A recruiting weapon


There are a lot of statistics you can use when trying to illustrate how excellent the most recent Florida players were who have now moved on to the NFL. The most important for the seniors is the two national titles. The seniors and juniors who left early were responsible for 26 wins the last two seasons.

But here’s a number I would use if I was Urban Meyer recruiting today’s players, who have one eye towards the NFL before they ever step on a campus.

Here it is — 52.549.

What’s that, you’re wondering.

That’s how many million dollars the Gators who were taken in the NFL Draft in 2010 are GUARANTEED in the contracts they have signed.

The nine Gators could make more, but they know that they will receive $52.549 million during their careers.

Not bad.

You can hear the drooling at the Gator Booster Office.

A year ago when Florida only had three players drafted the total was $9.053 million guaranteed.

Sometimes we throw these figures around without stopping to think about what they really mean. Here’s an idea. Write down the amount of money you expect to make during the next five years. Then right next to it write down $52,549,000.



  1. Actually..they probably had more..since the terms of Pouncey’s contract he signed were not released to my knowledge. Also read that Jermaine Cunningham’s and Riley Cooper’s contracts have not been given the terms of, either. But otherwise, solid point.

  2. That firm figure is just undescribable, and, when all the dust is settled on this contract thing, we will find that it will be a great deal more. Since it’s part of the facts that accrue in becoming a gator football player (ther than the money UF spends on them which they could not get otherwise) it becomes a simple thing to show a prospect where the future really lies. How many other shcools can offer that kind of financial stability to a youg man?