The agent issue


So Nick Saban is banning NFL scouts to teach The King a lesson. It’s a symbolic gesture, nothing more.

Don’t think for a minute the NFL cares or that it will affect its draft. Do you really think an NFL team will pass on the best player available because Alabama won’t let scouts watch the Tide practice?

(At Florida, according to spokesman Steve McClain, the policy hasn’t changed which means that NFL scouts have more access than fans or the media. Hey, it’s all about priorities.)

Saban’s edict is a follow-up to his angry comments in Hoover. He wants to show the NFL that it better solve the agent problem or else. In the trendy world of college football, we might see this catch on. Certainly closing practices to the fans who live and die with your every movement and pay big bucks to watch you play has become so much the norm I expect to see it as a Trending Topic on Twitter.

But if you really believe this can get the NFL’s attention, here’s what you do.

In Destin this spring, the SEC coaches and athletic directors need to pass a rule that NFL scouts are not allowed at any practices until they resolve the agent issue. And they sponsor NCAA legislation along the same lines.

Do I think it will matter? Probably not. Scumbags are scumbags. But it certainly will end up on PTI and Around the Horn.