Ranking the coaches


SEC Media Days are in our rear-view mirror (literally) as we make our way to Dothan, Ala., tonight and then on to Gainesville in the morning. As always, it was great to see so many hacks that we missed all summer and have such great access to players and coaches. It’s an invaluable win-win for the league and the media.

So how did the coaches do? As usual, I rate their performances at the podium.

1. Robbie Caldwell, Vanderbilt — He may not be Vandy’s coach next year but he could get a job in Vegas doing stand-up.

2. Derek Dooley, Tennessee — Very smart, funny and seemed truly happy to be talking to us.

3. Nick Saban, Alabama — His “agents are pimps” comment gave everyone plenty to write about. And only one air quote.

4. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State — Took a shot at Saban. What’s not to like?

5. Urban Meyer, Florida — He was good, but the key was getting invited to the pre-podium secret interview on the third floor for the national writers. I snuck in. Ha-ha!

6. Joker Phillips, Kentucky — Not bad for a newbie. At least he tried to be funny.

7. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas — Ryan Mallett, on the other hand, was really interesting.

8. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina — Do I really want to live in a world where the Vandy coach is funner than Spurrier?

9. Mark Richt, Georgia — Didn’t really say much.

10. Houston Nutt, Ole Miss — Didn’t say much but with great enthusiasm.

11. Les Miles, LSU — Broke the SEC record for saying, “Uh.” Also referred to it as the SEC conference.

12. Gene Chizik, Auburn — You can’t spell Chizik without a lot of ZZZZZZZ’s.