Hey, I can watch practice


Out here in Dove Valley, there is a football team practicing and I’m watching it.

Say what?

Yep, this is the NFL were camps are often open to the public and the media. I’m watching Tim Tebow run through drills right now. It’s also Jarvis Moss’ first practice back since suffering a broken hand.

And the Broncos don’t seem to be distracted by the media nor the thousands of fans.

Different world. Unfortunately, college football seems to be heading in the other direction with more teams closing practices. The NFL understands that with tough economic times it’s important to keep the fan in touch with your product. At too many college football places, the fans are kept at arms length both with access and information.

Look, it doesn’t matter to me personally. I can tell you it’s hot and practices are boring. But I can’t pass up on the opportunity to watch one. It’s probably the last one I’ll see all year.


  1. I’m still mad as hell about gators closing practice. Guess the NFL wants fans more than college football does? When I drive by a school and see a high school practicing or playing – I always want to stop and watch.

  2. After what you guys did to Meyers, last year, I don’t blame him for shutting you guys out! Who would cozy up to a rattle snake? He knows that you guys just sit and wait for the smallest thing to write a story on and if he limits what you see and hear, it protects his players sanity and future! I know you are a decent guy, but, if he let you in, he would have to let the others in! One thing ! Admire about Meyer, he doesn’t kiss up to the media, like Lame Kiffin! Plus, he knows he has a lot of young guys, who already have giant egos and they don’t need to be seeing their pictures on the front page everyday. Apparently, base one Pouncey’s comments, there’s already some issues between the veterans and the new guys. I sure hope they can get it taken care of. I really couldn’t believe Pouncey made the comment to the press. That kinDa disappointed me.