the Gators ignore it and save their energy for when it counts. Regarding Grantham, who cares? It’s classless, but should come as no surprise to anyone.

  32. Once again the Gators prevail in a game for the ages.

    If anyone is choking it is mark richt and the georgia bulldogs.

    richt is 0-6 vs Myer, the bulldogs have lost 18 of the last 21.

    Next year the entire Florida Fan base in the stadium should do a coordinated choke gesture to the university of georgia and their football team.

    We should chant Hey dogs Choke on This!

  33. When I saw this during the game, I was shocked. Not because I am a Gator fan, but more because I think differently now that I have kids. I also think of a 20 year old as a kid. So when I see a grown man yelling at a kid and repeatedly showing poor sportsmanship, I am dismayed. Coaches are in fact the people that are charged with teaching kids sportsmanship. It is not surprising that any of the players on the team didn’t find anything wrong with it since they draw their cues from their leadership (the coaches). It was childish and embarrassing for the coach and I think he should apologize to all affected.

  34. Why do the rules require officials to flag players for unsportsmanlike conduct when they celebrate even a little bit when they score, yet this kind of behavior is permissible? And I agree that if a Florida coach had done this, it would be talked about on ESPN for the remainder of the season.

    That said, based on Richt’s record against the Gators, let’s hope he never leaves.

  35. Hey Grantham this is the SEC not the NFL. Should that not been a Taunting Penalty for the repeated act. How about an unsportsman like penalty for Cursing at a player. Several things here. No class by UGA, Richt obviously that close had no problem with it, and last SEC refs let way too much go. There is no place for this in CFB.

  36. What about the helmet to the earhole on the kickoff? If it wasn’t helmet to helmet it was certainly a block in the back. Don’t forget that early in the 3rd quarter our Gators had seven penalties to the Dogs one. Guess the refs weren’t trying to control the game either. I guess when you lose eight out of ten you’re granted a little latitude by everyone. Fortunately we won, the loss couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of (poor) sportsmen.

  37. Who cares what an assistant on the sidelines does. I can’t believe you talking airheads are even writing about it. It might be a problem if he pulls his johnson and waves it around, but for just being honest and hoping the kicker chokes is no big deal.

  38. A Man would not have done this. but Men make mistakes. A Man would own it, apologize and promise to do better.

    This pathetic excuse for a man did little else than admit he did it in his statement. We have no respect for him, or the Head Coach, who has a history of promoting classless, unsportsmanlike and childish activity.

  39. No doubt, for Grantham not to offer up an apology is unacceptable.

    Read the old koon dawg himself, Tony Barnhardt’s article in the Atlanta Journal Const. dead on.

    The guy has also been called “coach sweetshirt”, as a Ga Dawg, and aka the gator geek, dude from the start is the overweight, cussing, choke hold, blowhard kind of a coach. There all over the place, more at the high school level.

    For sure, Grantham should’ve come with an apology fast and told if anything of a sort happens again, he gets run.

    Congrats Gator Nation for the opportunity to face a Mike Bobo run offense. His first half antics allowed you to get over, yet again.

    Someone remind Spurrier in a few weeks that he is the biggest Gator of them all, and dude is sporting Carolina Gear? What is he thinking?

  40. A few years ago a HUGE deal was made about the throat slash. It seemed that all sports at all levels made a point to stomp it out — I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time. The throat slash was a thing players were doing. This is 100x worse because it’s the coach. Coaches should not be interacting with opposing players except for after the game patting them on the back and saying nice game. This guy has no business coaching kids.

  41. A classy example for a college coach to set, eh? That’s why this guy will never coach at Florida. Thanks for giving us some motivation for next year’s game. This guy should be suspended by the SEC for one game. Go Gators!

  42. You can expect that from time to time, players will do unsportmanlike things in the heat of battle. The coaches, however, should be held to a higher standard. What kind of behavior are they modeling for their players? In this case the refs should have penalized Grantham and the Bulldogs and the ball advanced 5 yards for a shorter FG. I think then Grantham would have been “More Necessarily Ashamed” about his behavior.
    Lakeland GatorNaught

  43. The gesture by Grantham shows very little class and it is only acceptable in the state of Georgia. Thank you Grantham for the extra motivation added for our team in years to come. Next time any of you think this is not a big deal, think about this: what if it is your son getting insulted and mocked before he tries a field goal? See if you’d like that.

  44. Please. Enough with the manufactured outrage and the talk about “class,” Gators. Until you start getting rid of players who send death threats and other players who eye gouge, you can’t even preach to Miami about class. So shut the hell up.

  45. College athletic coaches are mentors and examples for the young men and women that are involved in college sports. As such, they should be held to a high level of expectation and behavior. This kind of thing can become a precedent for other coaches and student athletes if not addressed now. Any coach who commits such a transgression should be appropriately reprimanded by the governing body of that school and conference.

  46. The gesture itself does not upset me much (although it is pretty classless of a 40-something year old coach), but yelling the profanity specifically at Chaz (if that is indeed the case) really is too much and a fine should be imposed.

    (I’ve been living in Atlanta 17 years now, and while some dawg fans may be very upset at the loss, most of them honestly are pretty humbled by now after the last 2 decades of beatings.)

  47. Chas answered the choke by putting the ball right down the center of the goal post.. We won the game, and while the Georgia coach acted like a whinny bed wetting liberal, lets move on its not worth the time to talk about..

  48. This is what Georgia has been reduced to. When your coach is on the hot seat, your players can’t get out of thier own way, and your assistant coaches are taunting the apposing teams players, someone is going to be looking for a new job very soon!

  49. Geez,
    Thank God, its not like it was a player who had been charged with a felon then pleaded down who played a role in the game when Meyer needed him. Oh that’s right that’s what the Gayturds did, played a felon, or not like your team rushed the field after an int, without penalty flags…oh yeah you did and weren’t penalized. Imagine that.
    Oh and btw this series turns in Jax next year. We won’t need no choke signs, or anything else.

  50. They have a 15 yard personal foul penalty for the players for just that sort of thing! It’s called taunting. Why can’t the coaches be penalized?! He should have been and the ball moved 15 yards closer to the end zone or 1/2 the distance. No place for taunting, hence the rule. ‘Nuff said!

  51. I still hate Pete Caroll for giving the choke sign to Pete Stoyanovitch when he was DC for the Jets. I’m really not too bothered by the Georgia DC giving same to Henry. Why the double standard? Pete missed his kick and the Dolphins lost. Chaz is the best punter in college ball, and not really a place kicker, but he made his kick and we won and Grantham had to eat crow. Its bad enough that he did it, worse for him that the kick was good, GA lost and he looks like an idiot! I agree with others that the yelling and cussing was worse than the choke sign. What a cad.

  52. When Georgia was in their heyday they owed it in large part to a coach by the name of Erk Russell whose coatails Vince Dooley rode to his success.(Dooley even went as far as to not support Russell as a candidate for head coach when Dooley resigned) Coach Russell’s defenses (known as the Junkyard Dogs) dominated the Gators with fierce but clean play. Coach Russell motivated those players, in part, by head butting them while they wore helmets and he wore none. Today that program is led by a Coach who motivates his players by encouraging them to get penalties for excessive celebration. Is it any surprise he would hire a coach who would behave in this manner. I am sure Coach Russell is happy his legacy culminated at Georgia Southern and not UGA.

  53. The irony of a writer who last year defended Spikes and for that matter all you Gator apologists who seemed to have no problem with Brandon Spikes trying to gouge out an eye last year but you see a problem with a coach trying to get in a players head? I swear Urban Meyer could go on a mass killing spree tomorrow and their would be a good portion of you defending him….pathetic in soo many ways..

  54. We have the Gator Chomp….they have the Georgia Choke…seems fitting to me!

    Otherwise…who bleepin’ cares. It’s not like we’re known for being a classy program. Vanderbilt is a classy program. So is Duke (football). Besides…how much sweeter for Chas Henry to stick that game winner to Grantham as a PUNTER after that?! I like the choke move by Grantham. It adds to an otherwise ridiculously lopsided rivalry. Choke on this Georgia!

  55. It’s poor behavior for anyone especially for a coach who’s suppose to be leader and a role model. We all make mistakes but the key here is he DID NOT APOLOGIZE. When you make a mistake, you apologize, you mean it, and you change your ways. He just wishes he didn’t do it and will move on. It doesn’t work like that. Based on his behavior I’m not surprised at his response. 4 times plus profanity. That’s a big deal.

  56. I don’t see what the big deal is over this! It’s not like he did the throat-slash or indicated thatch wanted Henry to get hurt! Why can’t coachesnget in to the game too? It’s their butts on the line, if they loose! We have become too sensitive, as a society! Sensitivity everywhere! Gee! He simply tried to play a head game on Henry, no different thannhim calling time out! I want my coaches to get intomthe game, not stand on the sideline, like a College Professor! Give me a break! I hate Georgia as much as anyone, but, there are worse things that happened during the game that should be talked about, like the fore-arm to the face, right in front of an official! Plus, the overall blind-eye by the officials to many
    infractions committed by GA. There was a block in the back on a kick off in then second half, once again, in front of an official. GA DB’s were
    holding our receivers all day and many holds by their OL! Let’s discuss these things, which matter!

  57. I live in ATL and its interesting to listen to all the UGA supporters call sports talk and write this off as emotion or no big deal. These are the same UGA fans who purport themselves and their program to be a bastion of class and integrity. Would they be so dismissive if the roles were reversed and a UF coach did this to a UGA player? This was far from the example set by Richt, whom I do respect. I’m even more surprised and disappointed Richt did not address this more sternly and Grantham did not apologize. I agree with GA fans who say their program needs a more fiery element to offset Richt’s even temperament, but that fire should be aimed at motivating their own team, not cussing at and attempting to intimidate the other team’s back up kicker. It’s classless, bush league and has no place for a highly paid representative of a university.

  58. What I’d like to know is why UGA’s #36, who took a forearm shot at Omarius Hines and took his helmet was ejected from the game? All the hoopla last year about Brandon Spikes’s eye gouging incident (which the UGA RB even said never happened), but no one holds UGA’s #36 accountable? Where’s all the media coverage? Where’s the outrage?

  59. bein oldschool and gator for 59 yrs we ve been takin stuff like this way to serious the coach did nt wish any harm like we would have wanted the dog punter to in the same sitiuation like the rest of the world things i grew up with and did myself with no malice towards another person blown way out wack lighten up people its for fun

  60. Give it some thought…it was Georgia! The hangover from the whippings by the Gators goes back for about 20 years now. Remember when we use to hate them because we would play hard and some how, some way find a way to lose? This thing has made full circle now and they don’t know how to handle it. Yes, it was classless and it has no place in sports, regardless of the setting. But in the end Chaz split the uprights and drove another dagger in the hearts of the bulldog faithful. Will Hill almost did and that moment gave them life and the chance to once again almost get there and then Chaz did his job. I already can’t wait until next year!!!! Go GATORS!!!

  61. When u play institutions of lower learning like georgia,you tend to expect this behavior year after year!!! It becomes commonplace for those kind of people to react as they do! Richt and his cronies came from fsu….that says it all!!! Hopefully,BOSTIC will take over for SPIKES and GOUGE a few eyes next year….and RUB THEIR FACES IN THE MUD!!! GO GATORS!!!!!

  62. I only saw the photo, but I don’t feel it’s a big deal at all. Just passionate gamesmanship.
    However, did anyone notice Mark Richt’s immediate reaction to the winning FG, shown on replay?
    He spat straight outward – not down – with a look of contempt or disdain on his face.
    It looked really classless.
    If anything, THAT’S offensive, and that’s what we should be talking about here.

  63. If you believe in poetic justice and natural consequences this is one for all time. Would an athletic director and university president choose a candiddate for a head coaching vacancy who shows that he will choke under pressure and resort to immature, silly gestures and words or one who displays class, especially in losing? Almost all assistant coaches wish to be a head coach one day. What has Grantham done to his chances, on national TV and on the internet? I say it was dumb and ill-timed but it will hurt Granbtham more than the Gators. The football players have shown class throughout this season and need not stoop to a lower level. I do love the 2010 Gqtor football team!

  64. 84,000 oeople going nuts,emotions get out of control.All Grantham has to say is I’m sorry. No more,no less. No fines , no punishment.From being there live to watching it on TV, people going nuts to make or miss the kick. It was the heat of the moment.

  65. Great point Paul to put this in perspective. When it comes time to hire someone as a head coach etc. is this the guy you want running your football program and representing your university. I wouldn’t. Put it another way what would you tell your kids – nieces – nephews – grand kids – etc. about this. That it’s OK to do this – you just got excited – don’t apologize – just move on. NO, apologize, be sincere, say it’s wrong behavior and then we move on. Henry saying it’s no big deal is wrong too. Kids watch these things and copy behavior. If you say it”s no big deal then they’ll do it – over and over again as we all know. Here’s some sarcasm for more perspective – I’m gonna go tell all the kids I know to not worry about it when they do this. No way. Time to move on since there will be no apology. Glad I’m on the other side.

  66. Georgia is having severe issues..sorta like Florida and NO, the Coach should have been more mature…and no…our Coaches wouldn’t do such a thing…it shows the DCs lack of professionalism…so like many other things…let this go and set our sights on bigger and better goals that lie ahead of us!

  67. Pat, I usually don’t make a fool of myself and embarrass those associated with me, but when I do, I prefer the choke gesture with profanity. Stay classy my bulldog friends.