The High Five, Vol. 9


The High Five hopes you had as great a Florida-Georgia weekend as, well, Chas Henry. Other than my daughter being traumatized by a streaker at the team hotel, it was just about perfect.

1. One thing Georgia is going to have to do in its efforts to beat Florida is to stop throwing interceptions. That’s nine in three years by three different Georgia quarterbacks, 10 if you count Will Hill’s on the two-point conversion. Still, Bulldog fans have to be encouraged by the play ofredshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray. He carved up Florida’s secondary in the second half. One key for Florida’s three -game winning streak against Georgia is they have contained receiver A.J. Green. Green is going to get some catches but he hasn’t hurt Florida badly. In his three games againstUF , the talented Green has 12 catches for 183 yards and only 92 in the last two games. The stat that matters — he’s 0-3 against the Gators and likely will finish that way as he is expected to turn pro.

2. So who would you vote for as SEC coach of the year this season? Gene Chizik or Dan Mullen? Chizik has his team unbeaten and with a shot at a national title. Mullen has Mississippi State at 7-2, which is absolutely amazing. Funny thing, I thought both were questionable hires. Shows what I know.

3. Did Cam Newton wrap up the Heisman on Saturday? Newton has had more Heisman moments than anybody else in America. Against Ole Miss he had a touchdown catch and a tackle on a fumble recovery in addition to his 254 yards rushing and passing.LaMichael James ran for 239 yards for Oregon, but it’s probably going to come down to how Newton plays in the Iron Bowl. Can you imagine the hype if Florida wins out and Auburn beats Alabama and it’s Cam Newton vs.UF for the SEC title? By the way, if there is one thing we have learned this college football season it’s that Monte Kiffin doesn’t have all the answers. Oregon gained 599 yards against hisUSC defense Saturday night.

4. It’s not college football but it deserves mention and a High Five. In Texas where they take their high school football seriously,Nacogdoches and Jacksonville played 12 overtimes after finishing regulation in a 28-all tie. The final was 84-81. The game ended well after midnight. Can you imagine the poor hacks who had to cover that one on deadline?

5. Player of the week: The High Five is going to go with Nebraska running back Roy Helu Jr. even if the Nebraska fans chanting his name mispronounced it. Helu set the Nebraska single-game rushing record with 307 yards and had 228 yards on his first 10 carries.

Three to grow on
Alabama at LSU, CBS, 3:30 p.m.
TCU at Utah, College Sports, 3:30
Arkansas at South Carolina, ESPN, 7


  1. Pat,
    After the Gators lost to Bama, way back then in early October, I predicted that UF would face Auburn in the SECCG. People thought I was nuts, but after seeing Auburn play and win close their fisrts games, I knew then they would be the team to beat in the SEC since that’s a trend I have seen lately in college FB and especially in the SEC. Florida was like that in 2006 and 2008, Bama was like that in 2009 and I even can remember Tennessee winning games they were supposed to lose back in 1998 when they had all the breaks and won the NC.
    If my Gators can just hold on and win 2 more games, it could come true. UF vs Auburn in the SECCG
    GO GATORS!!!

  2. My how the mighty have fallen. That is a lot of excitement for a win over a Georgia team that pretty much self-destructed to give you the win and still came back to almost beat you. I wouldn’t buy those tickets for Atlanta just yet, Birmingham maybe, not Atlanta.

    Mullen is your coach of the year. If Chizik wins much after he loses Gus and Cam I will be surprised. He is who you thought he was. Oregon is going to beat them if they can get by Alabama. Of course the score may be 72-71.

  3. Tremendous win by the Gators. Kudos to Meyer and Azzani on the “Tweaks.” The three headed monster works in a no huddle, up temp format. Keep it up and let’s refine it. We can beat Auburn or Alabama in the SEC Championship with it.

    As I mentioned last week we still need to work on pass protection for Brantley. Given time, he will pick the competition apart as witnessed by his brilliant long passes to Deonte Thompson & Jeff Demps. Just one more second or two of protection could add up to 300 + yeards passing by Brantley weekly.

    The ” D” needs to develop a more consistent pass rush/ pressuring the QB. More well disguised blitz packages needed.
    Th Ga. QB ate our lunch in the second half because we gave him all day to pass.

    Great job by Chris Rainey with 230+ all purpose yards. Welcome home!
    Lakeland Gatornaught

  4. Comment on your 11/1 column “Back Nine”. Idaho State is in the Big Sky conference, just like the U of Montana where I live. It is an FCS conference, so a win over Idaho State doesn’t help get Georgia to a bowl. If they are 4-5, and need six FBS wins, they are going to have to beat BOTH Auburn and Ga Tech.

  5. Im glad to see all of our gator fans getting back into it after the win at Georgia. I have been a Gator fan since I was born and have been through the crappy times and the glorious times of our NC years. Though a win over a struggling Georgia team doesn’t prove a whole lot, I still think we have a team that is waiting to explode out of it’s timid shell of an offense and be a contender. Our fans aren’t used to losing so they point fingers left and right until we win. Next time, have a little faith y’all, our boys and blue know what they are doing, we just have to be patient. The Tebow years are over so it is back to reality, back to hard-nosed SEC football where anything can happen. Who knows, with a little faith and the Gator nation we could be back in Atlanta for another year. God Bless and Go Gators!!

  6. It wasn’t who we beat and their record so much as it was: JUST WHAT THE DR. ORDERED! FLA was a team that was falling-apart at the seams…Georgia was standing in our way AGAIN, and AGAIN the FLORIDA GATORS handed them their…well, Pat would want me to keep it clean…BUT ALL YOU KILL-JOYS…SHUT-UP, please! Nobody said that this GAME was for a trip to Glenndale, AZ. But what this team needed and what this team was able to pull-off will be REMEMBERED FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!!
    GATORS 4-EVER!!!