My knee hurts …


… And that’s how I can tell football season is almost here.

Actually, my knee always hurts. But the closer we get to football season, the dull ache turns into a sharper pain. I can’t explain it, but it happens as soon as we get inside three weeks.

Which we are.

And over bagels and fruit Sunday morning, my 9-year old and I talked about why it is special around our house on football weekends.

We came up with our top five reasons:

1. Family and friends who return to our lives for seven weekends a year.

2. There is football, dummy.

3. Those Saturday nights after a game when I come home to a house full of buzzed and boisterous people. Cold wings and cold beer while watching the night games and everybody is firing off funny lines. It doesn’t get any better.

4. Sunday mornings, breakfast with Gators and the Gators.

5. It’s a lot more fun to be writing a column and doing radio during football season.

Send me the things that make football weekends special and we’ll take the top five and put them on my radio show next week . It’s on weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. on 104.9FM.


  1. Mom comes to Tampa from Jacksonville on Friday, and we drive up to G’ville together for the games. It’s a girl bonding thing. This season, my daughter is joining us, three generations of Gator girls singing “We are the boys.”

  2. The best thing about the season opener is getting up at 4 a.m. to drive down to Gainesville from Atlanta. Our college friends from Jacksonville, Lynda and John, stop for the boiled peanuts before arriving at Norman Hall to save our tailgating space. At least once a season we bring our Atlanta daughter with us for a game and our D.C. son will fly down for a game. For Bobby’s last game, they both were there and all of us were sporting eye-black that our daughter fashioned from electrical tape.

    During the games, my Texas friend Melanie will text to send encouragement and praise.She’s a Big 12 girl who has come to love and respect the Gators

    People in Atlanta wonder why we do this every weekend. If you are asking that question there is no way to explain it to you ….

    Gatorsports is the first thing my husband Ron (GATORON) and I read every morning.Thanks so much.


  3. Living here in Tennessee I have a different perspective.
    So, driving up to Lexington every other year and to Knoxville on the alternate years are both special.
    Driving along and chomping at the Gator fans while staring down the Tennessee and Kentucky fans is great fun.
    In Lexington there’s the added anticipation of waiting for the first Kentucky fan who sees our Gator clothes and shouts, even before the game already conceding defeat, “Just wait until basketball!”

  4. Living in Oregon Duck country, I usually get heckled when I show up in my classroom(I’m a teacher) wearing my Gator colors. But, not on Mondays after another vicotory! Love Gator Sports – it keeps me connected all the way out here in Oregon Gator Country!

  5. For us Jacksonville Gators, it’s that Saturday morning caravan down to Titletown. You can tell who’s headed to the game, all decked out in their Orange and Blue. Stopping on Waldo Road to get some boiled peanuts from Steve. Life in the Fall is really good!