Dr. Football


The second season of “The Pat Dooley Show” will tape on Wednesday which means I need a question for Dr. Football’s e-mail bag. Just think, your question could be read to the tens of thousands of people who click on the web site to watch the show.

OK, forget that incentive and just deliver some questions.


  1. Here’s five:

    Who will be Florida’s leading receiver?

    Who will have more combined rushing and receiving yards, Rainey or Debose?

    Who will start more games at middle linebacker, Jenkins or Bostic?

    Which top ten team is most likely to finish the year unranked?

    Which team currently unranked is most likely to go to a BCS bowl?

  2. Last year we heard about Joe Haden taking some snaps at quarterback–presumably to make opposing teams gameplan for the possibility. Do you think any of the things we are hearing this year is all talk? Like Burton playing a hybrid full back or Hines playing TE?

  3. When is Nixon likely to return?
    Are the coaches really worried more than usual, as they’ve indicated early last week, or are they really happy with this team, as they’ve indicated at other times this preseason? I suspect it’s some of both.

  4. My wife and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary on the day of the SEC Championship game this year. I know the first year gift is supposed to be paper. Isn’t the 18th year supposed to be hotel reservations and tickets to a football game? I was hoping to surprise her this year with my thoughtfulness.

  5. A question about a former Gator. I watched the Cincy game the other night. Carlos Dunlap looked slow-footed, uninterested and outright LAZY on almost every snap. I heard the rumors, but was he actually this way while at UF also?

  6. Will the Gator speed backs have sufficient power to bull their way for first downs in short yardage situations for which we depended so desparately upon Tebow in past seasons. Who will be the bruiser in the crunch? The answer to this question on the field of play may be what makes or breaks this team’s chance for an SEC Championship much less being a National contender!

  7. If brantly goes down for a few games, who plays QB for this team? The backups are 2 freshmen who werent highly recrutied and a coverted QB/TE. It seems like we wouldent have a drop off in our backup QB situation like this with all the good QB’s in florida highschool football.

  8. We can afford to use all the freshmen on our team this first week, after this week the compatiton realy heats up[USF beat FSU just last year] How many true freshmen will be relied on bye week 5[bama]? my best beat is Matt Elam, as the nickle or 3rd safty in our 3-3-5. Whats your bet Mr. Dooley?

  9. With his Tebow-like competitive fire and toughness, not to mention is athleticism, speed and versatility, will Trey Burton become Florida fans’ favorite first-year offensive player, or will it be Andre Debose? Why?

  10. Would the Gators go 2-0 vs Alabama this year or would it be 1-1 (losing at Alabama in October and then winning the SECCG in December or winning in October and losing in December)? Please tell us your prediction Dr. Football. Thanks!

  11. Do you think Coach Meyer might go to a two quarterback plan with Trey Burton seeing more playing time as quarterback? Don’t get me wrong, I know Johnny Brantley is a qualified quarterback but he seems to be letting his nerves get the best of him at times, causing him to make wrong decisions. Also, I think Trey will give the Gators a new element of surprise since he has the ability to run and pass. I think right now it would be a smart move.