Reading material


Gotta plug my friend Tim Layden’s new book “Blood, Sweat and Chalk.” What are blogs for if not to plug away?

His book was a three-year project and he talked to so many great coaches. The book reveals a lot of the secrets of the coaches whose innovations changed the game and includes Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier.

Layden told me on my radio show that all of these coaches borrowed from somebody and that he believes the next new, big thing will be on defense.

As someone who doodles ball plays all the time, this was a great read. I highly recommend “Blood, Sweat and Chalk.”


  1. If I were you I’d yank out that recent column with the Pathagorean Theory you espoused because, really, you are not yet ready for publishing. You need to drastically revise your approach having the SEC end up at the bottom with the likes of that Big 10-and-less group-ie. You are derelict of becoming a Gator my friend and your epaulets could be torn off your shoulders. So watch out!

  2. Pat…you can ignore Longwoodgator; for a multitude of reasons.

    The first being he didn’t capitalize the “G” in Gator….

    The second, he failed to see the humor in your initial hypothesis.

    Truth is, teams in the SEC do schedule a bunch of stinkers; but, that truth is offset by another truth: the conference games we play more than make up for the stinkers.

    Especially since most of those other conferences don’t have five teams ranked in the pre-season Top 25. And, most of them won’t have anywhere near five ranked in the post-season Top 25.

    ‘Nuff said.