The High Five, Vol. 7


OK, I know. Shreveport is no longer an SEC tie-in bowl game. My bad. How did that slip by me this off-season? The point remains the same. It’s going to be a bad post-season trip for this Florida team unless something changes drastically. The High Five for this week ….
1. It’s like Florida has become what FSU was in the latter years of Bobby Bowden. Miserable offense and no fun to watch. Losing games you never dreamed they’d lose. FSU and Miami are ranked and Florida is not. Who saw that coming?
2. The first coach has been fired and it’s an “I told you so.” When Minnesota hired Tim Brewster, we wondered what in the world the Gophers were thinking. After a 15-30 record, he’s gone. It was like when Tennessee hired Lane Kiffin. Sometimes we’re right about these things. Look for Kevin Sumlin’s name to come up as he was a Minnesota assistant. The real question — just how good is that job?
3. Is it possible that Auburn could go undefeated again and not play for a national title? It’s possible but I’ll bet the voters find a way to slip the Tigers in there. We could be headed for real chaos. Let’s hope.
4. Back to Florida, while a lot of people want to blame Steve Addazio for everything, let’s take a close look at Scott Loeffler. The UF quarterback coach came in for the 2009 season and managed to make Tim Tebow ordinary and John Brantley less-than-ordinary. I’m just saying.
5. Player of the week is Mike Hartline of Kentucky. We all suspected that South Carolina would come crashing down to earth but give the often-maligned Hartline credit for leading the Wildcats back. He threw for 349 yards and four touchdowns.
Open week (yay!)
Looking forward to spending the day with my parents and watching a lot of football.
LSU at Auburn, 3:30 p.m., CBS
Wisconsin at Iowa, 3:30, ABC
Oklahoma at Missouri, 8, ABC


  1. I can’t believe how much #12 has fallen off. Last year Brantley was the 2nd or 3rd best qb in the league and now he can’t beat eggs. Who in their right mind would make such a bold prediction about a qb with no meaningful snaps? I bet he grades out a champion after the bye week.

  2. Good point about Loeffler. He was brought in, in part, to get Tebow ready for the NFL, and it seemed NFL types has to redo everything Tebow had done. As for Brantley, I’ve yet to see him look comfortable in this offense. Normally, there are at least a couple of plays that a qb can run confidently and with a good chance of succeeding. What are those plays with Brantley? Granted, he hasn’t had much time to set up in the pocket. (Good work, O line.) A couple of times the announcers in the Miss. State game said receivers were open downfield, but Brantley was too busy dodging D linemen and looking to dump off the ball. When he did throw, it was either too far or too hard. Those are correctable faults, aren’t they Coach Loeffler?

  3. I agree about Loeffler. He claims Tom Brady as one of his pupils, but Brady wasn’t drafted until the later rounds meaning he had the talent but wasn’t coached up in college. Just a thought but our assistants don’t make what some of the other programs in the SEC make. Who sets the salary, Urban or Jeremy Foley?

  4. Lets face it, for the offense, if the line doesn’t get it done, John is basically dead meat. That’s what i see. Why don’t these coaches work on THAT? Without that confidence, it’s hard to get a three step complete. I blame that on coaching. And for that point, please tell me these coaches have a play in the book for Burton to through to Brantley when he’s QB. Brantley wasn’t open, he was disregarded and had the whole field on EVERY play. That’s coaching, too.

  5. Addazio made our offense very dull last season as well. Fortunately UF had Tebow to make up for it. Addazio still needs to be at least demoted back to O-line coach. Brantley not having time to throw the ball and the fact that no holes are opened for our running backs is a serious issue that falls directly on the O-line coach, wait, isn’t that our offensive coordinator? Addazio is just not up to the task. Loeffler is not the coach calling for Brantley to option from under center in the red zone, instead of from shotgun as that has proven to not work, oh wait, that play didn’t work either. Come on Dooley, stop defending Addazio. I know you do not want to get on Meyer’s bad side and loose access to the team and coaches, but it is time to point the finger at Addazio. This season is shot, lets work to get a real OC in place sooner than later. Foley – please read this!!!!

  6. When Dan Mullen was at UF and we won those two national titles, we had two offensive line coaches: Steve Addazio and John Hevesy. Hevesy went to Mississippi State with Dan. Addazio now coaches all five positions, 15-16 guys, and coordinates offense. Addazio’s a good coach stretched too thin. We need a quarterbacks coach/off coordinator again. With all the spread systems around the country, there are good candidates this offseason who would find working at UF with Urban Meyer inviting.

  7. No way you blame Loeffler. Tebow wasn’t ready EVER, and Loeffler did his best. Brantley has the skills, and while he can’t connect on his deeper passes, I think he’s a little gun shy because of the poor offensive line, so no one can get deep. What about Billy Gonzalez? Word is he left after last year because he was tired of having his wide receivers only block? Why don’t our receivers get any separation, where is Azzani on this? But please don’t shift from Addazio, I said it the moment he was promoted…and you could see it last year. Too bad it takes Dooley 15 months to finally notice.

  8. The Gators had the #2 recruiting class in 2007, and #4 one year later.
    Both were exposed to our winning ways in 2008 & ’09. Therefore,…
    The seniors and coach(es) are without excuse (particularly the “experienced” OL).
    By the way, the Miami ‘Canes had the #9 and #1 classes those years, and look how “good” they are doing now. They lost badly to FSU, who recruited #25 & #12 in those same years (’07 & ’08). Result??…
    their beloved head coach – Randy Shannon – will soon be gone.
    No one is indespensible. Just ask Bobby Bowden, who should have retired when he [SHOULD have] retired! (hidden meaning intended).

  9. Why isn’t anybody questioning the great Mickey Mariotti? Both of our lines are being manhandled by lesser opponents and our D is weak up the middle. We have the largest O line in the SEC yet we can’t pursh anybody off the line to get 1 yard? This is clearly points to strength and conditioning problem but I have yet to see anybody call out Mickey.

  10. The O line was suspect in 09 when we had problems scoring in the red zone. It is not up to UF standards now. Is it possible Addazio has too much on his plate and is not spending the necessary time working with the O line.

    Meyer’s forte has been modifying his plan and playcalling to the talent on the field. With Brantley that happened on the last 2 series of the MSU game. Brantly can throw the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. It does not have to be the home run ball, the 5-10 yard passes open up the running game.

  11. Why isn’t anyone questioning Urban Meyer? You are playing a drop back passer in an option offense. It’s stupid. It won’t work. Can you say Trey Burton? Learn from your mistake and move on. Give Brantley his release to go anywhere he wants, Tenn., South Carolina, anywhere. You owe him that. And, then, go back to playing Florida football.

  12. How can you say Brantley has looked bad? He’s got no running game, he’s got no protection, the line can’t pick up a blitz, yet he hits receivers all over the field.

    The question we should be asking is where is the blitz counter? Where’s the audible to the hot route? Is Brantley even allowed to audible?

    I saw MSU blitz the cornerback, AND NOBODY COVER THE RECEIVER, yet we ran the same play, a run to the other side for little gain. When UF blitzed the corner against LSU, they simply threw to that guy, because the safetyl couldn’t get over and stop the reception. If we had thrown to the uncovered WR, it’s likely a touchdown.

    Where are the slant routes? Where are the clearing routes against the zone? Where are the crossing routes against man coverage?

    Where is ANY attempt to confuse the defense and use their tendencies against them?

    Where is the creativity?

    Go ahead, try to tell me it’s anybody’s fault other than the OC. I will laugh at you.


  14. Urban, go with your instincts and start calling the plays. You’re right, we have to run out of the spread…just like at BG , Utah and UF. If we can run, we can throw. We’ve become boring and predicatble. Our offense is being attacked instead of attacking. Do your thing, we have the atheletes to make it happen. There are three ways to go; we can watch what happens, wonder what happened, or MAKE things happen. Time to MAKE things happen. Let’s do what WE do!

  15. If this team gets healthy and stays healthy we will beat UGA, USC and Vandy and be in Atlanta. What I don’t understand is with the number of playmakers we have, why do we not see them in the game? Injuries? Inexperience? Too complicated….ah…and that’s the real issue. Lots of injuries + Lots of youth + Unwillingness to simplify the offense for those young playmakers = 4-3 with 4 and 5 star kids riding the pine. To me, this is a HUGE failure of UM and SA right now. You have to have a contingency plan just in case your best guys go down and we didn’t/don’t.

  16. I wonder if Addazzio graded Mike Pouncey as a Champion this week? That OL and the whole team better man up, I said that since week one!
    Can the school get a walk-on soccer player to take the kicks? Maybe I have some eligibility left Coach Meyer, sign me up!

  17. I cannot believe the way some of the gator fans are complaining. I can remember when I was a kid and starting going to the football games in 1977. The fans were booing all around the stadium and it was half empty, I think fans should not boo young college kids because we should represent the school in the right way and show we have the best fans. I know that Urban Meyer will turn this team around and we will be contending for championships again next year because winners never quit. GO Gators!!

  18. Points well made by Lizardgrad89. Someone is either not smart enough of is not paying attention to what is happening on the field. Point, they are having success passing, so they start running. Even Thompson was catching a few. Secondly, and perhaps we were the only ones in the stadium on Saturday that saw this (obviously the coaches didn’t) but when Brantley was a “wideout” on three occasions, the corner was ignoring him. Twice he was well downfield with no one, I mean no one around him. If Burton is so one dimentional that he can’t throw the ball, this is not boding well for the future. Wake up coaches, wasn’t blowing the LSU game by ignoring the obvious enough?

  19. I feel bad for Chaz Henry. The guy is one of the best punters in the nation, but will end being remembered for the many missed field goals he had to attempt. What does it say when one of the premier programs in the entire country, with 85 scolarships and a choice of walk-ons does not have a back up place kicker ready to go when needed. I know we have excellent coaches, but it’s almost as if the entire group decided to go “walkabout” this year, leaving offense, defense and special teams to fend for themselves. I guess one good thing out of all this, none of the current crop of coaches will be receiving any head coaching offers (ok, maybe that’s not so good!). Also, it sure doesn’t look like any underclassmen will be heading for the NFL draft this spring.

  20. Three consecutive losses – the last two at home, the third one at Homecoming! Has that EVER happened before?!?
    Okay,… how about adding a fourth to those: a thrashing in Jacksonville at the hands of hated, but improved (and no doubt rabid) Georgia Bulldogs! Will THAT have ever happened before?!?
    I don’t have the rest of our schedule in front of me, but I do know that we have no chance of stopping “The Ole Ball Coach’s” star freshman running back (USC), and a much improved FSU in Tallahassee – with a new Head Coach AND an axe to grind – could make for a long day itself!
    Hell, even Appalachian State (recent 3X consecutive NCAA Div. II National Champions) probably has the date of their game with us circled on their calendar.
    Who else?… Vanderbilt? Do we play them? I think so. I HOPE so! We GOTTA have one “gimme!”
    Wait,… they probably have us circled too!!!

    PS: Let’s not retire those orange jerseys just yet; we could blame the season on them!

  21. Stepping back from it all and trying to make sense of nonsense and how we have landed at the bottom of a three game losing streak and in the manner in which we have managed to do so… I wonder if Meyer came back from his premature retirement for all the wrong reasons. He seems very detached or not engaged as he was before. Perhaps medication is playing a role?
    Is loyalty to a coach worth the expense of the team? Does it mean more to develop a guard into a center to improve draft status at the expense of the team? How many coaches and players can you afford to loose and still sustain the level of success you should expect of yourself and definitely expected by Gator Nation? Were these top 5 recruiting classes’ phonies? We should be reloading. Whatever happened to developing your offense around the talent like it was done superbly in 2006? Are you the same coach you have always been or have you lost it somewhere along the way? We need to get better and we’re not very good right now goes without saying, obvious to the casual observer. But growing ever louder by the second is your silence.

  22. @quickenedspirit…
    Are you just trying to be funny? If so, you could at least get your facts right. Appalachian State is not Div II. 3 straight losses, 2 straight home losses, Homecoming losses? Yup, yes, and youbetcha.

    Look, this team has ticked me off royally. But what irritates me more than that is that we saw this season’s deflation set out before us all last season. There was no shortage of talent on that team, but even when they were undefeated they were less impressive than TCU or Boise State, much less Bama. And it wasn’t the defense last season. While I can pine for Strong to come back to guide the defense, it is clear that the offensive playcalling is doing exactly what it did last season: fail to address the talent.

    Most of us groaned when ‘daz moved up the ladder last season. Can’t we just let him be happy by recruiting and talking up the line? He has no more business calling a play for the University of Florida than I do.

  23. The Gators are 7 games into the season and YET, STILL , have the Eastern Division Crown within their grasps…If they want it – TAKE IT!
    It is fitting that the Gators ‘GUT-CHECK’ is AGAINST GEORGIA!!!
    It is SO, SO, SO FITTING!!! IF THE GATORS WAX GEORGIA…’THINGS’ feel a bit better!!! If they loose to GEORGIA, well… IT cvannot POSSIBLY hurt as much as IT did when Lindsey Scott….U OLDER GATORS KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!

    gatorgi70x7 (Greg)

  24. I pointed the finger at Addazio for too long, this mess we are in falls on Meyer. How can u sit back and continue to let Addazio call the plays and hb dive our offense into the ground. Second, Brantley has to go, its obvious that he can’t run our offense with 4yrs of practice. Our O-line is built for mobile QB and we have one in Trey but yet we rather keep shell shocked Brantley out there. Urban needs to retire if this is the product he is going to give us. Florida needs a stressed head coach that misses lunch not this guy Urban has become

    Go Gators!

  25. wow. Unless we get hot…gonna get azz whopping from Spurrier, the Dogs, and Seminoles. Receipe to win is in 1995 National Championship Game where Florida was Humilated by the Huskers. I was watching a little of the option the freshman was running….executed like the Huskers did it…nearly to not all defensible. Got a week….get it done of plan on going to the woodshed…Jimbo Fisher, Mark Ricth have axes to grind….not so sure Spurrier has axe to grind, but he is bringing a better team to the game. Who would have ever thought that. Go Gators..wake up!

  26. Have you ever heard “Close but no cigar?” This really old cliche describes the 2010 Gators. They lost two games by four or less points and looked inept in doing it. They lost big to Alabama but were oh so close to making a real game of it. Something is just not clicking. The talent is there but not sure if the coaches, ALL the coaches, are working as a team to take full advantge of their players strengths and lessing the impact of their weaknesses by how the “system” is adjusted to do such. The grand plan for this season by the coaches obviously was flawed and hopefully the Gators get healthy and the coaches take full advantage of the off week to make the needed changes OR, another old cliche, “the worst is yet to come!”

  27. If we finally DO get rid of Meyer, all that will be left for the next coach to work with is a bunch of Tyrod Taylor type QB’s that can’t throw, they dont recruit real running backs, just these “scat” backs that weigh a buck fity. not real recievers, but a bunch of X,Y,Z back types. The cuboard will be bare for a real pro style offensive coach and we will be sucking worse than we do now. Jeremy Foley should hand Urban his walking papers today and hire Tommy Tubberville asap. The best game day coach in the nation. ( beat Urban head to head every time with an inferior team ).. Or we are in for a long, long dry spell in Gator country..

  28. AS long as Urban is in Gainesville with his Ugly, boring, Gimmicky spread offense, we will never be able to recruit a real dropback QB again after the abortions that he has had with chris leak and John Brantley. I have been a Gator since Spurrier was the QB not the coach and have never been more concerned about my team. Also, I feel terrible for Brantley and his great Gator family. He could have been playing anywhere, but wanted to be a Gator like his dad, uncle etc. wouldn’t blame him at all if he transfers. What real QB would ever want to play in such a horrible offensive system anyway?

  29. What a whiff of a column… yeesh. Let Meyer handle it? Really? My second option was… what, exactly? Are we not supposed to be pissed, or are we not supposed to express it? I’m so confused. Anyhow, for your IPod check out some Old 97’s. Up The Devil’s Pay is a good, albeit atypical place to start.

  30. As a former coach in this stae for 10 years and a person that saw his first Gator game in 1953, I would like to make a comment. Today we like to make football a complex game but for those of us who have played it at the college level it is pretty simple. Florida has a young defense but it has played pretty effectively this season. You would think that a Florida defense that holds MSU to 10 points would have an offense that woul take care of MSU. Wrong- Offense is pretty easy to understand. If you are going to have a high-powered offense it starts with the offensive line. At Florida, a premier national program we have no offensive line coach but the offensive coordinator. That is a formula for disaster. Ofensive line coaches are there to get inside the heads of offensive lineman and make them mean and angry. It is a full time job. Now we have an offensive coordinator that every defensive caoch in the SEC salivates to defend. Coach Meyer, a great coach, has to make a tough decision about a personal friend. That decision needs to be made. This is not about making friends but winning championships. Florida is one of those elite schools that should re-load every year and not rebuild.

  31. Hey Pat, when are you going to draw the obvious conclusion and say Addazio is our Jeff Bowden? Frustrated? You bet. The coaches have had three years to get an offense ready for Brantley. After Cam Newton left the coaches had a whole year when it was CERTAIN Brantley would be the starter this season. What have they done to mold the offense to Brantley’s strengths? Anyone? Anyone? I do not buy into the injury excuse. We were healthy for Miami, OH and have had since the bowl game last year to be ready. Yet mighty Miami , OH pushed us around in the Swamp for most of the game, both sides of the ball, too. I agree with Stambaugh, what else can we do but hope? Addazio is in over his head. Check out his losing record as OC at Indiana (The Hoosier football juggernaught!) With our talent, we may never get that bad, but I see little reason we will get much better with him as OC. Addazio appears inflexible and maybe a little too arrogant for that kind of change, especially within a season. Sure, it smacks of what have you done for me lately, welcome to the real world. Time to put on the big boy pants! Our OL, offense, and play calling are all suspect. I wonder, who could be responsible for all that?
    There is no way we are only a few plays away from 6-1. In theory, yes, but games have to be played in reality. In reality, we are not that good.
    Go Gators, beat Appy State!

  32. Didn’t mean to click submit… anyhow… We should expect to have the very best coaching staff. Is Addazio the very best OC? Is he in the top ten? No? Then he is less than what our players, fans and alumni deserve and needs to go.